Hello Drama Fans, and welcome to You Are All Surrounded episode 11. We are glad Lee Seung Gi's health has improved and we have new episodes! Join Sage, Tiara and I as we discuss the revelations, skulduggery, and tantalizing tidbits, that is, once we order something from Momo's Snack Shop.

A Girl Just Can't Get Chicken in Peace

Maybe he needs mouth to mouth!

Taleena: Black Boots got all stabby and Pan Seok got all butt kicking! All I could think of was, "Man I hope they have insurance because that place is getting torn up!" It's a good thing that they have a doctor on their team! Good thing Ji Kook spilled the beans on that. Good thing Gook and Tae Il played "Truth or Dare" on stakeout.

Tiara: What a tussle Dae Gu and Boots gave one another. Of course, Boots had the upper hand, which isn’t a surprised as he probably has more combat experience. The big question is who ended up cleaning the trashed room when all was said and done.

Taleena: You know it had to be Ji Kook, Tiara.

This is Not a Random Stabbing

That's Pan Seok's Oh Sh*t expression

Tiara: Yay!!! I don’t know about you ladies, but I was cheering when Pan Seok arrived and saved the day. I’m glad the drama didn’t shy away from Boots being Pan Seok’s partner. It makes the story a bit more complex and more interesting. You can see the surprised and sorrow cross his face when he gets a good look at the attacker.

Taleena: I love that this is all out in the open. I love the spy camera is out there, Dae Gu's grudges and insinuations. I love the fact that Dae Gu has given Pan Seok's old partner a super villain name. I love that Pan Seok just pushes and pushes and pushes for the whole truth. Go Pan Seok!

The Continuing Saga of Not-a-Doctor

I'm my OWN person dang it! I'm good enough, smart enough, and people love me!

Taleena: With judicious sub-textual conversations, Sa Kyung and Tae Il wrap up the Curious Case of the Cross Dresser which prompts Tae Il to confess to his parents that he wants to be a detective not a doctor. Mom seems cool but what is with Dad being disappointed in BOTH his sons? Is Tae Il's brother gay? Do I even really care?

Tiara: He did the right thing by confronting his parents about not returning to the hospital. I can’t say I was surprised by Dad’s reaction as it’s a common reaction from parents in dramaland. Tae II can now put this behind him and know he ended things honorability.

I Want You to Search Every Dog House, Hen House...

...Farm house, and Outhouse in Gagnam.

Taleena: Three Cheers for transparency! Telling the whole team the unadulterated truth is the right way to go. Also I love how he calls Soo Sun out on knowing Dae Gu's secret in front of everyone. I also like how he told the rest of the team leaders but was selective how much he told. Pan Seok is winning this episode, especially as Dae Gu is most confined to a hospital bed being surly.

Tiara: I’m astonished the drama choose to reveal the secrets it’s been keeping close to the vest. It was good timing for the drama to catch everyone up to speed on who Dae Gu’s real identity and his tragic past. I am really loving Soo Sun and her dedication to finding the monster who haunts her partner's dreams. Dae Gu totally cares for Soo Sun as a partner, friend, and noona but hasn’t come to terms with his feelings for her romantically. One of the highlights of the drama is watching their friend and partnership grow into something more.

Momo's Snack Service

Looking fresh like a peppermint on a scooter.

Tiara: Boots' end fight will be with Dae Gu. The team will be there for support, but Dae Gu needs to stop Boots for him to defeat his nightmares. Dae Gu’s emotions have to be all over the place, but so are Pan Seok. The anguish he must be feeling to find his ex-partner be a killer. How cruel the world has been with his partner and he can’t do anything to save him. He didn’t see how much the world had harden his partner. Pan Seok was flabbergasted when Boots didn’t stop the car and instead, hit him.

Taleena: Dear You Are All Surrounded production crew: If it were only Soo Sun on a scooter with the giant goggles and big, red helmet, I would be happy. If it were only Squad Sargent Lee in that straw hat, it would have been enough. If it were only Squad Sargeant Lee eating watermelon from a vendor, my delight would have unfolded. If only it were only Pan Seok exasperatedly chasing Black Boots and taking the car hit like a boss, or Soo Sun racing after Boot on her scooter with a desperate glance at her fallen hero, I would be content. YOU, production crew, gave me all these things - THANK YOU.

Pay No Attention to My Deflection

I am not working for the Baddie!

Tiara: To be fair, the Chief as a point in her reasons to reassign the Masan case. Dae Gu will be a conflict of interest as he is a witness and it was his Mom who was killed. Detectives need to not to already form an opinion to be fair to the victim and family as well as the suspect. Like the Chief stated, he has been living in pain for over 11 years.

Taleena: Setting up next week's case of the week AND trying to throw the Dynamic Duo off the track of your Boss? SMOOTH. Backing up your CYA with a reasonable argument and earnest concern for the young man you have roped into your long range plans? SMOOTHER. I tip my metaphorical cap to Captain!

If the Assemblyman is the Arch-Villian....

...does that mean he is calling an UBER-Villian?

Taleena: Holy Smart Phone Batman! I thought that the Assemblyman was the top of the villain food chain. Who is he calling? Who is he telling to hurry? How many bad guys does this show have?!

Tiara: He is calling his minion to finish off Boots. Dead man tells no tales.

Luke, You Must Resist the Power of the Dark Side

If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

Taleena: Pan Seok is doing his level best to help this hot head remain a Jedi and not become a Sith Lord. Oooh double guilt trip to invoke Dae Gu's mom. Talk about a low blow! Glad to see Dae Gu actually listen instead of turning into a sneering rage monster.

Tiara: Someone is a fan of I Hear Your Voice. The message is still a good one. Don’t cross the line and become the monster you hate. Wanting a bit of revenge is a human reaction. It is when one sets out in action to take the revenge which makes you stepping closer to the line of no return.

Moms Never Change

Even when you are on the wrong side of 30 and live a 14 hour plane ride away.

Taleena: Just the briefest look at the Pan Seok/Sa Kyung relationship. I wonder if the birthday has any significance other than Pan Seok seems to have forgotten it.

Tiara: Sa Kyung, you are starting to frustrate me. Yes, there is a time and a place for things, but for a relationship to work, even in a second go, the couple must communicate. From the flashback, I’m assuming she doesn’t talk about her feelings much. This relationship needs so give and take and talking. I do hope they can start again, but if they don’t start talking things aren’t going to work out.

No, I Want the Emmy for Best Murder Scene

Cue Flashbacks.

Taleena: Hard core! First running over him with a sedan and then strangling with BARE hands. Poor Dae Gu! How many times does he have to hide under something and watch someone die in front of his eyes? Did the Assemblyman call in the Sedan Strangler or did the Captain? My money is on Assemblyman Yoo, what do you think?

Tiara: Well crap!!! It’s like reliving the scene with his mom only difference this time it is the killer being choked. Ack. What should he do? He can’t just let the man die or he would be no different than Boots. An intense dilemma for Dae Gu to have to choose and a bit of karma for Boots.

How can an episode feel so slow and yet go so fast?! Who is the Sedan Strangler? Will Dae Gu save the Boot? Is the Captain bad or just dealing with bad choices? Will Sa Kyung sing happy birthday to herself while staring sadly at a cupcake? Tell us in the comments!

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