Sage: This week’s episodes were as shocking as they were hilarious. From the question to who farted in the car on a stakeout, to first cases/creepy homicidal stalkers from My Love From Another Star. Now let’s dive into episode 3 of You Are All Surrounded, shall we? ^_^

Somebody here is full of it....and it isn't me.
... and it isn't me.

Sage: This scene was hilarious. I knew it was Dae Gu because he crossed his legs right before everybody started reacting. This was one of those moments where I literally LOL’d because it was so unexpected. Dae Gu is so uptight it’s a surprise he could even let one loose.

Tiara: Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for myself. I’m just one of those people who isn’t a fan of toilet humor. I get the reason behind the scene I just don’t find it to be hilarious. I agree seeing Dae Gu do something human is a bit appealing as a character. I just didn’t find the humor behind it.

Taleena: As soon as they started a stakeout I knew that someone was going to have to go to the bathroom. When Dae Gu snatched the water bottle away from her I applauded. I really, really thought they'd get in more trouble for breaking the stakeout early though.

She was my first......Bust I mean.

...Bust I mean.

Tiara: Boy genius with photographic memory and a girl with a dog nose sounds like a bad new kids show. Why do I get the feeling Soo Sun will be leash to smell out something important later?

Sage: I was so psyched when this scene came around! Their first bust! It was kind of hilarious hearing/seeing her stumble to remember their Miranda rights. And the friendliness between everybody (except Dae Gu) when she sniffed out the marijuana was so cool.

Taleena: Every time they cut to Dae Gu and his amazing memory I expect a heroic theme to start playing in the background. Soon Sun started proving herself no slouch though this episode. How much she was shaped by the death and disappearance of 11 years ago probably plays into her acute desire for justice.

Who knew bruises could be so provocative?Pan Seok did.Pan Seok did.

Tiara: Peeping Toms. Is it really peeping when she left the blinds open? Urg!! These two. I can’t decided if I want to lock them up to fight or make up. Pan Seok still cares for Sa Kyung as you see clearly with his expression. It was kind of heartbreaking just by watching the emotions on Pan Seok’s face. Poor Grumpy Pants needs a hug, I volunteer as tribute.

Sage: I don't think she expected anybody to follow her to the back room but it does seem like there are a lot of people back there all of the time what with Sun Soo seeing their exchange and everything. The fact that Pan Seok can touch her the way he does says a lot about the relationship they used to have.

Taleena: This scene was very well played with a myriad of emotions kaleidoscoping across all their faces. Pan Seok's desire, tenderness, regret and tentativeness all bundled a few soft touches was particularly nice. When he realizes Sun Soo has witnessed the intimate moment, however innocuous the surface actions, his response was perfect. I really like how he didn't get enraged and yell, he coolly assessed the moment and quietly threatened.

Oh Soo Sun, what color is your mail?Black!Black!

Sage: Who knew she had it in her? Blackmail. I was wondering what she was going to do or what she thought when she caught Dae Gu rummaging through Pan Seok’s drawer. I’m glad she used that car when she did or else Yoon Jung would’ve died and they wouldn’t have known about it.

Tiara: When one plays the “Games of KDrama” one must use all their weapons including blackmail.

Dae Gu only wants to do the minimum amount of work. There is one goal for his becoming a detective, solve his mom’s case. Everything else is a waste of time. Soo Sun maybe a flake but she has a big heart. She truly wants to become a cop who serve and protects. She hasn’t changed from her younger self as she continues to bring the same insults and attitude to a fight like she did 11 years ago.

Taleena: Nice Tiara! But I can't recall people being actually blackmailed on Game of Thrones. Raise your hand if you think that Soo Sun is going to make the connection between Dae Gu and the case 11 years ago first? Her propensity for witnessing situations will couple with her desire for justice will ferret out everyone's secrets faster than Dae Gu's cameras and surreptitious searches. What was a Dae Gu looking for, a little book that says, "My Master Plan for Killing Witnesses and Raking In the Sweet, Sweet Corruption Money"?

Tae Il's got secrets, yes he do!

Tae Il's got secrets, how 'bout you?Tae Il's got secrets, how 'bout you?

Sage: Who knew that the spoilt rich kid might be running from some boogeymen of his own?

Tiara: You're right Sage. Didn't cross my mind he could be running from something or someone. Who wants to bet rich Daddy wants him to take over the company and he doesn’t?

Taleena: Next thing you know Cosby Sweater will have a mysterious back story also! Also that guy from the clinic was VERY affectionate. Younger brother perhaps?

Featuring: Yoon Beom as Creepy Homicidal Stalker

Sage: Oh my Got! The MLFAS references they put in dramas now! First the propofol that got stolen from the hospital in Tae Il’s case and now Yoon Beom. But this isn’t his first role as a creeper either. He was also in Emergency Couple as a man who cheated on his wife and got something hot (I forget what it is) poured on his manhood. What are you trying to tell us, Beom-i?

Tiara: Creepers shouldn’t be trust, must be what he is telling us Sage. Oh this scene. *shakes head* Yes, lets poke the crazy insane stalker with a stick. Good for the girl to stand up to her nightmare. It is our rookie cops which mean me groan. In the good words of Giles, “The earth is doomed”.

Sage: Giles? As in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Watcher Giles?

Tiara: Brownie points to you Sage for guessing correctly. It was either that quote or in the good words of Spike "This is the crack team that foils my every plan? I am deeply shamed.".

Taleena: The hands! The hands! They kept showing the hands like they meant something significant other than creepy dude was containing his creepiness in a public situation.

Because this is not the conscience of a dirty cop.

... Or is it?... Or is it?

Sage: SO this is why Dae Gu decided to start his plan of revenge now. And here I was thinking he should’ve waited longer…

I really wish that he would find out that it wasn’t Pan Seok who was dirty so that they both could team up together and find the real dirty cops.

Tiara: Dae Gu is going to learn the hard way things are not always black and white. Both Pan Seok and Dae Gu have a limited amount of time to find the killer. With this bit of knowledge, here’s hoping it will speed up our bromance between them.

Sage: I think Dae Gu will always not like Pan Seok, but I think they would both work together really well and find his mother's killer.

Tiara: Don't kill my dream Sage. A girl has to keep dreaming.

Taleena: It seems strange that there is a statute of limitations on murder, but it does put an urgency on the story. I like the friendly captain, I think that she is the one person with no ulterior motives and hidden agendas in the police department brass.


Sage: And here I thought he was going to be all romantic..

Tiara: One of my favorite scenes of this episode. I loved the romantic music playing in the background. Dae Gu’s face of concern taking off his jacket really did make it seem he might be falling for Soo Sun. Yet the jacket being tossed onto Soo Sun’s face was priceless. I have a love hate for these two. Soo Sun comes across as too goofy and Dae Gu is too serious. Both at times can feel annoying. Yet, there are times when these opposites work. I hope Soo Sun’s living arrangement mean she will be rooming with Dae Gu. I am down with these two being forced to live together. The one trope I love no matter how it is used. Bring on the bickering roommates.

Taleena: Yup, Tiara. I am waiting for her to blackmail her way into Dae Gu's extra bunk. The fact that he falls asleep watching Spongebob Squarepants is just something to negotiate. I thought he kicked Cosby Sweater out of that room because he didn't want anyone cramping his covert investigation, but maybe it is because he saw his mother killed at 15 and is a raging ball of fear and insecurity under is competent façade.

Gossiping on the Job

Tiara: This girl never watched X-Files. Rule number 1: “Trust No One”.

Really what is this girl thinking? The guy loves me and won’t do anything. You poked the sleeping bear and told him mean and ugly things to get him to leave you alone. Are you insane?

Sage: I read a lot of the comments regarding this scene and I can see why they got so annoyed. Like, come on! How can she not notice a car passing by with a stalker in the driver's seat. Pan Seok said that there were no rookies in the Detective department and this was a huge rookie mistake.

Edit: After watching the second episode to air this week, I am no longer annoyed with Soo Sun.

Taleena: Poor Soo Sun! Poor stupid stalked girl. Victim of the Week really should have communicated with her detectives more. She should have texted them the minute she got a call from her stalker. She should have made an excuse to stall stalker dud until her call was picked up. Bathroom anyone? She most definitely should not have driven off with her stalker on the chance that the detectives got their voicemail.

First case gone terribly, horribly, absolutely horrificly wrong.

Tiara: A brutal lesson is being taught this episode. Dae Gu is finding out what it means to make a small mistake. I hope it doesn’t take Dae Gu awhile to figure out both Pan Seok and him are much the same. Both Pan Seok and Dae Gu made mistakes which ended in tragedy. Of course, Dae Gu getting some humble apple pie might lose him up a bit.

Sage: All I know is when I saw this I was just hoping she wasn't dead (still don't know because I haven't seen ep. 4 yet). She was such a nice girl and like Tiara said, almost a little too trusting. I certainly hope they catch her (hopefully) attempted murderer in time!

Taleena: Dae Gu is going to have such horrible flashbacks. Pan Seok is going to go bonkers. Let's not forget that Squad Sargent was calling them too.

How do you think the Dae Gu-Pan Seok relationship will turn out? What's next on Dae Gu's revenge agenda? Who is Sa Kyung to Pan Seok? And what/who is Tae Il trying to escape? Write your thoughts in the comment section below!

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