Sage: This is the last episode of You Are All Surrounded. I can't believe it. I feel like these came and went extremely fast. Everything got wrapped up in a nice little bow and we even got one of those "one year later" things. To me this was one of those bittersweet endings where everything was solved but you feel as though you're missing something.

I too can't believe this is the end, Sage. It feels just like it was just yesterday we got to meet our Team of Misfits. Where did time go? I have to admit I was a bit worried the drama was going to wait till the last second to catch our villain. Your completely right, Sage about feeling like something was missing. For me, YAAS was like eating desert and being too full to eat dinner.

Taleena: Yes, this show seemed oddly fast AND slow. I think they took so many meandering paths that they hit the last few episodes and realized they needed to hurry up and wrap up all the loose threads. I think that the best word to describe it is uneven. There are some really wonderful things about this drama and some real missed opportunities.

Follow The Money


Among other things

Sage: Okay so I was a little confused. I was wondering how his daughter managed to come into all of this money he had no right to and now it makes sense. All of this because daddy didn't like son-in-law and wanted a little more power to himself--- talk about selfish.

Tiara: Aha! Scary thought, but I’m actually on crazy lady’s side of why her mom didn’t leave him her money. Why didn't Madam Yoo’s mom not tell her daughter about her greedy SOB her father? Maybe Madam Yoo wouldn't have become such a witch. Dad on the other hand totally played his daughter like a fiddle. Regardless of Madam Yoo being a victim to a point, she still belongs in a jail cell. as for Assemblyman Yoo, he needs to be someones “house mouse”.

Taleena: Seems like Madam Yoo's mom must have been a piece of work in her own right. Still you have to be accountable for your own actions and I think she is going to take a nice deserved stint in a jail cell. I doubt she will be in the VVIP country club white collar jail either.

So This Is What A Cover Up Looks Like


He Just needs a high five.. in the face... with a chair



Cat In the Hat knows just the right things to say. I swear Assemblyman Yoo is so annoying. The things he thinks he can get away with...



Assemblyman Yoo missed his true calling in life. He should have been an actor.

Taleena: Where, I ask you, where is the wheelchair with the blanket. Assemblyman Yoo must have been a professional sports player at some point because his remorse is about as believeable as a world cup player's field "injury." Yes, I used scare quotes. Assemblyman Yoo deserves them.

Don't Get Mad, Get Murderous


That escalated quickly

Sage: Something I have come to the conclusion of: Dae Gu sucks at interrogations. He gets really emotional really quick. They told him not to fall for this guys ploys but he did anyways. Also, what happened to the video tape that recorded this whole fiasco? Assemblyman Yoo asked his lawyer to grab it and then it never came back into topic.

Tiara: Dae Gu fell for Assemblyman’s bait. Sage, you're completely right about him being to emotional. Dae Gu needed to keep his cool and lay out the facts. The team has his recording which is damning to Assemblyman Yoo. He wasn't going to get a confession like his daughter, but it could get the team a step in the right direction.

Taleena: The dead are silent eh? I see Assemblyman Yoo has never seen Arang and the Magistrate or Master's Sun or Bride of the Century. That pretty bold statement to make in a Kdrama

It's Those Darn Unions, Man


They always get everything

Sage: They did all of this only to have their money given away. So now they are doomed to live the rest of their lives broke. And as Mr. Krabs would say "After all, money is the ultimate source of joy". I just wanted to go up to the Assemblyman and say


Also, who gave him the right to give away all of Ae Yun's and her son's stocks? The poor kid didn't do anything but be born into a terrible family.


Now they’re penniless villains. Seems like karma to me. Sage, Ki Jae (Madam Yoo’s son) was given his mom’s shares after being arrested. It seems like Ki Jae followed in his Dad’s foot steps to give the shares to their employees.

Taleena: What a perfect revenge on money grubbing, entitled relations! As for Ki Jae, his "crazy like a fox" really was just plain weird, but I have a feeling he will be more concerned about his Mom thatn his money. I hope that taking away epic amounts of cash will level the relationships. I doubt they are going to be destitute.

I May Or May Not Have Been Fibbing


♪♫ Can't read my-Can't read my-- No he can't read through my poker face! ♪♫


None of the villains in this drama went to Villain 101. The first thing you learn is to destroy the evident. I predict Mr. Lawyer shall meet his end by the front of a truck. On a side note, yay for Kook for being super smart and getting the phone from 11 years ago.

Taleena: Mr. Lawyer was A) keeping blackmail material of his own and B) doing a pretty good job of keeping his sister in the dark about his shady and criminal ways. Also, as soon as Kook lost the stupid string on his glasses he turned pretty cool. I loved Tae Il wincing over the cavalier way Kook was treating his designer jacket.

Sage: At this point I just kind of want to be like:


But I am glad the villains in Kdramaland don't go to Villainy 101 because then they would know to never leave evidence of your wrong doings just lying around (i.e. your ex wife or in this case a cell phone with a recording device in it) and then they would never get caught.

Running Is Good For The Heart. Being Captured On The Other Hand....


I wanna Ruun

Sage: What do you do when you feel like somebody has the one thing that can incriminate you? Send a butt load of thieves and gangsters after them and bring them to your hiding place in the middle of the woods. I was so excited and proud of Ji Kook when he managed to make up a plan and go inside and get the cell phone when nobody else knew what to do and then things just went downhill from there.


Really the drama got to go and bring on the gangsters.

Taleena: Wait, what? I thought Soo Sun was all bad ass with years and years of judo training and Dae Gu was a punching machine? Tae Il and Kook get away but the lovebirds don't? Boo Drama Boo.

Sage: You know what... I did think about that. How did Tae Il and Ji Kook get away but not Dae Gu and Soo Sun? Seems a little convenient if you ask me.

I'm Going To Kill Myself and Then You

Cause I'd catch a grenade for yuh!


Dae Gu is dying to get Assemblyman Yoo to confess to his sins. I can’t believe Assemblyman Yoo actually fell for it. A real villain would have just outright killed the both of them and blamed it on the gangsters. This is the reason Assemblyman Yoo is joke. Oh if only he was mad crazy like the Joker. Can you imagine the chaos a character like the Joker would’ve caused to our team of heroes?

Taleena: The only thing crazier than this plan is the fact that it worked. I suppose it made sense in a crazy James Bond-y sort of way. All Assemblyman Yoo needed was to be stroking a white Persian Cat as he sat in his shadow darkened corner. "No Dae Gu I expect you to DIE!" There is something to be said for monologueing villains though.

Sage: I'm telling you its when villains begin to jabber on and on about their accomplishments in the killing department that they go wrong because in their minds they think that they've got everything handled and that the good guy hasn't got any tricks up his sleeve. They like to reflect on when, where, why and how they did everything and they like to do it in front of the hero with the recording device in their shirts. Not to seem like I am rooting for the wrong side but : Does nobody frisk anymore?

The Things You Say When You're About To Die

I love me too


I love you too Dae Gu. I didn't give you permission to die.

Taleena: God Bless her, she tried so hard to inject desperation and emotion into a scene which was so cartoonish that I couldn't suspend my disbelief at all. She would never live to tell the tale, Yoo would just execute her in another room.

Sage: I can tell she's trying but there is hardly any romantic chemistry between her and Dae Gu. Dae Gu tries really hard to spark something so that it's believable (like with the kiss scene at the diner) but it's just not catching flame.

Justice Prevails

How could you?! After all we've been through...?


Dae Gu used his genius smarts to finally out smart the dumbest villain ever. Why is it villains will tell the hero their evil plan thinking said hero is going to die in a few minutes? Someone needs to teach villains how to be a better bad guy. Props go to Pan Seok for his gardening hat and BB gun. LOL!!!

Taleena: OH YAAS! How I love you for giving me Pan Seok in a gardening hat. I will forgive you the hugely telegraphed bad guy trapping devices, the barely two dimensional villians, and the almost comical angst, for Cha Seung Won is a giant straw hat.

Sage: You know, I actually got a picture of that. So I am going to include it for the heck of it:

Anyways, it's about time I see some justice in SK. I was almost afraid to go. I'm just kidding that will probably never happen. But I was just expected Dae Gu to use his super seeing powers to lock the Assemblyman up though I am glad that that schlick is finally over with.

I Know What I Did Was Wrong-- But is it really?

Me too Pan Seok, me too... Would you like to do the punishing?


Well that kind of sucks being sent to the boondocks. Couldn't they just give him a suspension and a demotion? This is the Legend Pan Seok. You can’t send him away.

Taleena: I am glad they didn't give him a slap on the wrist. The whole point of the show was that the rules need to be enforced for everyone. Pan Seok seems quite happy to be wrangling chicken theives and not having the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Sage: I know! I totally didn't want him to leave like that but it seems like that was the only way Dae Gu was going to accept him-- if he up and left to another part of the country.

Aloha, Au Revoir, Arrivederci, and Adios Pan Seok!

You say good bye I say hello

Tiara: I might cry. Dae Gu finally accepts Pan Seok to see him leave. You can’t leave your kids alone. Plus, the Chief wanted you to take care of Dae Gu. You can’t go. It feels just like yesterday Dae Gu still had a grudge against Pan Seok. Now, he has come to terms with how Pan Seok spent the last 11 years trying to find justice for his mom and him.

Taleena: Those guys in the car behind Pan Seok were incredibly patient to let Dae Gu reach emotional equilibrium before honking their horn. Considering the crazy driving in Kdramas that was an amazing miracle of TV magic.

Sage: I feel like they are finally over it-- but Dae Gu just can't let it show too much. He's too stubborn to let Pan Seok get the idea that he might actually like him and truly miss him while he was gone.

One Year Later


That awkward moment when you see your future and you're a cop in the country of South Korea

Tiara: I’m glad the drama gave us a chance to see how our team of heroes have moved on from Assemblyman Yoo’s case. I love how it is Soo Sun keeping Pan Seok up to date with her later. A HEA ending with all loose ends tied up.

Taleena: You sly dogs you gave us a nice heated kiss between Dae Gu and Soo Sun. I was not expecting that. Woot!

Sage: And here I thought two was the limit! You go Soo Sun and Dae Gu! I'm glad that with the ending they didn't just make it about their relationship. But we got to see where everybody was and how they had all moved on and where all living their lives to the fullest. I'm glad Ji Kook got a girl in his chin:

Tae Il-i is like a forensic detective now which is really cool, the Toad is the Captain which I feel he deserves given how invested he is in the department, and Sa Kyung and Pan Seok are like a power couple. When he started running she ran after him, though she had little idea what was going on that's what I call an OTP. I'll miss them.

Here's What I Think....


Queue superhero music

Tiara: Over all, I had a good time with YAAS. It was like going to the state fair versus going to amusement park. Like a ride at the fair it’s delightful but it was missing the thrill and exhilaration of a roller coaster. The weakness is the writing. The drama spent unnecessary amount of time with the villains to help build a mediocre mystery case while the character relationships and plot points were forgotten. Where the strength of YAAS, were the characters (minus the villains). The characters were flawed in a realistic way, and I wanted to spend more time on the interactions of these characters. It was entertaining to watch the adventure of our Misfits of Rookies grow into pretty decent detective.

Taleena: Yes, I agree overall YAAS was a fun little drama, but I only enjoyed it as much as I did because of the actors and actresses involved. Certainly they did as much with the material as they could, but there were some major flaws in pacing. Crime Squad could teach You Are All Surrounded how to balance a case of the week with an overarching mystery, to bring about a thrilling conclusion. Comedy can be a nice punctuation to the seriousness of an unsolved mystery case and like many other things it was unevenly applied.

To sum it up: You Are All Surrounded - Follow along with a group of rookie detectives of Gangnam Police Station as they stumble about learning to become cops while solving the mystery of an unsolved crime from 11 years ago. Stay for the character interactions and relationships but don't put too much thought on the absurd villains and the lackluster writing.

Annyeong to You Are All Surrounded Drama Clubbers. Till the next time … Watch more Dramas

Sage: I loved YAAS (especially because it had this acronym) and I will miss the characters. I was kind of disappointed in the fact that we hardly got to see Dae Gu use his all seeing eyes/ super powers. The villains were the right amount of annoying and extremely sloppy but that's one of the things that made this drama so exciting and where I was anxious (in a good way) for the next episode. Cha Seung Won was in it and he made some of the goofiest faces that I highly enjoyed and there was shirtlessness which I also enjoyed. The story had so many places it could go so I understand the writers being a little befuddled and not knowing where to end some of the scenes. I feel like this is one of those instances where "1 year later'' was done right though I still have a few questions about some of the characters. Soo Sun and Dae Gu's relationship moved at just the right pace even though there was little chemistry in my opinion. And not to mention-- the drama was hilarious. Totally worth watching.

Good bye everybody and I will see you in my next Drama Club! -- Sage

What did you think of that ending? Was it all you could hope for? Assemblyman Yoo is finally in jail and outed for all of his wrongdoings-- what do you think of how he got there? What do you think of the whole "1 year later" thing? Annoying? Perfect? What about the drama as a whole? Do you feel like it's missing anything? Tell us your opinions on this fateful episode in the comment section below!

To Cha Seung Won oppa, Ahn Jae Hyun oppa, Lee Seung Gi oppa and---


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