Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to all You Are All Surrounded Drama Club members. The final pieces of the puzzle have been put into place, much thanks this episode. Dae Gu gets to put away the monster while Pan Seok gets to put the case which hunts him to bed. Come join myself, Taleena, and Sage as we talk about episode 12.

Bang Bang, click click - Not a monster

Boot is arrested and Dae Gu kept his promise

Sage: Not cool boo boo. So Dae Gu saves his life and then he turns around and still continues to try and kill him? That must be some leash the Assemblyman has on him.

Tiara: Anyone else yelling at your computer screen, “Must go faster!” for Pan Seok to hurry up and find Dae Gu? I understand it is a parking garage but crazy ex-cop killer is trying to kill you padawan. I have to agree with you Sage. Not cool, but I totally knew Boots were going to play on Dae Gu’s emotions and takes his gun. Yay for Dae Gu’s smart thinking and for taking down the monster.

Taleena: I am just so happy he listened to Papa Pan Seok! I loved the Angry but Noble Miranda-ing, Korean Style, as Dae Gu slapped cuffs on the Boot. When Pan Seok and Soo Sun were trying to find him all I could think of was, "Do Crazy Killers park in Red "K" or Blue "U" areas in the parking garage? Do they get their parking validated?"

Public Announcement

Dae Gu’s identity out in the open - Assemblyman does a background check

Tiara: The Chief has to love and hate this at the same time. Love the press and hate Assemblyman finding out Dae Gu’s true identity. Speaking of Assemblyman Yoo, he doesn’t look pleased to see little Ji Yong still alive.

Sage: I imagine that there reveling this was very good for the department. Though I can see why the Chief would hate this, Tiara. Now, Pan Seok's name is cleared and he really is the amazing detective everyone believed he was, with no case unsolved (as far as we/they know).

Taleena: The Chief is a tough nut to crack. I think she is a double agent, if only in her own mind. I think she kind of wishes she didn't have to deal with all this drama. I think she has been trying to counter act Assemblyman Yoo's minions, and is a little upset that her own minion grooming has been exposed.

To bite the hand, which feeds you?

Boot is told to put the blame on a dead man

Sage: The Captain just continues to disappoint me. I am still a little confused as to what the CEO had to do with this. Did they explain it already and I just forgot? Or is his position still kind of up in the air? I know he tried to convince Dae Gu's mother to not testify, but what else did he do? What does he have to do with the plot line?

Tiara: Sage, it is my understanding after this episode the Company President was involved in the school girl's death which Mom happens to see. It seems like Team Assemblyman used the Company President as an escape goat for Mom’s death. They made it look like Mom was killed because of retaliation since she was the eyewitness in the schoolgirl case. In truth, Mom was killed to cover up whoever knocked out Mom and left her pendant.

As for the Chief, she is trying to cover her skin too by making sure Boots doesn’t spill the beans about the real man behind the curtains. If I was either of the villains, I wouldn’t allow Boots to live in jail despite telling everyone it was the Company President. As I said before, Dead Men tell no tales.

Taleena: I foresee a prison shanking in Boot's near future. Just as soon as he gives up taunting Dae Gu and looks like he might crack under the pressure of Pan Seok's appeal to his last few shreds of decency. Also, what WHAT is so important that they would run the risk of being stuck with a murder rap just before the statue of limitations runs out on it? It can't be the independent detecting bill, can it? Then again the Tae Il's deep dark secret left me non-plussed so maybe I am just reading this all wrong.

Tiara: Don't feel bad, Taleena. I feel I've been reading most of the signs wrong on this drama the whole time.


Who is the first killer?

Sage: Who is Detective Seo? Like Seo Pan Suk? Why is he asking who he is? Are they introducing more characters right now? I feel like my mind is being blown right now I am so confused.

Tiara: Detective Seo is either the Chief or a player we’ve seen, but haven’t been told their name. I am going to put money on the Chief since we know for a fact she has thrown and taken evidence.

Taleena: Well, the way that Korean names have breadth across a large swath of population I don't think we can easily assume it is Pan Seok we are talking about.

Sage: I know Pan Seok asked who Detective Seo was as well. I wonder if he was a little confused at first.

Tiara: Pan Seok was caught off guard hearing about Detective Seo. The reason he is letting Dae Gu off the hook for a lot of his antics.

Road Trip

Finding the detective with two angry boys

Sage: I knew they would never truly be friends, but it is funny to see them bicker.

Tiara: Can we say awkward? LOL these two are fighting like a married couple. I was expecting them to play radio with Soo Sun as the go to between Seo Pan and Dae Gu.

Taleena: Do Koreans play the license plate game? I would pay good money to watch those three go down the road playing the license plate game or I Spy or singing 100 bottles of Soju on the Wall. Aw! Who wouldn't want to watch them sing Wheels on the Bus?

Tiara: Good question Taleena. I also wonder if they have Volkswagen Beetles in Korea? Punch Buggy was one of my favorite road trip games.

The student becomes the teacher

The battle between the Chief and Assemblyman Yoo

Sage: Captain- "Let me kill him when I am ready to." Assmblyman -"No. Kill him now. I want you to walk outside, pull out the gun and pull the trigger." I still don't understand why Dae Gu needs to die. Is it like a "if I told you I'd have to kill you" situation, or is it simply because he knows too much. Will the Captain really attempt to kill him? If she does, he'll definitely know she's not one of the good guys. The only way to get out of a situation like this is to die.

Tiara: Sage, I think Assemblyman Yoo is trying to say Dae Gu shouldn’t have been born. Me thinks it’s because he is an illegitimate baby. Remember the rumors when he was a teenager about his mom and what Soo Sun said to Ji Yong’s face about his mom. I just hope for Dae Gu’s sake he isn’t Assemblyman's Yoo kid. I’ve seen his past life kids and they weren’t the happiest kids. Run Dae Gu, Run!

Taleena: Yup Tiara, I completely agree that Dae Gu may be Luke Skywalker to Assemblyman Yoo's Darth Vader. Or MAYBE He is Yoo's nephew?! The rightful heir to some mammoth chaebol fortune? Who knows? It's a K Drama crazier things have happened.

Tiara: As long as Dae Gu doesn't start making out with his sister, I'm cool.

Dropped Ice Cream

Love in the air?

Sage: I knew that once Hyung Cheol was put in jail they were going to spark the romance thing up again. Their reactions to hugging made me feel like they were doing more than that. I was like, maybe that's not a hug... maybe that's groping. Maybe I am imagining them wearing clothes...

Tiara: LOL, “maybe that’s groping” is the best thing I have ever heard, Sage. I completely felt the same way. That hug was more than just a hug. I mean her dropping the ice cream totally has a meaning behind it.

Taleena: I wonder how many people are run over by cars, buses, and scooters in Seoul? That "pulling people out of traffic" move seems like it is the Korean Version of the short stop in the car. I was amused at how many times Soo Sun's ice cream cone jumped from large to small during that scene. I also had a side bet on whether or not they were going to pull ye olde "you have foam or ice cream on your upper lip" kiss.

Tiara: Sadly, it seem traffic signs and rules on the road are just suggestions. Look at how many people the truck of doom kills or hurt people every year in dramaland.

Riding on Bikes

Dating in the workplace

Sage: That thing he did with his lips was hilarious. I wonder what he'll do now that he know Soo Sun is single. Hint hint. JL. That would be awkward. Or would it?

Tiara: There isn’t anything romantic about these two, but I would enjoy them becoming buds. I hope to see this odd and strange friend grow. I wonder if Pan Seok might end up playing cupid towards Soo Sun and Dae Gu.

Taleena: Since Soo Sun has no idea that Pan Seok caught her and Dae Gu in a lip lock, I found his embarrassed pantomime and her confusion adorable. Also, she is totally crushing on Pan Seok in the unattainable hero worship way, even if he sees a girl almost young enough to be his daughter. To be fair, I crush a bit on Cha Seung Won so I can see the point.

Sage: Tell me again, who doesn't crush on Cha Seung Won?

Tiara: Good point Sage.

Evil Rich Lady

What a witch ...

Sage: So here is our new story. Evil Rich Witch who has the assemblyman in her pocket. I kind of want to pull that bag over her head and push her out in the middle of a busy street. What she did to Soo Sun's mom was just not cool.

Tiara: The last piece to the puzzle happens to be lady berserk. This insane lady has to be the owner of the pendant. Which makes me a little sad to have little depth in the main case. It looks like the reason behind Mom’s death is because Dae Gu is someone's bastard child and his dad’s wife found out about said kid. Boo!! Give me a political intrigue anyday. Maybe I have to hold out hope the Chief will put a twist to the secret birth part, since she is all about the look of the police department. Fingers crossed.

Taleena: Do not get between a crazy, rich lady and her overpriced designer bag! At least the pendant does not belong to the Police Chief, Tiara! I was getting a little worried. So did Lady Cray- Cray murder Dae Gu's mom outright? I think so!

Tiara: True, Berserk Lady doesn't have the pendant at the moment. We know Soo Sun isn't going to remember she has the darn thing anytime soon since she has the worst memory.


How you do all feel about the turn of events? Will Pan Seok play cupid towards our OTP? Will our Bromance between Dae Gu and Pan Seok start soon? Who is going to win the battle between the Chief and Assemblyman Yoo? Tell us your thoughts on this episode below!!!

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