Salutations to all You Are All Surrounded Drama Club members. Our case of the day brings the team together to bring justice for Soo Sun’s mom. Join the discussion with Taleena, Sage, and myself as we talk about the particulars of episode 13.

Dysfunctional Family

The Family of Yoo seems to think they can do no wrong.

Taleena: Yes, yes a thousand times yes! Dae Gu is meeting his secret family. Arrest them all! Except the half brother, he seems kind cool. I love how Dae Gu went into Righteous VENGEANCE! mode right away. Very true to his character.

Sage: Did anybody else notice the half-brother was the assistant/secretary to Ja Kyung on My Love From Another Star? I just want him too not be as evil as the rest of his family.

Tiara: Wow what a family these people make. I can only image what the holidays and birthdays could be like in this insane family. I agree Taleena. The son/half-bro by far is my favorite and the only half decent. That two thumbs up clearly shows he isn’t a happy camper of his family.

Found Mom

No one deserves to be beaten

Sage: Not cool. She beat her up really bad and only on the face. That just not cool.

Taleena: Done by the person who rage killed Dae Gu's mom perhaps? I am thinking maybe Yoo's daughter trashed Dae Gu's childhood home in a homicidal rage, not looking for a pendant.

Tiara: Madam Yoo is such a witch. Having money does not give anyone the right to beat the crap out of people. I’m glad Pan Seok went with Soo Sun to find mom. He was able to help Mom come to terms she is a victim. I’m not sure she would have gone to the hospital if Pan Seok didn’t come.

Call Me Mom

Dae Gu is adopted

Sage: He was so sweet to her! He was like the perfect son-in-law. All of them were really sweet to be honest.

Taleena: I wholly approve of thoughtful, marshmallow Dae Gu. On a trivial note, I have yet to see a standard style of humidifier in hospital rooms in K Dramas, while in the US I doubt I have seen more than two kinds on the shelves here.

Tiara: Excuse me ladies I need a moment and box of tissues. Mom couldn’t have said anything better for Dae Gu. He is in need of a Mother’s touch. I can’t wait till Mom gets better so she can fawn over her new son some more.

The Food of Love

Picky Eater eats the food put together by Soo Sun

Sage: If Kook-i didn't know about Dae Gu's feelings here, he will know by the end of episode 14.

Taleena: Love says, "I will eat scallions." I thought it was funny when they showed him making a mildly disgusted face and then swallowing hard with an audible *glut* sound. Poor Ji Gook has no chance.

Tiara: Dae Gu is being very considerate for Soo Sun. She is going through a tough time and he doesn’t wants to add to her grief. He tells her a white lie not to hurt her feelings. The lengths these two will go to help one another is a true partnership.

Spoiled Rich Girl

Madam Yoo is above speaking to police

Sage: Why is she so annoying? Is this something they taught her or did it come naturally?

Taleena: That actress really does annoying, stuck up woman well. She has the disdain for plebeians down cold. Who could ignore Cha Seong Won full attention? Not I.

Tiara: Apparently if you have money the world revolves around you. Money can only save you to a point. In her case, daddy is a public figure which means if word gets out at the way she treats people and how the “government” covers up her mess it is the end for dad and her. It is a matter of time before she gets a bit of karma.

Cover Up

Higher Ups want this case to go away

Taleena: Dear Lt. Kiss Up, Thank you for saying the dialogue forming on my lips and in my brain.Self awareness is a good thing. What he didn't mention are the many love triangles also found in dramas.

Sage: I am not going to lie. I watch most dramas for the love triangles. And I think the drama was making fun and foreshadowing. I guess they figured they were pulling out all of the stops for this one, why not poke fun?

Tiara: Brownie points for making me laugh, but I will subtract said points if you actually do the birth secret thing.

Did Chief Toad actually see the damage Assemblyman Yoo’s daughter did to Soo Sun’s mom? I hope he wouldn't have asked to cover it up if he saw Mom's face. If I was Pan Seok, I would ask if Assemblyman Yoo's daughter beat the crap out of your mom would you just drop the case? I have to give it to our beloved team leader and his awesome response to the Toad's question. Funny thing, I said the same thing.

Visit to Jail

Pan Seok visits Boots, but isn't the only one

Taleena: I loved this scene. Boots, menacing black hatted Boots, turns into a human. Both he and Pan Seok are hurt by the turn that their lives have taken. Both actors emoted so well in this scene. Cha Seung Won is the master of shiny sad eyes. Also, that guard must be working a crossword or something.

Sage: I kind of wish he would just tell him what's going on. Its obvious they are not going to back down, why not just tell them what to expect? It's not like they are going to know he said it.

Tiara: I think they keep Dae Gu save, yeah that ship has sailed. We know Assemblyman Yoo is going to kill the boy at some point. He won’t let the Chief take care of it as he already suspects her. I do think this is Boots way of saying there are more players without saying it.

This Means War

Contract is null and void unless you can prove it isn’t

Taleena: Time for a couple lawyer jokes: Q: Why won't sharks attack lawyers? A: Professional courtesy. Q: Why did God make snakes just before lawyers? A: To practice. I'm here all night folks! Tip your waitresses.

Sage: There is nothing pretty about this liar.

Tiara: LOL Taleena, I didn’t know it was comedy night. Shoot now I need to think of a joke. While I think about my joke, what happen to the super photo-memory, law student genius? Did he lose his superpowers? Is this like the Superman II movie where he gives up said powers?

Okay, I got a joke too: Q: What's the difference between a jellyfish and a lawyer? A: One's a spineless, poisonous blob. The other is a form of sea life.

Ask a Favor

Chief Meets with Sun Soo

Taleena: OK here's the theory: Captain Awesome made a mistake trusting Yoo eleven years ago. She tried to rectify her mistake by sponsoring Dae Gu, fighting corruption, and watching over Pan Seok and is now trying to mitigate the fall out of the damage and catch Yoo in some damning business without implicating herself, while protecting her subordinates.

Sage: That sounds reasonable and around the conclusion I came to. I just don't feel like she is going to get out of this unscaved. When Dae Gu finds out what she's done he's not going to like it very much.

Tiara: I hope you are right Taleena about the Chief because I really wanted to throw a glass of water at her. I don’t care how much for the greater good sweeping this under the rug will do. I do think the Chief is trying to make up for her evil deeds by hiding/helping Dae Gu. How she got to the dark side should be an interesting tale. I hope it wasn't for cookies. I still don’t think the Chief is a bad person. She may have done bad things, but we don’t know the reasons why.

“I’ll Be On Your Side”

How to endured

Taleena: Poor Soo Sun. She really needs a hug and a nicely salacious, cheer up kiss and all she gets is a longing glance and an iPod. Sometimes these Korean female leads really miss out on the warm companionship that helps you get through a tough time.

Sage: I felt bad for Soo Sun. But this is one of those times where I wished Dae Gu would've stepped up and been accounted for. Instead of almost rubbing her face he should've been more assertive and kissed it.

Tiara: An iPod with a good song will help, but darn it, she needs a good hug and a shoulder to cry on. Really hugs are good for one's health. Oxytocin levels (feelings of loneliness, anger, and isolation) can be boosted with a simple hug. Not to mention, you can become happier by a long hug because of you serotonin levels being boosted. Hey Dramaland, more hugs please. Your character might be able to handle more crap thrown their way if you have them hug more.

Strangers Traveling

Tae II and Sa Kyung meet/ Another Misunderstanding

Taleena: Speaking of warm companionship that gets you through tough times. Hooray for Sa Kyung for grabbing Pan Seok and using words like the grown up person she is. Hooray for grown ups and no fake-y drama building. She gave Pan Seok the benefit of the doubt with Soo Sun, now it is his turn to trust her.

Sage: It's crazy how Sa Kyung completely forgets the guys she hooks up with. Just saying Tae Il's face is not one easily forgotten. And don't forget guys, when it comes to hugging we're seeing things all wrong. They are actually making out all hot and heavy on that bench.

Tiara: Taleena, I agree it is Pan Seok’s turn to give the benefit of the doubt to Sa Kyung. I mean it was a hug with clothes on in public. Yes, I know what Dramaland thinks about hugs, but it wasn't like he caught them in a dark room without their clothes doing the nasty. Tae II and Sa Kyung shared a moment of their pain of losing someone to a stranger. I actually am thankful it wasn’t a romantic meeting. No, I like how these two connected. It makes sense why Tae II was put off by how she ignored him. They were suppose to never meet after the one meeting.

The Boy Who Continues to Live

Madam Yoo is panicking

Taleena: My evil plans might be overturned? The righteous will prevail? My narcissistic entitlement might come to an end? NNNOOOO!

Sage: It was nice seeing her choke for a minute. Seeing her all flabbergasted and shocked and not knowing what to do was refreshing. When she saw who he was it was literally like she was looking at a ghost. She looked honestly scared. Go Dae Gu for honestly scaring the poo out of her!

Tiara: Sage, her choke was long enough of me. Her face didn't turn purple or blue. Her evil plan will be to kill the boy. Not by her own hands, of course, but I get the feeling she will be sending someone to him soon.


What were your thoughts YAAS Drama Club? Do you think the Yoo Family will get away with “murder”? How do you feel about Mom adopting Dae Gu? Do you think Boots suggestion will keep Dae Gu alive? Will Soo Sun agree to the Chief’s favor? You tell us by commenting below.


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