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Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

I'm impressed that thug could run fast in loafers

Taleena: Wow! That started with a bang! Great car chase. We find our squad in a giant grey van barreling down the streets of Seoul chasing gangsters. We know they are gangsters because all K-drama gangsters wear either impeccable three piece suits or wife beaters that show off their tats. These are tattoo show offs, so they have got to be low level thugs.

This opening vignette dramatizes the dynamic of the entire team. We have Cosby Sweater: eager but incompetent, not only is he kicked out of driving the van, he’s taken hostage by gangster thug number one. Next, Hallyu Boy: he stops to drape his top coat on a cute woman in the midst of pursuit. He could be a good detective if he doesn’t get side tracked by the ladies. Token Woman Destined Love Interest seems to have competency issues along with Cosby Sweater but she seems decisive at least. Squad Sargent Sung Ji Roo! At least these rookies have the able and good hearted Sargent to mentor them! Sung Ji Ru was successful corralling Song Il-Kuk in Crime Squad, he’ll be the best line of defense with Cha Seung Won as their captain. Lee Seung Gi is obviously competitive and sullen he gets into a one-upsmanship foot race with his boss. Sadly, 40-year old men do not have the physical advantages of 20 year men in foot races. Lee Seung Gi is the only one of the bunch to wear his seat belt in the car chase. Cha Seung Won is the alpha dog with the bad temper and he is about to be challenged by the young buck.

Sage: I love how well they demonstrated the top of person Eun Dae Gun is and the relationship him and Seo Pan Suk are going to have throughout the better portion of this drama. I am not going to lie, the way it started with a chase scene I was a little confused but I got its gist toward the end of the drama and it was very exciting.

Tiara: I have to admit I enjoyed being thrown into the chase/drama. It was like the drama was telling us to fasten our seat belts because its going to be a bumpy ride. I felt like I was on a roller coaster but I didn't know how I got on it. I screamed, cried, and wanted to go on it again. Anyone else wan to jump back onto the crazy ride again? Also you can tell right away Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won are going to be trying to one up each other for most if not the whole drama. The bromance these two are going to make, I can see more people rooting for these two to be the OTP than the other ladies in the drama. No offense to the ladies.

I Know You Are But What Am I?

Yo' Mama comebacks are game enders in Korea

Taleena: 11 years ago eh? Methinks Ji Yong and Soo Sun are our new rookies? Why wouldn't they recognize each other? Bets on whether they are going to have a tragic relationship or a bickering romance relationship? I am personally waiting for her to give him an awesome headbutt.

Sage: I thought Ji Yong was supposed to be this sweet innocent boy before the accident but he was kind of mean here. I mean, I understand he was defending a girl he had a crush on but dang.

Tiara: I think it is safe to say Ji Yong and Dae Gu are the same person. The drama gave us the wink-wink nudge-nudge without coming out and saying it. With that being said, Dae Gu make a "oh crap" face when Soo Sun said her name. He wasn't expecting someone he knew from 11 years to 1) be a cop and 2) be at the same department. (Apparently, he hasn't watched enough K-dramas) Don't forget, 11 years ago these two weren't "besties" or first loves. I don't see Dae Gu telling Soo Sun who he is anytime soon.

On a side note for me, I felt having Soo Sun be apart of the past was unneeded for the tragic backstory. The only reason I wasn't annoyed by Soo Sun was she wasn't the tragic first love of Ji Yong. This doesn't mean I don't like Soo Sun. She is a tough girl with guts and no filters which I can't wait to see her grown as a character, I am wondering how this girl who wanted to be a "super star" ending up as a cop. Those two careers are polar opposites.

As for Dae Gu and Soo Sun's relationship, the ride at the beginning of the episode is a good example of how their relationship will more than likely be.

Gillette = Youthful

The young, hopeful Pan Seok owns a razor.

Taleena: Not just a tragic back story for Lee Seung Gi. Tragic back stories all around! Of course they know each other. Of course this a big case when the captain was a rookie cop. It wouldn't be a K-drama without the tangled web of fate all drawing them together.

Sage: You can tell Pan Seok's a good cop and works hard and it's a bummer that he has let his past mistakes get the better of him later on.

Tiara: For Pan Seok, this is the case which haunts him. The one that got away and was unable to be solved. I don't believe what young Ji Yong thinks about Pan Seok. He believes Pan Seok is a dirty cop. I agree there might be a dirty cop but it isn't Pan Seok. The question is who?

Is it Because He's a Sith Lord?

My money is on Darth Vader, that dude lost track of a LOT of kids.

Taleena: I know that the Mom says that the father died. Maybe he did, but I will remain suspicious that the father is alive until 3 episodes from the end. I think mysterious parentage is a rich vein for them to mine. This show just screams Daddy Issues!

Sage: His father is totally alive.

Tiara: My theories on the Daddy issues,

1. He is alive. Could be the boss who had the girl killed and Mom found

2. He is alive. Ji Yong found his dad and he is helping him find the killer. (Probably not the case but I have to hold out some hope and happiness)

3. He is alive. He is some Chairman's son which happens to be a dirty secret.

If we do believe Mom, Dad is dead does this make a difference to the story?

We Had Joy, We Had Fun . . .

... we had Seasons in the Rain?

Taleena: Korea has three seasons - take your pick: rain, snow or cherry blossoms. Rain is your medium angst relationships. Death could be involved, maybe a car accident, sometimes a body switch (see Secret Garden) Snow is bad news. With snow every bad thing ever happens to our leads. (see I Miss You) Cherry blossoms? That is lightweight - misunderstandings, catty women and lost jobs. (see Lie To Me)

Sage: When are they going to realize that they are the other? Or does future Ji Yong already realize it and not care? And why did Sun Soo become a cop in the future (Really? I doubt it's just for the money. There are a lot of high paying jobs that don't involve putting your life on the line)? Is it possibly because of what she witnessed at the school that night?

Tiara: The Drama is mixing a lot of genres from drama, mystery, thriller, action, and to comedy. I don't see this drama making me cry buckets of tears unless you count from laughing really hard. Fingers cross, the story continues keeping us on our toes with the mystery of "who killed Mom" but continues to give us light hearten moments of humor. It is too early to tell, but so far I am diggin what they are putting out.

Ooh! Sparkly!

I always pick up mysterious jewelry too.

Taleena: So ominous dark suited men menace your mother one night and you think nothing of random jewelry cropping up the next day? How does this work now? What is on there? Is it a compass rose? An Airplane? Come on K Fans, what is that?

Sage: I wonder what that pendant has to do with the plot line. I believe it belonged to the girl his mother saw get killed but why is it such a big deal now?

Tiara: "My precious" ... Maybe Ji Yong thought if he picked up the pendant he would be the next world famous Idol "K" (see Dream High). I really didn't understand why he would pick it up. Maybe he likes shiny things *shrugs shoulders.* Speaking of pendants, don't forget the dude in the school dropped another one in the science class. It makes me wonder if Soo Sun maybe picked it up?

Korean Batman in the Making

If he finds a card with a Joker on it...

Taleena: If that doesn't make a superhero I don't know what does. When his mom grabbed the guy's boot I practically bounced out of my seat. I thought she had died already! Why was the apartment so trashed? You'd think that they would just shoot her quietly to take out a witness, but that place was torn apart before the guy came back looking for the necklace.

Sage: This was so sad. I wish she didn't have to die. You can tell she tried really hard as a mother and to do the right thing as an example for her son. I can see why he was p-d off. I would be too.

Tiara: Taleena, he totally is a super hero. He is only missing being super rich to be Batman. On the other hand, he is perfect as a Disney hero since Mom's tend to be killed off. A well acted scene which grabbed your heart. I too thought she was dead with the blown to the head. The look in her eyes was down right sad. What any Mother would do to save their child?

Guilt Trip

Here's when he loses the ability to use a razor.

Taleena: You can see the light dying in Pan Seok's eyes here as the burden of the mom's death is placed on his shoulder. He is also going to wish he insisted on taking Ji Yong home or to the station with him.

Sage: I feel bad for Pan Seok here. I think Ji Yong is also feeling guilty and is looking for somebody else to put the blame on.

Tiara: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda ... is probably what Pan Seok tells himself before going to bed. He feels guilty towards Ji Yong. He made a promise and was unable to keep the promise. Than Ji Yong went missing. I agree Taleena, he probably thinks about how he could have done things differently from beginning to end. The way he acts towards his misfit rookies doesn't make him a very warm and caring person. I get the feeling he is just one big teddy bear underneath.

Building A Mystery

I left you the vital clue!

Taleena: Pro Tip: if killers are searching for you don't hide in a dark and deserted school building - stay in well lighted police stations with lost of witnesses. Also, quick thinking hiding in the chem lab. I foresee a hideously burned villain popping up in the near future of this show. It's becoming more and more like a Batman origin story. If that guy shows up flipping coin, I am going to refresh my memory on the Penguin, the Riddler and Ras Al Ghul.

Sage: I knew that Ji Yong was going to have problems with authority when I started watching the drama based on the description of the series but the whole time I was watching this I was wondering why. That is until I arrived at this scene. The whole time I was just like Run, Forrest. Run! Oh the fear I felt for his life was laughable. And then Soo Sun basically telling the killer where he was just bad luck. I realize she was trying to right her wrongs and basically confess but that was just really bad timing. And I swear they gave you so much to remember with just this scene alone its crazy. There's the scar on the killers neck, the fact that he dropped the pendant, the fact that Soo Sun saw the killer and the fact that said killer is going to have a huge a** scar on his face.

Tiara: The scariness of the scene become comical with Soo Sun talking over the speakers. At one point she evening tells Killer Dude where to find Ji Yong. I was waiting for the old Batman series action bubbles to show up to keep the humor going. Thank goodness they are keeping the comic to just the opening intro. Sage, I too said the same thing to Ji Yong when Killer Dude was walking in the shadows.

As for clues we can't forget the pendant which was dropped. Someone could have picked it up. I am hoping it is Soo Sun. Plus Soo Sun also saw the scar behind Killer Dude's ear. We still don't have much to go on but the clues are coming in. Excuse me ladies, I need to go draw this in my handy dandy notebook to keep track of the clues so far ...

It's Not The Years...

...it's the mileage.

Taleena: When you clear all your seasoned detectives out because of corruption you already HAVE a disaster. When you have an uptight, brown noser for a boss it's even worse.

Sage: This is how you really get the people going! Tell them that because they're there scat is going downhill! I can't wait to see who the real dirty cop is, I bet it's the guy who introduced Pan Seok, the head of the division. Also, who is the lady that came in after that? And what does she mean to Pan Seok?

Tiara: Almost need to change the title to the adventures of the Misfit Rookies ... Bring in new rookies just mean someone has to be Teacher and Baby-Sitter and I don't see Pan Seok as either. He sees it as a waste of time. I get he doesn't want to. I think he just needs to suck it up and deal with it. Accept, he is stuck with the Misfits and start training them. I know it wouldn't be a drama if he didn't like it.

As for cleaning house, I am not sure the corruption in the department is completely out. Wanna bet there is still a dirty cop someone hidden? Hail Hydra!!!

Well Drama fans what did you think of the first episode? How long before Pan Seok's gruff demeanor whips them into an invincible crime fighting machine? Are there anymore dirty cops in Gagnam precinct?

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