Welcome back K-Fans to You Are All Surrounded Episode 5! The Rookies are settling into a groove, we get a brooding shower scene, and more back story is explored. Join Tiara, Sage and I as soon as I run out to buy strawberry bodywash...

Doc Martens - Shoeing Villains Since 1946!

Does that mean our heroes wear CATs?

Taleena: I really hoped we'd get Pan Seok's vindication out of the way sooner rather than later. Does Dae Gu not ever question how his mysterious phone buddy knows Black boots is going to call?

Tiara: Dae Gu is jumping the gun on believing what he hears. The conversation was brief with not a whole lot of context to back up. At this time, it may seem like Pan Seok is guilty of being in contact with Black Boots, but Dae Gu is going to learn appearances can be deceiving.

Sage: Hide yo kids hide yo wife 'cause he killin' everybody in there. Did Dae Gu ever stop to think about what he was going to do when he returned? He doesn't want to turn into a murderer.

Tiara: I'm not sure Dae Gu has a plan after finding black boots.

Taleena: I am sure Dae Gu's handler has a plan Tiara!

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Ahem! Moving On...Just a Minute...One sec...OKAY!

Taleena: You knew that Soo Sun was going to start angling to move into the apartment as soon as it was apparent that there was room for four. She was not even subtle either. I have to wonder, she mentioned her mother's awesome cooking skills but made no mention of her own. This could be like many K Drama heroines she can't even make ramen without burning it, Red from Stars Falling From the Sky anyone?

Tiara: I’m sorry, did you say something? The picture is very distracting. Yes the shower scene was nice, but the winning scene had to be Soo Sun smacks into Dae Gu’s chest. Ummm, strawberries. Bwahaha!!!

Sage: FINALLY! A shower scene! I'm glad that the romance has officially commenced between Dae Gu and Soo Sun. I can't wait till he finally realizes and Soo Sun realizes that he has realized (if that makes any sense) cause that Is when all of the fun starts. I loved the scene when he got out of the shower and she just kissed him right between his pecs and then moved on. I was like AASDFGHJKJL!

OH! So He's Not a Two Dimensional Villain?

Office Gossip - It's helpful to have Cosby Sweater ask for you.

Taleena: She's so accusatory - plus you can see she is cutting her way through younger men to hurt Pan Seok as much as anything else. He must be punished! Still, I am hoping for reconciliation because it is obvious Pan Seok still loves her.

Tiara: Watch out ladies when have a cougar lose. It appears Sa Kyung likes dating younger men which could explain how Tae II possibility knows her. Pan Seok and Sa Kyung are divorced. What did he do with his ex to make her want to date younger men? I don’t see her relationships being healthy as she is the love them and leave them type. .

Sage: I am not surprised what I am surprised/sad about is the reason they got a divorce.

Did You Say Two Dimensional Villain?

"I like going to Karaoke Bars and complaining about the noise, long walks on the beach, and pina coladas"

Taleena: I seems that the corruption is not just limited to the detective branch, no? How easy it is to abuse power and curry favors with the Rich and Jerky. If it allows him to take a poke at Pan Seok well that is just icing on the cake. I will be waiting, WAITING for him to get his just desserts. How awesome that as the team bowed and walked out behind Pan Seok, Dae Gu just barely jerked his head in Prosecutor Han's direction? Not even his overwhelming "REVENGE!" mind could incline him towards being polite to that guy.

Tiara: Prosecutor Han is a jerk and a bully. He clearly has dishonest motives as we see throughout the episode. At first, I wasn’t sure he was being crooked because of his beef with Pan Seok. But then, would Prosecutor Han do something illegal just to torment and put his job on the line? Yes, the fact he told someone over the phone Mr hit-and-run should be hidden seems it is confirmed he will do illegal things.

Sage: Why is this guy such a butt wipe? How is it that he feels he has the right to pick on Pan Seok the way that he does and for there not to be any consequences? The way they portray authority in certain dramas is truly annoying. It's like in I Hear Your Voice the police officers were doofs and in Heirs the police officers in LA were idiots as well.

Personal Demons on Parade

It may be time to hit a soju tent.

Taleena: Missing Persons is now housed cheek by jowl with Violent Crimes and does that come in handy during the case of the week. I like how Sa Kyung didn't miss a beat when folding in Violent Crimes man power and then ultimately turning the case over to them when that poor boy died. She was able to put aside her own issues for a little while and focus on what needed to be done.

Tiara: Kids missing or dying is just tragic and heartbreaking. Sa Kyung’s case goes from bad to worse as her missing kid dies from being hit by a car. I’m not sure why the kid was by himself. Really, who lets a kid be out by themselves?

Sage: I imagine that must have been so hard for her. It makes me want to cry thinking about the pain that that little boy must've been in. And that fact that this situation is so much like her own was really heart wrenching.

You Didn't Think I Didn't Notice

Arrogance is the downfall of many a bad guy.

Taleena: I really like how Pan Seok watches quietly from the background while the rookies do their thing and only swoops in for the "gotchya" when they began to run out of steam. Also, flashing a laminate plastic card is nowhere near as impressive as an actual shield. Functional, yes, but not impressive.

Tiara: How they grow up so fast. Our Misfits are working as a team with their leader. Yay!!! They are learning to be a detective isn’t as glamorous as they might have thought. Their suspect is a rich jerk, they haven’t found a lot of evidence, and are pulling a few all nighters. Pan Seok shows his frustration, but tries to encourage them not to give up. So sweet, I think I might cry.

Sage: Yet another guy I wouldn't mind if Pan Seok would knock out. The whole time he was speaking down to Soo Sun I was like 'the audacity!'

Tiara: I'm waiting for Soo Sun to use her Judo moves. Come a girl who can kick butt is more fun to watch anyways.

Now It's REALLY Time to Hit a Soju Tent

This explains 11 years of long held hurt.

Taleena: The death of a child AND the pressures of being a cop? Wow, no wonder their marriage fell apart. Especially considering Sa Kyung's area of investigation and Pan Seok's drive toward perfection in his cases. One would just feed into the other and magnify the whole thing. How awesome is Cha Seung Won's ability to cry heart-brokenly? No gentle tears these, but the full on mess that real sobbing makes you.

Tiara: I didn’t see this type of tragedy between them. I figured they divorce due to Pan Seok being a workaholic. It makes sense why Sa Kyung is hostile towards him. She continues to blame him. I'm not sure if she realizes he too blames himself for their son’s death. Those clothes Pan Seok is wearing look like the set he was wearing 11 years ago. I speculate if the timeline of his son’s death happens at the same time as Dae Gu’s mom’s death. I thought he was carrying around the regret for not saying Dae Gu’s mom, but this was just one of his many regrets.

Taleena: Tiara, I totally agree that Dae Gu's case is what kept Pan Seok from picking up his son on time. Pan Seok had a REALLY bad year 11 years ago. I bet like he lost two children, the loss if his son feeding into the loss of Dae Gu and vice versa.

Sage: So this is the reason they got a divorce... completely understandable. Sa Kyung blamed Pan Seok and he took the blame because he felt he deserved it. But I just can't help but feel like that was a time when they should've stayed together-- lived off of each other, cried together, and helped pick each other back up after such a tragedy. Child death is always so sad (well, death period.).

Pettiness, thy name is Han

I Could Use A Quiet Night Away From the Batchelor Pad of Loneliness

Taleena: Jailed for contempt? Power struggles should not get in the way of justice, but of course Han is bad. I just wonder what the other prosecutors in the office think. All this pettiness is going to catch up with Han eventually and I bet he has rubbed other people in the office the wrong way.

Tiara: Was it smart for Pan Seok to ignore Prosecutor Han? Of course not, but he knows Prosecutor Han isn’t playing on the side of justice. The dirty prosecutor isn’t going to speak for the dead which leaves it for Pan Seok to be the voice. This is the reason why Soo Sun is hero-worshiping him. He is dedicated to finding the truth to put the bad people in jail. Because he is so committed to his job, I can’t image he is working for black boots..

Sage: Escort? Really? Prosecutor Han deserves all that he gets in the future.

Tiara: Sage, agree. He needs a taste of his own medicine. I just hope I have front row tickets.

What do you think K-Fans? Will Sa Kyung and Pan Seok ever reconcile? How long will it take Soo Sun to worm her way into the apartment? Just WHO is Dae Gu's mysterious caller?

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