Welcome back, drama fans, to You Are All Surrounded Episode 17! Join Sage, Tiara and I as we throw around locally grown red beans to break the curse (caused by starring in a drama!) and dish on this week's episode.

Let Me Lay Here Weak and Noble

If they had really killed off Tae Il the Superfans would never forgive them.

Taleena: Tae Il might finally get some of Dae Gu's banana milk for this. If feel like the producers of this show really wanted to get their money's worth from the Hospital location shoot.

Sage: If you get stabbed or stay up all night you will definitely get banana milk. At least Tae Il went down like a G instead of just lying there. I admire his tenacity.

Tiara: I really hate Tae II’s family at this moment. Their son was stabbed. I don’t care if you are disappointed in your kid, but his family should be more concern over the well being of their son.

Give A Little Whistle (Yoo-hoo)

And always let your conscience be your guide.

Sage: She's not going to do the "right thing" because she considers herself already doing it. I've noticed that Pan Seok has got some serious cojones. The way he talks to people and his superiors is like he won't get fired-- not that I would want him to get fired but just saying.

You know what I like? How Dae Gu and Soo Sun's relationship is progressing. Just subtle (and not so subtle) hand touches, naps and hugs. It's really sweet. I wish they'd do more but I know they probably wont kiss again because this is the type of drama where two is their limit.

I just thought of something... wouldn't it be cool if Pan Seok became the Chief by the end of the drama?

Taleena: The Captain is REALLY angry at Asemblyman Yoo and she knows that she has become the evil she set to get out. She could crumble in guilt and righteous fury. I completely agree with you re: Soo Sun and Dae Gu. I guess once they finally got around to checking the "like yes or no box" there was no more mincing around. As for kisses, my hopes are pinned on a delicious kiss between Pan Seok and Sa Kyung. A celebratory case closed kiss. In the pouring rain, or beneath a giant super moon. A girl can dream.

Tiara: The Chief has put everything on the line for Assemblyman Yoo to help right an injustice done to her partner and the case of the raped girl. As I said before, she has done wrong and should be punished for those deeds, but she wholeheartedly believes the bad will out way the good when the bill is passed. Sadly, she put her trust in the wrong person. I truly hope she has something on Assemblyman Yoo which will put him in his place.

Sage, I concur about the relationship of Dae Gu and Soo Sun. The drama has done a decent job of giving us viewers happy moments with these two with small gestures. Don’t we all wish for more kissing time, but it never seems to be the case in a lot of dramas. It is the reason why we fans take delight for any moment our couple have together.

I’m not sure the Toad would be happy to see Pan Seok rise above him.

Ask A Silly Question

His face says "Glurk! Uh oh."

Taleena: No, not the best poker face in the world. What do you think: Baddie, Patsy, Unfortunate Cannon Fodder?

Sage: I knew he didn't know anything. I said a couple of posts ago that he was a little to nonchalant to be in on what his wife and father in law were doing. I feel for him. He seems like a pretty decent guy despite the fact that he lied just then. But if his mother liked him I think that Dae Gu should give him a chance. But, what is he going to do now? HE can either divorce his wife and be close to penniless or he can put her in a looney bin where she belongs. Something tells me he'll chose the latter.

Tiara: “Dae Gu, I’m your father.”

He is a spineless man in my opinion. He lets his wife and father-n-law run over him. Now to be fair to him, he may not have the power to stand up for himself, but where is his self respect? He doesn’t have to stay in an unhappy environment.

On a side note, what if mom was telling the truth and Dae Gu’s Dad was actually dead and not from this family. I might actually die from laughter if Assemblyman Yoo and his daughter did all of these things to “hide” a dirty secret which wasn’t true. Ha!!! Karma would be a witch this time around.

If It's Not Stabbings

It's car accidents.

Taleena: This show is really hard on family members. Deaths, beatings, beatings AND deaths, daddy issues, absent daddy issues, mommy issues, surrogate mommy issues, oh my! I feel for Tae Il and now we know why he picked detective of all things, but this wasn't a giant mystery really. Was it? Unless they bring Tae Il's parents in for a Park v. Yoo smackdown I wish they'd get back to the main story.

Sage: This is a total bummer. Despite the fact that he looked absolutely adorable in his glasses, I felt really bad for Tae Il and I think he deserved a back story no matter how predictable it might have been. His father sucks for disowning the both of them just because one was gay and the other wants to be a detective. Only question I have is whether or not he was dead. They never really told you.

Tiara:. I’m not sure why the drama waited till now to tell us Tae II’s story. It would have been better development for Tae II’s character if we had learned this a bit earlier. Tae II has this guilt for being responsible for his brother’s death. I appreciate finding out his mystery story, but I just feel it's a bit too late.

With that being said, my hate for Tae II’s family just continues to grow.

I'm Stuck in Folsom Prison

And the time keeps draggin' on.

Taleena: So much for, "I'll never see you ever again. Don't bother coming back." Black Boots has someone just waiting to shank him across from the hallway I see. The way Yoo works I would have put money on a corrupt prison guard first. Black Boots really wants to talk though. I thought the Captain would be the first to crack, but it may be Boots.

Sage: One down, one to go. I don't think Black Boots will be the first to talk. I don't think they will give him the chance to, given the creepy guy across the way, though I would really like it if they would. It just seems like all of Gangnam is a little corrupt.

Tiara: Deadman walking ...

Sometimes the Jokes are Too Easy

And I try so hard to keep them PG rated.

Taleena: Nope. Can't come up with any PG jokes. Only thing left to say is: Pills + Booze make Bag Lady Go Crazy.

Sage: And no matter what, you're the one who's bat-poop crazy.

Tiara: Taleena, I’ve got a joke.

Q: How does a crazy person travel through the woods?

A: They take the psychopath.

Taleena: Nice Tiara!

You Can Say That Again!

She's An Unpredictable Woman

Taleena: Our weekly doses of absurdity besides the red bean spirit/juju cleansing of Pan Seok's team? This delightful undercover work that includes Soo Sun's facial and fierce massage, Ji Gook rocking shades and a perm cap at the beauty salon, and Squad Leader Lee's golfing prat falls. Special mention to Madame Yoo's over the top reaction to a comb.

Sage: I have to say, I think that this is one of my favorite parts about this show. The undercover missions. They are always so much fun to watch, especially when the person (people) they are investigating are as crazy as Madame Yoo. Though I must bring up the fact that the case with gangsters has not been investigated since Dae Gu and Soo Sun made out.

Tiara: The cat window incident is by far my favorite absurdities of the series. The juju cleaning was a little over the top for my taste. It is fine pointing out this is a drama once or twice. It is another to bring out the red beans to prove a point.

On another note, what is with Madam Yoo’s hair? What is with the slicked back hair? Is she trying to prove how evil she is?

This Is My Nothing Left to Lose Face

Remember it. I still haven't won my ex-wife back yet.

Taleena: Pan Seok continues his steady career of Legendary Awesomeness by throwing down the gauntlet to every un-arrested Baddie in the show on THEIR OWN TURF. Even Assemblyman Yoo caves to the pressure exerted by Pan Seok.

Sage: I can see why he's so angry. If that were me I'd be pissed.

Tiara: Pan Seok just challenged Assemblyman to a rumble.

Ace in the Hole

It only matters what she believes.

Taleena: Dae Gu certainly has come along way from being the Lone Korean Ranger to trusting his team with painful and embarrassing family dirt. Never mind that the Foreshadowing Monkeys have been grooming this plot point from the beginning of the show.

Sage: I knew that the writers were either going to trick us into thinking they were foreshadowing or they were actually foreshadowing. Dae Gu shares more about what he knows then Pan Seok even though they agreed to do everything together. I'd be angry about that too once I found out everything Pan Seok knew.

Tiara: Dae Gu has grown from the first episode. He can freely talk to his teammates about his problems. He is coming to trust his friends, including Pan Seok. It is good to see character growth despite a lot of the setbacks the drama has given.

What I Say When I am Waiting for Another Episode.

Start It Minions!

Sage: They got her down pat. Having her wait, pointy objects, etc etc. The whole shebang. I was so excited when I saw that their ruse was working. Then I quickly got angry when I realized that this was how they were going to end the episode.

Taleena: I thought for sure they would end the episode with Dae Gu pointing a pencil at Bag Lady in a threatening manner. All he had to do was put them on the table and the gave them the crazy, psycho camera treatment. Maybe she is super scared of stabbing because she has used a knife or two in her day? At the very least she has ordered it done. Excuse me not knife, just a collection of very sharp pixels.

Tiara: This is called poking the bear with a stick.

Will she break down and blubber like a two year old? Will the interrogation room be the scene of yet ANOTHER fist fight - prompting a red bean cleansing? Is hubby lying about a platonic relationship with Dae Gu's mom? Sound out in the comments below. We love your comments and conversation!

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