Hello, drama buddies! 우와! So much happened in these past two episodes! The chief shows a little of her true colors, we lose a witness and then find her, Soo Sun's eommonie gets annoying, and Dae Gu gets a little Mc lovin'. So stop in the name of love as Taleena, Tiara and I give you our thoughts on episode 14 of You Are All Surrounded!

Like Mother Like Daughter


Soo Sun's mother confides in a picture of her husband

Taleena: What would we do without exposition photographs? Soo Sun and her mom both share a crying bout about the beating. Yes, mom you did well raising Soo Sun. She seems to have moved past her diva stage and, while she will never be the sharpest knife in the drawer, she is good hearted.

Tiara: Mom and Dad may have had a rough time raising their daughter who had dreams of being an idol, but they did a good job. She isn’t the brightest light bulb, but she has a heart of gold.

Sage: Soo Sun is smart... In her own way. Let's just say she's smart when she needs to be. She figured out who Dae Gu was before anybody else did and she's quick on her feet-- quick to think of a ruse to get them out sticky situations. Like when her and Dae Gu pretended to be a couple when the boy nearly shot up the food joint. I think her mom and father did a great job raising her.

A Little Manipulation Here A Little Manipulation There


Soo Sun turns down the Chief's suggestion. Chief Kang Manipulates Dae Gu into no longer being angry with her. She lets it leak that it was Assemblyman Yoo's fault.

Taleena: I don't read this as straight manipulation, although throwing out Yoo's name, aish! Dae Gu is like a dog with a bone and she knows it. Is it just me or does she seem to be confessing to the larger picture, albeit obscurely? I should never have done what Yoo wanted. I made a mistake doing something wrong for the greater good. I don't want to disappoint you and your belief in justice.

Tiara: Good for Soo Sun. She stood up to the Chief to not only tell her no but reminded her those who do wrong should be punished. The rookie has a point and wins two points against the Chief. I know she didn’t mean to have her phone still connected to Dae Gu but I’m glad he learned about the Chief’s favor. He doesn’t know how close the Chief is connected to his Mom’s case, but I get the feeling this is going to help him figure out the true nature of her.

Sage: I am glad Soo Sun did the right thing and said no. But when Dae Gu was overhearing everything that was said I was wondering how he was going to react. I knew he was going to get angry I just wasn't sure if he was going to act on it right away. I'm glad he did-- you could see how bad Chief Kang's feeling got hurt when he ran in and said "Why did you do that?" "How could you?", you could tell those were the exact words she didn't want to hear. I can understand why she felt the need to direct Dae Gu's disappointed gaze elsewhere, but she was so quick to do it. Almost like she knew the day when Dae Gu would question her morals was going to come and knew who she was going to blame it on.

Ji Kook Oppa Fighting!


Ji Kook and Tae Il pull an all-nighter to boycott the video of Soo Sun's mother and get it taken down

Taleena: You're a good guy Cosby, but you are firmly friend zone with Soo Sun. I hope goodness is its own reward, and Dae Gu's banana milk, but mostly goodness. You should let Squad Sargent Lee hook you up with a date, clearly he knows all about B string guys stuck in the shadow of their glamorous team members.

Tiara: A noble and sweet thing for Kook spend the night trying to stop the video. I have to agree with you Taleena, Achievement unlocked - Friendzone for life.

Sage: I feel bad for him. He's so hard working and you can tell he really does likes Soo Sun, but she is so oblivious to it. I suggest if he wants to be un-friendzoned he needs to say something. Though judging how this episode ends I doubt he is going to (even if he does I doubt he'll make much leeway).

What to do, what to do...


The team that took over the Hyung Cheol Case are closing it, without finding the man who tried to kill him.

Taleena: Since when has the case of K Drama bribery drinks been something other than ginseng pouches or orange juice? Did I miss the memo that bottled iced tea is now on the list? Maybe that is why Pan Seok's "gift" didn't work? They both left it there on the table too. You just know someone is come along and hit the jackpot. "Ooh look! Free Drinks!" It's always the cheap, shameless shlub in the office (e.g. me) who is the ice breaker. You stand there and look around asking the oblivious room, "So what's the deal with these? Do you mind?" Then you open the case to take one and people pop up like prairie dogs. Within two minutes everyone is knocking back a free drink. Thanks Pan Seok!

Tiara: Not surprised to find the detectives on Boot’s case are closing the file. Boot isn’t giving up the name to the second “killer” or puppetmaster. He is putting all the blame on a dead man who can’t confirm or denied the allegations. I watch my fair share of detective shows, where is the board which connections everyone? That’s it someone get Beckett and Castle on this case immediately.

Sage: This means that Dae Gu and himself are going to have to work together to solve this case, possibly getting them both fired (even if only temporarily).

The One That Got Away

op[The eye witness with the incriminating video gets taken to a vacation home where they promptly destroy it.

Taleena: Would you lie to someone nefarious, flanked by evil lawyers (but I repeat myself *rimshot*)? Unless you are exceptionally dim, or exceptionally honest, you always cover your bases when handing over incriminating evidence. This girl doesn't strike me as either exception.

Tiara: Leverage keeps you alive. She may have handed over her phone, but she keeps the ace close to the vest. Harder for bad guys to kill you if you still have a piece of evidence.

Sage: It's not cool that they even had the option of killing her in the first place. But, the fact that she went to the bad guy instead of just handing the video and evidence over to Dae Gu when he asked for it, says a lot about her character.

Brotherly/Father-Son Bonding


Dae Gu and Pan Seok go out to lunch together. They both reveal that they don't feel like the Case with Hyung Cheol is over.

Taleena: I appreciate Cha Seung Won looking snazzy in his black suit. I super appreciate it that the show pointed it out, even if they didn't tell us why. Also the father/son vibe continues apace as Pan Seok works with Dae Gu. Now that Dae Gu has put the Boot in prison, he has removed one of the sticks from his nether orifice. However, he still has one up there making him sound like a petulant teenager.

Tiara: Wouldn’t you be more inclined to talk to a good looking cop in a suit? I mean I would spill my guts to Pan Seok if he showed up looking as all fine in his suit. The beginnings of a bromance is forming. They both act like children and it’s humorous to watch. Pan Seok helps make Dae Gu not take everything so seriously. Love them.

Sage: You can tell that Pan Seok thinks very fondly of Dae Gu. He's glad he's alive and he wants to keep him that way. But he knows that neither one of them are going to give up on the Hyung Cheol case which makes his position as both a Team Leader and a brother-figure to Dae Gu very difficult.

Flies to Honey

Soo Sun visits the witness to try and convince her that she could still help in a very Soo Sun-y way. It works.

Taleena: In which you catch more evidence with honey than vinegar. You could LEARN something Dae Gu. Also, way to return the money Smart Witness Girl. You may be a few days behind letting your ethics catch up to your brains, but better late than never. K Drama villains have not learned the valuable lesson that the internet is forever!

Tiara: Being thankful and showing gratitude can sway people. It’s Soo Sun’s sincerely towards the girl which gets the full video. I agree with you, Taleena, about K-Villains. When are they going to learn, the internet is a very scary place. Videos, post and picture will stay there FOR-EV-ER!!

Sage: You know what they say, it's never to late to catch a conscience. Is it just me but that girl dresses like someone in one of those family dramas that get 50 episodes I forget the name (i.e. You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin and I Summon You Gold!). Anywho, I'm glad she finally turned it over. Though I am a little scared for her life. Are they going to try and kill her now?

Grand/father-Son Stand-Off


Dae Gu goes to Assemblyman Yoo's house to inform him of the dirt they have on his daughter, the Bag Lady.

Taleena: Father/Son? If we are positing that Dae Gu's Dad is Bag Lady's husband, and Bag Lady is Assemblyman Yoo's daughter, then Dae Gu is not really related to Yoo except through is thoroughly awesome half brother. Let us reflect for a moment on the awesomeness of half brother, who was setting up his awful mom for justice while maintaining a façade of careless playboy. Worthy of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, here's to you half brother!

Tiara: Going back to episode one, the rumor is Ji Yong’s Dad was married. Mom tells Ji Yong, she got pregnant before his parents could get married. If the rumor is true, than either Assemblyman Yoo is the Dad or his son-n-law happens to be the father. Or Mom could be telling the correct story. Assemblyman Yoo could’ve had a son who is Ji Yong’s Dad. The son could have died and Madam Yoo blamed Ji Yong’s mom for killing her brother.

I have to agree about the son being pretty awesome. He is a complete fan of Dae Gu. The boy must really hate his mom. Can’t say I blame him? I would too.

Sage: Dae Gu was so confident until the Assemblyman raised his creepy eyebrows at him and slapped him in the face with his words. I really want to know what Dae Gu's connection is to the Yoo family and why they keep trying to kill him. We all know Dae Gu/Ji Yong is the boy who lives and his mother's love will keep him from dying. But, if the Bag Lady's husband is the dad why isn't he running the show? He doesn't seem very important and he doesn't seem interested in what Dae Gu is doing. If he is the father why is he making it the Assemblyman and Madame Yoo's problem?

Oh and love the possible step-brother character.

Bow Down Witches


Soo Sun's Eomma drops the charges on Assemblyman Yoo's daughter because he can bow down with the best of them.

Taleena: Never underestimate the power of a good grovel. Props to mom for 1) getting a picture, 2) recognizing that is all you are likely to get, 3) knowing the apology was fake but appreciating the sub surface writhing of pride covered by Yoo's bonhomie.

Tiara: I agree Taleena at least Mom has proof of an Assemblyman bowing to her. It was going to be fruitless to punish Madam Yoo this time. At least Soo Sun’s mom understands the man wasn’t sincere about his apology. Assemblyman Yoo’s cocky smile really did get my blood boiling. Come on team, we need evidence to put the Assemblyman and his daughter behind bars soon.

Sage: Noooo! I don't want it to be fruitless! Make her pay! Make them all pay! *insert evil laugh here*

That's Not What Your Mom Said Last Night


Yoo Ae Yun gets cocky.

Taleena: Never underestimate The Bad Guy's ability to drop vital clues while gloating and monologue-ing. More than ever, I believe that Dae Gu's mom's death is a crime passion disguised as a witness assassination. K Dramas always seem to prefer a good villainess don't they? Good thing that dress is blue and white not black and white or I might begin to think she wants a dress made from Dalmatian puppies.

Tiara: You’re a dirty diabolical villain Madam Yoo. You continue to twirl your invisible mustache. Also, please give more reasons for Dae Gu to want to investigate you after the case has been closed. Hah!!! Your right Taleena, she is Cruella De Vil. Now I’m gonna have that song in my head whenever I see her.

Sage: I hope Dae Gu reads into this and does more investigating. Why is it that every time he comes to their house he gets his feelings hurt and/or gets shooed away like a fly?

Lovers in Prague London


Tae Il explains Sa Kyung and his relationship to Pan Seok. He asks him if he truly doesn't know why she gave him the divorce papers.

Taleena: Derp! She obviously wanted Pan Seok to throw them back unsigned and declare his undying love and commitment. Proving that even Gagnam's Greatest Detective has no clue deciphering women. Also proving that Tae Il has a major crush on Sa Kyung and is farther in the friend zone than Ji Gook.

Tiara: Agreed Taleena. It sounds like Sa Kyung wanted Pan Seok to come fight for her. She should have talked to her husband about her feelings after losing their son. I don’t blame the man for signing the papers since he isn’t a mind reader. The evidence is clear if you hand someone divorce papers. Tae II may have a crush, but he knows he isn’t going to play the game since he won’t win. Good lad.

Sage: Gosh. Men are so oblivious. Women aren't that hard.

키스해줘요! Kiss Me Darling, Kiss Me Tonight!


In the heat of the moment, Dae Gu goes in for seconds.

Taleena: Mm..mmm. mm.. Must taste like strawberries. Also, who else thinks that the cake, picture and kiss are the drug lord's way of running a check on these oh so convenient "tourists" in their coffee bar. Wow that gif is really distracting. Poor Ji Gook! He saw all his hope go up in the smoke of that sizzling kiss. Also, Pan Seok's gasp like an outraged Victorian maiden made the episode.

Tiara: Really this is the most romantic place we can have our OTP come to terms with their feelings through a kiss in the middle of a cafe full of gangsters and their team members looking on. Pan Seok really is going to bug the crap out of these two since this isn’t their first kiss. Come on Cupid Pan Seok, work your love magic on these two.

Sage: I guess this puts an ix-nay on Soo Sun moving onto Dae Gu's top bunk. At least in the way I had originally meant it... I love Pan Seok's reaction to lip-locking. He always seems so shocked and reacts the most hilariously. I feel bad for Kooki and I hope he gets over it soon, though if you ask me the kiss wasn't all that fantastic. I realize it was supposed to be but there didn't seem to be much chemistry between them both. It just seemed like Dae Gu was putting in far more effort to make it sexy than Soo Sun was even when she started getting into it. Aigoo, Can somebody say awkward ride home?

I agree with you, Taleena. It is kind of weird that the place just assumed that it was their 100th day together. Also, I would like to point out how I like that this drama doesn't forget to add little cases for them to solve instead of just getting stuck on the main case. I am interested in where this case will lead them.

엄마야! They kissed! What do you think of that kiss? Should Yoona be jealous? Where will they go from this? How will Dae Gu cover it up? Will he try and cover it up? What's up with this new case? What do you think it's about? And the Yoo family? How are they related to Dae Gu? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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