In the good words of Margo Channing, "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night." What a ride it's been so far. I've fallen for You Are All Surrounded hook, line, and sinker. This episode had me laughing, crying, and hitting the replay button to experience it again. Come join Sage, Taleena and myself as we discuss the ups and downs of episode 4.

Consequence for your actions


I remember being told when I was little “there are consequences for my actions”. In the case of the Stalker, all parties are at fault. Squad Chief Eung Do should have done more than called. I understand the point the drama is trying to make, but it doesn’t show police work in a good light. If this is how cops are trained, the country is really doomed. I think the drama could do a better job of being a little more realistic in how detectives are trained. But I guess there wouldn’t be any drama if this was the case.

Side note, I do wonder why Pan Seok is completely against Soo Sun at every turn. When he returns to the station, he walks past her to kick Dae Gu. The scene gives us a good idea of how angry Dae Gu is towards Pan Seok to the point evening he was taken back with a look of surprise. Yet, I’m surprised Dae Gu still has a job towards the end of the episode of choking his boss.

Sage: I think Pan Seok doesn't like Soo Sun because she reminds him of Sa Kyung. As for Dae Gu, he totally flipped the script on this whole case. He turned it from being his fault to being Pan Seok's fault. People are either going to think that he has a short fuse or he is angry with him for a whole bunch of different things. When he did this I just couldn't help but wander how he was going to recover from trying to kill his boss, short from getting down on the ground and groveling.

Who is the Mole?

Tiara: “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” Or in this case the mole.

Sage: But wouldn't they be making it too easy to say it's him? I thought it was him at first too, but he's just so over the top and theatrical and loud. I think the word I am looking for is obnoxious. I would think the mole would be a lot more to him- (or her-) self. Wouldn't it be surprising to say that he didn't know about the whole mole thing or who the mole could be? What if the mole is Chief Kang Suk Soon?

But on another note, I totally think he leaked that information to the press because he wanted to get Pan Seok in trouble/make him lose his job. I just don't know if he is the mole from a couple of years ago.

Tiara: He might or might not be the mole from 11 years ago. At this point, we know he is the likely person to leak the story. He also doesn't like Pan Seok nor the rookies. He could be working for the real mastermind, not evening realize the man he is working for is evil.

Mother Knows Best

Tiara: The poor puppy feels he is responsible for his Mom’s death. It explains why he ran away. He has done it before. At the time, he did it to protect himself, but running is what he does when things are tough. Dae Gu needed his Mom and his subconscious was able to give him the voice of reason. I want more emotion out of Dae Gu. I can't take his I’m pissed off face for the next 16 episodes.

Sage: I was right. The only reason he took out his aggressions and blamed Pan Seok is because he felt guilty himself. This scene, I think, was pivotal for Dae Gu because it helped him to remember why he was doing what he was doing. By the way, love this meme.

Tiara: I couldn't stop thinking Master's Sun watching the scene.

Cop or Resignation?

Tiara: This drama is holding its cards close to the chest in terms of giving us any answers. It did let us in on some insight to what has happened to Soo Sun's in the past 11 years. I have to admit when her dad flipped her at the police station, I knew he was a keeper. I’m sad to hear he died, but not surprise. Of course, good dad’s have to die while evil mom’s get to live. She became a cop due to her dad. What happen? Come on drama, give us answers.

Sage: We still don't know much about Soo Sun's dad or the real reason she became a cop. But to be honest, I think it is a handful of things that drove her to doing what she's doing.

You look familiar

Tiara: Who would have thought these two know each other? Oh wait, I should remember everyone in dramaland knows everyone.

Pan Seok and Sa Kyung were married. That explains a lot, but it seems surprising to Tae II. The real question is what is Tae II’s background? He seems to come from money. Is this how he and Sa Kyung crossed paths?

Sage: Ahn Jae Hyun is so adorable to me. I wonder why Sa Kyung didn't recognize him and how he recognized her. I am not surprised that her and Pan Seok were once married, but I can't help but wonder why they got divorced. Is it because of the case with Dae Gu's mother? Is it that story where Pan Seok was obsessive over the case and neglected her? Or is it something more? It's probably something more seeing how she reacts whenever she's around him. They look like an adorable couple, though, Sa Kyung and Pan Seok.

Also, is Tae Il gay or just one of those eccentric rich people? Or is just really friendly to Ji Kook? Either way, their bromance is just as adorable as he is.

Tiara: Sage, I want to say eccentric. He reminds me of a softer version of Yong Ha from Sungkynkwan Scandal.

50 Shades of OTP

Tiara: You had me at “honey”.

The MVP of this episode is Tae II for handcuffing Dae Gu and Soo Sun together. My poor sides hurt from the uncontrollable laughing thanks to these two. *Shakes hand* Darn you drama, why do you have to do something adorable with these two? Now, I have no choice but to love them including their bickering.

Sage: I've never minded their bickering. I knew it was just a set up for them to have a romance filled with love and annoyance. You could tell he started having feelings for her when he was thinking about her and the day they met all those years ago.

Case of the Day

Tiara: I have to agree with Eung Do, these Misfits get some interesting cases. It isn’t the most interesting cases on the outside, but one which was needed to give our Misfits a chance to bond without being interrupted. They were also able to handle the situation due to their crazy hostage mushroom guy being much like themselves. Through him, they were able to talk their issues out. In the end, they may be new detectives but not helpless to do their job and do it well.

Sage: It's always the rookies that get all of the cool cases. But I felt bad for the mushroom guy. He was going through so much and it was only a matter of time before he cracked. Those girls and the Ahjumma running the place were being so mean to him. Oh and Ji Kook has been in a hostage situation before? What is that all about?

There is no I in Team but there is in Win

Tiara: Finally, these 4 are a team. For me, I feel this is the heart of the drama and one I want to see more. Not just the building of a partnership, but a long lasting friendship. I want a bit of this in each episode please.

Sage: I wonder when they are going to bring up the fact that he said that his mother died when he was 15. I think Soo Sun is going to be the first to figure out who he is and put two and two together. Or maybe he will just tell her and she can help. Their friendship is so cool. Their relationship is like the ideal relationship between coworkers. Oh and where is that apology Dae Gu owes Soo Sun?

Tiara: Don't forget Soo Sun's brother saw him. Bro could make a trip to visit his dear sister and could put 2 and 2 together.

Sage: Oh yeah!!

Say hello to my little scar ...

Tiara: Oh NO!!! Another reason to add to Dae Gu not trusting Pan Seok or is this another fake out scene? Is Scarface calling Pan Seok to taunt him? Since there is no evidence and the Statute of Limitation is almost up there isn't anything Pan Seok can do to Scarface. Can we say Rock and Hard Place?

Sage: What with the Statute of Limitation coming into place they have to act quickly which is another reason why Pan Seok and Dae Gu should work on it together. But why would the killer pop up and make it known right before it was almost up? Does he want to be caught? Also, Pan Seok never changed his number?

Tiara: Sage, did you see how old Pan Seok's phone?

Sage: It's like he kept it on purpose just so that when this day came he'd be ready.

The drama is really getting into the swing of things. I’m already depressed I have to wait another week until the next episode. Anyone else agree? What are your thoughts? What was your favorite moment? Are you a fan of the P4? We hope to see you all next week, until than.


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