Welcome back Drama Fans to You Are All Surrounded! Our Team of intrepid detectives are slowly coalescing into a Band of Awesomeness and the Baddies are starting to stab each other in the back, we're in the home stretch! Join Sage, Tiara and I - just as soon as we find minute flaws in our jewelry.


Remember that One of a Kind Necklace? Turn out it's not so one of a kind.

Tiara: Everything in Dramaland isn’t a one of a kind. Case in point, my KDrama Collectibles wishlist:

Boys Over Flower - Kissing Star Necklace : Check

You’re Beautiful - Pig Rabbit Doll : Check

Rooftop Prince - Radish Doll : Check

49 Days - Tears Necklace : Check

Master’s Sun - Tae Gong Shil’s necklace: Check

You Are All Surrounded - Insane Killer lady Pendant : DO NOT WANT!!!

Sage: She basically just said, "Hey, guys, I'm guilty. Wanna... I don't know... take me to jail?" I wish she could just turn herself in or they could just put that lady in jail for drama's sake! And Tiara, you're right, we can buy a pig rabbit doll here on DramaFever. You know what we need now? A bird with a small head stuffed animal for Soo Sun!

Taleena: You have got to admire the brass one's on the Bag Lady. Anyone one else would have quietly reported the necklace stolen years ago and put on a convincing display of innocence. Madame Yoo practically dares them to prove she is not the center of the Crazypants Universe.

At Least You Got A Text

A cop married to a cop

Tiara: You can't teach an old dog new trick, but Sa Kyung could tell him she wants to spend time with him. Communication is the key yet it seems she thinks Pan Seok is a mutant with the gift of reading minds. If this was the case, he wouldn’t have signed those darn papers.

Sage: I like how Tae Il texted him. It was like a slap in the face which Pan Seok needs because he is seeming a little oblivious right now. They must've gotten a good laugh out of that.

Taleena: Pan Seok not being able to catch a clue with Sa Kyung is a little like the cobbler's children going without shoes. Every bit of his "legendary skills' seem to go towards cases and not basic emotion with his ex.

Just Lining Up the Next Reveal

What foreshadowing? Is that a Thing now?

Tiara: Oh Drama, you're trying to be cute again. Isn’t as funny this time around.

Sage: In dramas they tend to bring up something when they are about to dispel it. In this episode they brought up his dad twice. Here and with the old lady.

Taleena: If it is a red herring then Well Played writers. I have been suckered into thinking that there is a genuine dodge about Dae Gu's father. Let us count the references. 1) He asks his mom. 2) Soo Sun's parents have scuttlebutt 3) Madam Yoo refers to it three or four times 4) Ji Gook makes a "secret dad" reference at the DNA testing 5) Lt. Book Lick in his diatribe against bad dramas 6) Pan Seok in the car and 7) Grocery store Granny.

This Seems to be a Running Theme

But the ice creams are free, how about that?

Tiara: Guffaw!!!! Father and Son!!! Omo!!! Cha Seung Won has a son two years younger than Lee Seung Gi so it isn’t hard to believe. It also doesn’t help their case when they wear the same outfit. Our heroes must have a bit of luck on their side with a witness showing up out of the blue. Now something bad has to happen.

Sage: Aww! Don't say that, Tiara! Why can't only good funny things happen in a drama? I guess it wouldn't be much of a drama then would it? Anyways, I was wondering if they were going to find somebody that would/ could testify. Speaking of, who's to say her or the other witness will actually testify?

Taleena: Pan Seok would much rather be a "hyung-nim" that an "ahjusshi"; don't worry Cha Seung Won, I only have eyes for you. Also, was I the only one that though Grocery Granny looked cool as a cucumber in her loose, white shirt while the boys looked sweltering even after the ice creams?

Because You Call Me Birdbrain?

Because you poke me with a ruler? Because I'm living in a tent while you have a spare bunk.

Tiara: Hey dumpling head!!! - Wait wrong show ...

Sage: On this part I was just glad she didn't let it go and just let him leave all angry and vice a versa. Also, did she forget that when he falls, he falls hard? i.e. The girl he had a crush on when he was little and still Ji Yong?

Taleena: Compared to Poophead, Birdbrain isn't too bad. I can't fault Soo Sun for thinking he was still upset over the pendant though. How on earth does Dae Gu have any emotional endurance for anything other than Revenge! at this point?

So close!

I smell a double cross!

Tiara: Assemblyman Yoo and the Chief aren’t best friends, only backstabbers in waiting. The questions becomes who is going to stab first?

Sage: The whole time he was saying this I was just like... this isn't going to go as planned. At least not how the Chief planned.You know how usually you are rooting for somebody on the bad side (I consider the Chief to be on the bad side) to maybe turn good or get out of it in the end I am not rooting for anybody on this side. I want you all to buurn!

Taleena. You just know every Baddie has dirt on every other Baddie and this is a giant game of chicken to see who can reach their goals first. In the order of who I want most to take a jolt in the Seoul version of Folsom to least it's gotta be: Bag Lady Yoo, Assemblyman Yoo, Black Boots, Anonymous Henchmen 1&2, Prosecutor Han, and the Captain dead last. I actually hope that she manages turn into a Goodie.

The Knife You've Stabbed into my Back

Just Don't Twist It.

Tiara: The Chief got some explaining to do.

Sage: It's 'Splainin', Tiara, 'Splainin'. Accusations accusations. You could tell Pan Suk didn't want it to be her and when she came, albeit late, he looked a little disappointed and a little angry. And then he just got more disappointed and more angry.

Taleena: Now Pan Seok has the unenviable task of deciding how much to tell Dae Gu and when to tell him.

The Road to Perdition

Paved with Good Intentions and Pseudonyms

Tiara: The Chief may have done bad things, but toward a good reason. She believes all is in the best interest of the police department. Yes she is a dirty cop, because there are no separation between lawyers and cops. She has learned a hard lesson that justice is only given to those who can fill the pockets of prosecutors. If Assemblyman Yoo backs out of his agreement, I just hope the Chief has something to make the house of cards come tumbling down.

Sage: You know with Soo Sun's umma's case, it must've reminded her a lot of the rape case. I know it reminded me a lot of the rape case. Having to tell her to cancel the case against Yoo Ae Yun is just like the Assemblyman telling her to cancel the lawsuit against the prosecutor--except she chose the wrong thing to do all those years ago. Obviously the Gangnam Police department has been threatened to go under for many years, one time when you fight for the right wouldn't have done anything. Soo Sun proved that. That prosecutor was a prick and should've been sent to jail and that girls rapists should've been there with him. End of story. I understand she was trying to do right. But that stopped 11 years ago when she gave the pendant to Hyung Cheol. Now she's just as bad as the Assemblyman.

Taleena: The Captain should have watched City Hunter so she could see how to mold a cute Young Man into an unstoppable force for justice. Pretty Lee Min Ho, I mean, Yoon Sung, delivered justice to the highest government levels. Plus, maybe we would have gotten more shower themed brooding.

Dude, I Like, Thought You Were my Bro

...but you are just a dude.

Tiara: Anyone else think the kid is a bit weird? What is his deal?

Sage: I really feel like he's just as bad as his mother. He's just better at hiding it. When you turn his back on him or he no longer feels you're awesome I feel like he will turn on you in a second.

Taleena: Tiara, having his mother is enough to turn ANYONE a little weird. Maybe he has the same issue that Dae Gu does: being so smart that the intellect to social skills ration is a bit skewed. I think this guy is playing a role of lighthearted playboy to stay off his mom's radar.

So Many Stabbings

Henchmen, they get the job done. Sometimes.

Tiara: Fingers cross Tae II’s family is powerful enough to scare the crap out of Assemblyman Yoo. It would be nice to see someone a bit bigger than Assemblyman Yoo and his daughter is afraid for once.

Sage: Yeah! They're rich too! It should be a fight of the century! Money vs. money! Die! Evil Bag Woman! Die! How dare you hurt my Tae Il-i? Our Yoon jae?!

Taleena: Hug out the rage, Soo Sun! Hug out the rage! Dae Gu might go on a wild handcuffing spree! He might drag her out and read her her rights with a firm tone of voice! I hope that Tae Il's family comes to reconcile with him in the hospital while his Humidfier Gently Weeps.

The Bag Lady, In the Bedroom, With the Vase

Miss Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock were unavailable to comment at this time.

Tiara: It was Madam Yoo in the bedroom with the vase - The game's up. Better to surrender now.

Sage: Seeing everything play out I could see why Dae Gu would be mad. I'd be mad too. Actually worst than mad. I'd be livid. No, worse than that. I'd be corybantic with rage, thanks Thesaurus. But I thought everybody knew it was her when saw the little piece a couple of episodes ago? I knew it... I just don't know why she did it.

Taleena: OK, I have watched this and watched this and I think that Madam Yoo grabs the vase because she sees a framed photo on the Dae Gu's Mother's dresser. not the one in the picture above but a square framed wooden one on the furniture behind where Madame Yoo is standing. Did anyone else see this?

Well K Drama Fans what do you think? Have we uncovered every motive? How soon will the Baddie's house of cards start falling? Is there more to the story of Dae Gu's father or is it a red herring? Sound off in the comments below!

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