Aloha to all You Are All Surrounded Drama Club members. We are ever slowly making our way to the finishing line with heartbreak and betrayal. Come join in with Taleena, Sage, and myself as we talk about the highs and lows of this tropical storm barreling in our detective team.

The Monster Cracked

Madam Yoo’s angry confession

Sage: It's about time! At the end of that last episode I was just waiting for her to incriminate herself! I can't believe her father and lawyers (and herself for that matter) actually thought she would get out on bail and that would be it.

Tiara: About time that ticking time bomb went off.

Taleena: My favorite part is her lawyer quietly beating his head against the wall when they are leading out in cuffs as she screams incoherently. Poor Dae Gu! The only way to get justice is to rip open ever raw, hurt wound and doubt in his heart. Aww!

The Missing Detective

Dae Gu finds out the Chief is behind the killings

Sage: Find me one person who doesn't love Roommate-- you can't because one doesn't exist. Anyways, I was expecting Dae Gu to be a lot angrier that Pan Seok had gone without him and discovered information that he did not share with him when they had agreed to be more forthcoming with new evidence.

Tiara: Poor thing doesn’t want to believe the woman who has raised him like a son is the one who betrayed his location. I’m not surprised he doesn’t believe the ex-detective nor Pan Seok. The look on Pan Seok’s face just breaks my heart. You can see he doesn’t want to add more heartache for Dae Gu. He doesn’t tell Dae Gu about the meeting in at the river and how the Chief told him her guilt and how Assemblyman Yoo is the mastermind before the whole operation.

I’m with you Sage about Roommate. My new guilty pleasure.

Taleena: Sadly, I think he does believe even if he doesn't want to. Otherwise he would have been a lot more angry and lashing out. Pan Seok doesn't push the issue at all just leaves him to his tattered illusions.



Wait... wrong drama club.


Boots is Dead

Going back to the drawing board

Sage: I knew Hyung Cheol was going to be dead I just didn't want him to. I wanted him to get the chance to tell them everything they needed to know before they hung him out to dry (literally). Also, can you say cocky, Dae Gu? He didn't need to tell Pan Seok to get down on his knees and apologize even if he was wrong (which he was not).

Tiara: At least Assemblyman Yoo got something right. He isn’t some cheesy villain, all talk and no action.

Taleena: I thought for sure it was a shanking. Suicide? I actually kind of believe it might be suicide. Hyung Cheol looked pretty regretful after that last interview with Dae Gu.

Tiara: Boot's death was made to look like a suicide. The creepy man in the other cell totally did it.

What’s in the locker?

Another clean up

Sage: There was something there... they just didn't see it. It was the invisible evidence. It had on a small version of a cloak of invisibility... a face towel of invisibility. OR a tissue of invisibility.

Also, how did the Chief know that there was something in that box and get there before they did?

Tiara: It’s a head, right? Maybe it is a picture of Assemblyman Yoo being all villainy. I mean Boots left two clues this one and the other is in the car camera.

Taleena: It's a straight up recording of Yoo calling out the hit. The simplest explanation is the most likely.

Tiara: A recording is a great idea, Taleena.

Hunters becoming the prey

Madam Yoo is doing down

Sage: Man is Ae Yun sloppy. It does my heart good to see some justice in the world...

Tiara: The house of Cards is starting to tumble down.

Taleena: Oh Yeah! Let the backstabbing and butt covering begin!

DNA Test

Someone wants to go on Maury

Sage: I bet Dae Gu really does want the DNA test but he's so prideful he's afraid to say it. It took a lot of courage to turn down someone who potentially may be your dad. Also, why does the ahjussi want it so badly? Wouldn't it be a lot easier for him to just let Dae Gu go?

Tiara: I believe Sage, you are correct. Dae Gu isn’t going to give on his pride to take the DNA test. I’m a bit torn in my feelings about his potential Dad. Even if the guy knew he has another son, his wife is insane and would have done a Lorena Bobbitt on him.

Taleena: So matter what "Dad" said earlier it was not just a platonic relationship. Let's look at it from the Dad's point of view. His first love has a secret son, which his crazy wife kills and he learns about it all at once.

Band-aid for the Heart

Which really is just foreplay

Sage: Brown chicken brown cow. I could feel the embarrassment with Soo Sun during this scene. The idea was very sweet but I think she just wanted to blow on his chest. Also, where did those band aids come from? And perfectly stuck together like that! It's like she knew that this moment would come.

Tiara: I loved this scene. You can’t say the metaphor is lost on anyone. It is sweet how she wants to help heal Dae Gu’s broken heart by putting a band-aid to the wound.

♪♫Bow chicka bow wow

That’s what my baby says

Mow mow mow

And my heart starts pumpin’

Chicky chicky do wop

Never gonna stop

Gitchee gitchee goo means that I love you!♪♫

Sage, the question shouldn’t be where she got the band-aid but why are there stairs? Those steps go no where.

Taleena: Ladies, ladies! So many questions, when all that matters is the two inch glimpse of chest we saw. Any well prepared police officer has perfectly created bandages. The shy withdrawal as she begins to unbutton his shirt? Priceless.

Sage: Taleena, as if she didn't know! Like, "Ooh chest..."




Tiara, the stairs do lead nowhere I didn't even notice that but it is hilarious!

Tiara: Most of everyone's thoughts during the scene.

The stairs bugged me more than the band-aid.

Chief’s been Caught

Should have taken a shower

Sage: Southwest Airline Chief Kang: Wanna get away? I knew when Soo Sun bumped into that "man" that "he" had taken the contents of that box. I wish I could say I knew it was the Chief but sadly I didn't. I think it's my lack of watching police dramas and Psych, now that it's off. Anyways, how did the Chief know that there was something incriminating in that box? And how did she know it belonged to Hyung Cheol in the first place?

Tiara: Why is she still trying to cover up for Assemblyman Yoo? Can’t she tell the man is going to stab her in the back the minute he gets the chance? Here is hoping she is smart enough to put it somewhere the good guys can find it. Speaking of Dae Gu, he just got his heart wrapped by Soo Sun and the Chief goes and breaks his heart again. Poor puppy can’t get a break.

Taleena: She's playing just about the only hand she's got for time now. Just time. She knows she's on a short clock. Dae Gu - what he wants to know is if she ever really cared about him. That was the question with the most weight.

Sage: I got one for you Tiara:

Tiara: Sounds about right, Ha!!

Are you my hyung?

One smart or crazy, little bro.

Sage: That family greets possible family members in such an un-Korean way. Either ignoring them or trying to pull their hair out. Even Dae Gu has the ignoring thing bad-- especially in the beginning. What is his reason for wanting to know if Dae Gu is his brother? Did his father put him up to this?

Tiara: I really like the kid. He may have horrible parents but he seems like he wants to have a normal family or a friend. I’m glad he is smart enough to help figure out who Dae Gu’s Dad may or may not be.

Taleena: Crazy? Crazy like a fox! It's fortunate that Dae Gu has a brother willing to run the DNA test he is too proud to run.

The Monster is out of one prison

Someone is going to insane asylum

Sage: So this is what sweet sweet Karma looks like. And it suits her so well. If she wasn't going to die, this was the next best thing, in my opinion. To have her father turn on her and go to an insane asylum...? Way to go writers!

Tiara: She never did belong in jail, where an insane asylum is the perfect place for her.

Taleena: She's going to get a nice cozy padded room now. She can get the one next to Harry Borrison. She is not going to be able to keep the wicked pompadour she's rocking. How sad. This looks like it is all about money the way that the Assemblyman is pushing Dad to make that board meeting go smoothly.


Chief lost but wins by blackmail

Sage: This is what happens when one gets too comfortable. The Chief knows what Assemblyman Yoo is capable of and willing to do. Why push his buttons? Obviously he is one step ahead of her every step of the way. He obviously wasn't going to really try and get her bill passed despite everything she has done for him. It will be one of the best days in kdrama history when he is put to justice.

Tiara: Is anyone surprised Assmeblyman Yoo betrayed the Chief? *crickets chirp* Didn’t think so.

Taleena: She snapped Sage. There is no other reason than blind rage at his injustice to her righteous cause. I expected Yoo to pick up the phone and say, "Release the Hounds."

Sage: So its like when I get angry with my computer when it shuts down during a drama?I feel her pain.

Tiara: I feel her pain when my internet goes down.

Truck of Doom

Claims another victim - RIP Chief

Sage: I knew this was going to happen. I said a couple of posts ago that the only way that the Chief was going to get out of this was for her to die. I feel terrible for Dae Gu-- It's like, how much more can he take? Not only did he lose his real mom but his mother figure as well. And both of them died in front of him, too! If one more thing happens Dae Gu is going to break down. It was sad, I just hope it wasn't all in vain and they remember what Chief said and find the contents of the box where she told them they could find it.

Also, why didn't anybody go after the truck driver? IT basically came out of nowhere.

Tiara: Someone gets Dae Gu a good luck charm fast. First he has to watch his mom get murdered, hide from the baddies, be betrayed by surrogate mom and then watch another person he loves die. He must be the most unlucky drama hero this year.

Sage, great minds must think alike. I thought the same thing about the truck driver. Why wasn’t anyone making sure the truck driver didn’t get away. Don’t they have the right to arrest the driver? Aren’t there traffic laws and police who are suppose to enforce said rules. .

Taleena: Truck drivers, like bandages and stairs, appear and disappear as needed for the progress of the plot. Pay no attention to the missing truck driver. Was I the only one to think that the Chief's death scene was full of a little too realistic of death gurgles?

Sage: I know! It was terrible to watch! I hope the writers fix the whole truck driver thing in the next episode. It's like Soo Sun was there for nothing.

Tiara: It is like watching a magic show without the magic. Sage, Soo Sun is there for support. I spent the whole time watch the scene like this:

Sage: So she knew this was going to happen?


Who needs a hug and a box of tissues? Do you think Assemblyman Yoo will get away with it all? Will someone else meet their death? Will Madam Yoo break out of the asylum? What will the result of the DNA test will be? With two more episodes to go, how do you think this series will end? Tell us in the comments below.

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