Batten down the hatches, my drama club friends, because there are only two more episodes of You Are All Surrounded to discuss. Wow!! The drama is slowly coming to an end, but it's not letting us take a breathe of relief. Come join the discussion with Taleena, Sage, and myself as we watch our heroes suit up for battle before the final showdown.

Chief hanging on

Truck of Doom loses 50 points for a no kill on site

Tiara: How is she alive? Her car looked like a crushed soda can. Good news, someone arrested the missing truck driver. Bad news, truck driver is saying he fell asleep at the wheel. If he “fell asleep” at the wheel, I’m the Queen of England.

Sage: I was quite surprised that she was still alive too. It was one of those things where you could tell they needed one last thing to give you hope that she might actually live. At least when I first saw it I was hopeful.

Taleena: I felt for sure that her bloody gasp at the crash site would be her last. K dramas! I thought it was possible they would do the lingering coma with a "9 years later" chryon a la Nice Guy. Tiara, I actually used air quotes around "fell asleep" while watching this episode with the Beloved Husband. On a somewhat lighter note: What they hey is on that poster in the background?! A head made of a three fingered hand? Doing the splits? With Jazz hands? And dead, staring eyes? Surrounded by a constellation of tools?, germs? , food groups? Weh? WEH? Korea why do you tease me with just out of study-able range weirdness?

Someone ransacked the house

Team Villain cleaning up their mess

Tiara: Haha!!! The Chief must’ve brought Jin Hee’s place from Emergency Couple.

Sage: She had to move in with Chang Min. The way they stretched out them finding the recording was almost unbearable. A few times I even forgot what they were looking for.

Tiara: Who wouldn't won't to move in with Chang Min? Your right, Sage. The search for the recording took way to long.

Taleena: If that was my house there would be a huge pile of unfolded laundry. There is always laundry when you have a teen age boy. Despite their intention to clean as they look, they didn't clean very well AT ALL. And looking would be more effective if you didn't just gently stroke spines of books and look sad.

Tiara: Taleena, LOL. Maybe someone in Dramaland needs to come up with a villain cleaning service. The house is cleaned while they look for missing item. Detectives would never know if the villain had been to the place.

The Curse of the Police Station

The secret of being a villain

Tiara: I’m impressed the Toad actually believes Pan Seok. A lot of this is due to the Chief acting a bit strange and telling the Toad to take care of the police department when she is gone. An annoying character for most of the drama and I’m kind of starting to like him. Who knew?

Sage: The way I see it is he has no reason not to believe Pan Seok-- the place is going downhill, he's got to believe something. And I didn't mind his character. He was one of those people who are very passionate about their jobs and a bit of a suck up.

Taleena: When did Lt. Brown Nose, did we know his name before this episode?, break his toe? Suddenly he is hobbling on a cane to comedic effect. Now I appreciate the cane, red beans, and cat on the car dents as the next girl, but honestly I kept feeling like I was missing scenes that explained the random hijinks of Brown Nose.

Sage: I think he broke his toe off set but they included it so that it wouldn't be weird seeing him hobbling around.

Passing the torch to Pan Seok

Chief asks Pan Seok to take care of Ji Yong

Tiara: Sorry ladies, but I’m going to need a minute.

Okay, I’m better. She really did grow to love and care for Dae Gu like her own son. The Chief did bad things but she wanted the best for Dae Gu. This is the reason she made him promise to not take revenge on Boots if he was going to solve the mystery of his mother’s death. I love how she asks Pan Seok to take care of Dae Gu. She doesn’t want Dae Gu to feel alone in the world when she is gone. How sweet.

Sage: Man, I hate it when they make the bad people good. It makes it so much harder to hate them.


Though I never really hated her to begin with... still.

Tiara: Agreed Sage. The Chief was one of my favorite characters of the drama.

Taleena: Nice to see her intentions of coming clean. My unwavering faith in her ultimate goodness has been affirmed. I say, no one - NO ONE can almost cry like Cha Seung Won. OK, maybe Park Yoo Chun. OK, Park Yoo Chun too


You must wake up

Good Memories

Tiara: I need a box of tissues for this episode. The boy who lived lost his mom, but was able to have a second chance with a new mom. These two have a lot to talk about, but it doesn’t seem like they will get the chance to figure things out

Sage: Is parents day like mother's day but for both of your parents? Isn't that what father's day is for?

I feel bad for Dae Gu. It's like he keeps getting slapped in the face when it comes to parents and family. I hope that he has a nice family one day.

Taleena: I wonder if they are combined in Korea, Sage. We have Grandparent's Day and Children's Day here in the US. Honestly though, that corsage is GIANT. I thought it was a bouquet and then he pins it on. That 1000 mile stare she's got going on the left? I make that face in 98% of the pictures taken of me. 1% smiling, 1% my mouth is full and I'm chewing.

Finding the some evidence

I see your lie and rise you a BS


Did the Toad just help crack this case wide open?

Sage: I knew he couldn't be completely useless. He cares about that station and his job too much for him to be even more useless than Soo Sun 11 years ago when she was giving away Ji Yong's spot to Hyung Cheol.

Taleena: Brown Nose for the save! Kinda. There's no sound. Sure it LOOKS like a payoff but they could just be discreetly swapping limited edition Archie comics and Hello Kitty themed undershorts.

Rest in Peace

Goodbye Chief

Tiara: I have to give props to the show for giving us some very beautiful cinematography burial for the Chief. Good job drama!!! Sadly, the scene was ruined when Assemblyman Yoo showed up and gave that smile of his. I’m not going to lie, I totally did this to my computer screen:

Sage: I was actually surprised and a little bummed when they called and said that the Chief has died all of the hope I had that she might live totally busted. The ploy the writers installed at the beginning of the episode totally got me. I almost feel like the Assemblyman went and finished the job--that she could've lived but he went and killed her again. And then him coming to her funeral was just plain disrespectful.

Taleena: It was lovely to look at but the relentlessly practical side of my brain whispered, "Why are they even bothering with umbrellas? They are already soaked to the skin! I know it is July, I wonder if that rain is warm? Are their dress uniforms wool? I hope they don't shrink too much. That would really be miserable - walking around in a soaking wet, wool suit and pinchy dress shoes in muggy July weather. How many of them will get a rash? I bet the nearest pharmacy is going to get a whole crush of funeral goers getting rash ointment.

Don’t betray me and don’t die on me, promise

Young love becoming deeper

Taleena: You know it is K Drama true love when they hang out on a playground together. I am envious that their booties can sit in kid swings without being pinched by the chains on either side. I know that heart is seaweed, but to my Western eyes it looks like burnt shoe leather, yum! Dae Gu joins the long ranks of K drama heroes to stuff a mouth to overflowing while crying in heartbreak. I was kind of waiting for it to taste nasty though and for him to have to choke it down sweetly.

Tiara: Soo Sun is Dae Gu’s rock. She is the one thing keeping him from flying off. These two are friends and partners. The one thing I have enjoyed is how they have handled this relationship. Other relationships were left behind but at least we didn’t get the normal love triangles from hell and green eye monsters.

Sage: This was so sweet. And I nearly cried with Dae Gu during this scene. I could feel his pain and heartbreak. I've been so angry where the only way you feel you won't angry is if you stuff your face with food. This was very realistic. Their whole relationship is realistic now that I think about it. Given what was going on in their lives they could've gone the whole "it's complicated" route but I appreciate them pulling through and being all adorable.

Boot’s leave good evidence

Lawyer has been caught on camera

Tiara: Someone's going to jail, someone's going to jail.



Man, I can't wait until he gets his.

Taleena: That guy has "smarmy jerk" tattooed somewhere on his person. He probably cheated to pass his ethics class. That guy is so slimy the Ghostbusters got a little sick to their stomachs and a slug said, "Dude. tone it DOWN."

Bro, your not my real bro

Dae Gu is not your brother or son


Thank the Drama Gods for Dae Gu not being related to the crazy family. Interesting, Ki Jae doesn’t know where his mom’s location. Hm, I think Assemblyman Yoo has been a very busy man. The man is trying to cover up his mess and it better blow up in his face. Of course, fake dad continues to be a useless man. Come on man, grow a pair.

Sage: It's kind of funny if you think about it. They were filling all entitled and like Dae Gu was crazy for not wanting to find out if he was his real father or not so that he could get a piece of the crazy cake.


Yeah right.

Taleena: I bet Dae Gu in the depths of night thinks back on his "half brother" 's news with a deep sigh of relief and the comfort of knowing he will not have to be dealing with these people over Christmas dinner year in and year out.

Boot’s last gift

The voice of a villain

Tiara: This is my shock face:

Money, greed, and power. It took 19 episodes to be told it was over money, greed, and power. Grrr. I’m relieved Dae Gu isn’t related to the family, but I’m annoyed with the cat and mouse birth-secret chase. I knew Assemblyman Yoo wasn’t going to be anything more than a two dimensional villain, but so much of the drama was spent on chasing down each bad guy involved in the murder it lost sight of the drama as a whole. That was one of the many weaknesses this drama had. If only the drama had a good twist with a complex villain which would have given the drama a better narration.

Taleena: To paraphrase John McClane, With the Yoo family it's all about the money. Color me unsurprised that Assemblyman Yoo doesn't have associates, friends and family, he merely has a succession of patsies.

Sage: They made it seem a lot more life threatening then what it was. When they said he lied just so that she would support him I was kind of like "Whaa? Are you kidding me? That's it?" I was just expecting a bigger boom than that but instead it was more like:

Guess who’s back

The returned of Prosecutor Han

Tiara: Is it wrong of me to think him a better villain than Assmeblyman Yoo? There is a good reason of conflict between the Prosecutor’s office and the Police Department. Again, this was put on the back burner like a few other things. Good for Soo Sun for telling Prosecutor Han he’s nothing but a dirty prosecutor for covering crimes. The best part of this episode is Dae Gu going apeshit. Can’t say I can blame to the poor puppy. He’s been holding in his anger for the last few episodes.

Sage: I really wish that in the end the Chief would've gotten what she worked so hard for. Now it was all for nothing. The relationship between the prosecutors and detectives is terrible and unfair. He had ever reason to be afraid of Dae Gu.

Tiara: Sage, if only the part of the conflict was about the politics of the Prosecutors Office and the Police Department. Can you image if Dae Gu's mom was the woman from the rape case? It would have been interesting to tie all the crimes together and add more conflict to an ever growing crime of injustice.

Sage: Now wouldn't that have been something. This drama needs to learn to look outside the box-- or maybe they felt there wouldn't have been enough episodes.

Taleena: Dear Prosecutor Han, I know you want to be a drama queen - all sweeping into the office with minions carrying HUGE blue boxes, sneering at your antagonist, popping off (what you think of as) snappy remarks. Please, I need to tell you: unless you are prepared to take a handy baseball bat to crummy police computers, kick papers off desks, cry and yell incoherently, and slam around in a room while everyone carefully looks away, there is NO WAY you are going to be elected Homecoming Drama Queen by your peers. Just stop. Stop. Everyone noticed that you didn't actually take anything AWAY in those boxes and Pan Seok barely had time to sneer at you. Sincerely, The Drama Fans.

The Truth will set you free

Or at least the media will annoy the crap out of Assemblyman Yoo

Tiara: Is Pan Seok putting his job on the line the only way for our Team of Heroes to slay the dragon? The Prosecutor’s office is putting the blame on Madam Yoo. They aren’t willing to look at the holes in their evidence like Madam Yoo not being able to give the order to kill the Chief. The police don’t have enough power to fight the Prosecutor’s office, but they do have to listen to public opinion. Come on Pan Seok, let everyone know what a greedy monster Assemblyman Yoo is.

Sage: If the prosecutors would've looked into their claims it would've been too hard and would've proved how corrupt the justice system really was and they weren't willing to do that. I'm glad that Pan Seok was, but it's a total bummer that he had to put his job on the line in order to do so.

Taleena: Oh Goodness Tiara! you just made me choke on my coffee. I think I need to make that meme my phone's wall paper. Ha! Pan Seok, the Legend of Gagnam (say it with the capital letters y'all) is using every bit of leverage he has to get people to pay attention to the real story. Wait, wait. Pan Seok took an actually shield in a leather folder out of his pocket. If they have a cool shield why do they flash a dorky laminated card? They always do, even when a person doesn't have time to leisurely examine it. I feel hopelessly American sometimes.


Well crap!! Who's in need of a tissue? Did you expect the results of the DNA? Who wants the media to destroy Assemblyman Yoo? Where you shocked the DNA was faked to Madam Yoo? How do you think the drama will end? Let us know in the comments below.

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