Sage: Am I the only one who, when they see Dae Gu use his powers, has serious Shawn Spencer from Psych deja vu? Yes? No? Maybe? Oh well...there wasn't much of that finger to eyebrow action in these episodes, but there was the return of Black Boots Killer, whom gives me serious Creeper sipping Creep Nectar on Creep Island vibes. And our talented band of misfits catch themselves a child-killer and we get a little lip-on-lip action. Oh, and Lee Seung Gi was wearing glasses. Can't forget that. Lee Seung Gi in glasses. Let's dive in shall we?

Like Father like Son... Monkey See Monkey Do... Great Minds Think Alike...hghg

*Sigh* none of these really go here...

Sage: If I didn't know better I would think that Pan Seok was his father. I wish they would realize how much they are a like this way they can get over their differences (however little amount there be) and solve the case on his mom.

Taleena: Dae Gu and Pan Seok are really haunted by the same demons. I think that Dae Gu will eventually be as awesome an investigator as Pan Seok, and it will take their combined awesomeness to bring down the corruption riddling Gagnam's police and prosecutors. Batman and Other Batman? Neither seems like Robin material to me. OOOOH! Batman and Nightwing!

Tiara: How much more alike can you get when you wear the same PJs? It is upsetting to see how lonely they are when each go with the motions of each other. I agree Sage, I want them to work out their issues to work together.

The Apple and the Tree

rereTiara: A parent should never have to bury their child, but sadly for a few of these characters this isn’t the case. Pan Seok broke my heart when he talked to the recording of his son as his routine to fall asleep. His son really was proud of his dad being a cop. For his sake, I hope he remembers the good and the bad with his son for him to let it go. If he can’t let his son go, his son will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Sage: The story of Pan Seok and Sa Kyung's son is sad. Having two kids be dead in this week's episodes was a bit of a bummer. I hope that now that it's all out in the open there won't be too many more instances or cases where children have to die or have already died.

Taleena: You get the feeling that pan Seok only lets himself watch this rarely. He hesitated to take down the box, he hesitated putting the cassette in the player. He didn't do it until the case was over (he thought) as a little reward and punishment all wrapped into one.

Annnnnddd... Action!

Go Back To Sleep Prosecuter Han! Nobody Needs You.Stay Sleep Prosecutor Han...

Taleena: I thought Han was faking it. I thought Han got a little knock and was using it to hurt Pan Seok. How conveniently he came too right as Squad Leader Lee was getting Pan Seok out of the hospital! But 17 stitches isn't anything you can fake. Still I wouldn't put it past Han to malinger to make pan Seok look bad.

Tiara: Pan Seok isn’t perfect and lost his temper. Yes, he knows Prosecutor Han is tyrant. When it comes against the prosecutor, he isn’t going to win with violence. Yes, I cheered when he punched the prosecutor. I was a bit sad when he woke up only because Pan Seok would have had to deal with killing someone. I would have liked Prosecutor Han better if he awoke without his memories.

Sage: I am not going to lie. I was so glad when Pan Seok knocked him out. I don't usually promote violence, but this guy totally deserved it. Him and his Napoleon-Superiority complex. I only wish he would've stayed sleep a little longer... I'm sure he could use the "rest".

A little bit of this, and a little bit of this, and a tiny bit of...

Sage: Uh Oh. Now what's going to happen? Is Creepy Black Boots guy going to try and kill Dae Gu now? How did he get rid of his scar so easily? It's completely gone now... And why was it so easy for him to find Dae Gu? How long has Creepy been there? A week? Two weeks? Ji Young was supposed to have disappeared, according to his files, yet Creepy found him in a matter of days. Not even Pan Seok could find him and the case has been open for 11 years now.

Taleena: Wow! Those Black Ball Caps of Invisibility really work. Dae Gu's superhero brain was looking and looking and still didn't see him. NO Scar?! Even plastic surgery will leave SOME trace. Also, Dae Gu's seret identity was ridiculously easy to penetrate. How did Black Boots know to go to that orphanage?

Tiara: Well things got complicated on two fronts. First, Scarface isn’t really scarface. Whatever the chemicals Dae Gu throw at him didn’t damage his face or the guy got plastic surgery. Second issue is he figures out who little Ji Yong’s new name and what he looks like now. Dae Gu may not know a way to point him out, but we know Soo Sun saw the guy’s scar behind his left ear.

Commence Sense Slapping

From The Mouth Of Babes

Tiara: *Hand clapping* That is one exceptional speech. Pan Seok continues to have layers after layers much like an onion. I love seeing a new side to him each episode. His dictation towards his job is what made him a dreadful dad. A lesson one doesn’t want to admit, but it doesn’t make him a bad person.

Sage: I think this scene was one of my favorites for this week's episodes. Everything she said I agreed with wholeheartedly and I feel like this will help him remember why he decided to stay a cop even after the death of his son.

Taleena: Tiara, I thought it was parfait and ogres that had layers? I like how Sa Kyung leaned into truth there. So you were so dedicated to the job that it contributed to our son's death? If that is what you valued, you have to continue to value it or it demeans the sacrifice. She knows exactly how to give him a kick in the pants the most efficient way possible. Hooray for awesome wives!

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes...

Out Of the Mouth Of BabesTaleena: Wow, they can really pick kids that know how to cry! How awesome of Tae Il to bring that little girl right where she would do the most good. Side note, he looks amazing in that long royal blue coat. Right side note, he IS heir to a hospital chaebol right ladies?

Tiara: Thank goodness someone was able to talk sense into the chauffeur. The little girl was so adorable, but wise beyond her years.

Sage: Where do they find these absolutely adorable Korean children. Are all of them this cute? I just remember seeing the daughter on Emergency Couple, also Baby Gook, and the children in Tae Sung's apartment building in Master's Sun. They were all so adorable. Also, really glad she got the chauffeur to come to his senses.

When there's someone dead, in your neighborhood, who you gon' call?

Shawn Spencer! Gangnam Style Misfit Rookies!

Sage: I was so glad they caught this guy. He was so smug and positive he would never get caught and it felt good to see him get his just deserts and it didn't hurt all the laughing I did when Soo Sun played his girlfriend. Though, when they were riding the baggage cart, he kind of stopped acting scared for a moment...

Taleena: VVIP LOUNGE! Running off to, where else, America! Ultra Thin Model Girl Friend in High Heels! So much to love in the airport scene. So awesome that Chauffeur had insurance to make his boss keep the bargain. Is that an orchid corsage on HitnRun's jacket? I have no words.

Tiara: Soo Sun steps into Mr hit-and-run and his girlfriend to make it look like he was cheating was hilarious. the look on Dae Gu’s face is priceless. He pushes both Soo Sun and their suspect were unrealistic but it was amusing to watch. Hats off to the chauffeur for being smart effect to have a back up plan.

*Insert Cloud Music Here*

If you don't overreact it means nothing.

Tiara: Soo Sun is very emotional which is not surprising she would hug the man she hero-warships. It is the looks on the rest of the characters which is interesting. Dae Gu gave another displeased look. I love he is uncomfortable to see her with another guy and not knowing the reason why. Sa Kyung isn’t happy. Tae II has a worried look toward Sa Kyung and Gook is disappointed it isn’t he getting the hug.

Sage: Is touching really that big of a deal? We hug in America all of the time and nobody ever looks at the person they're like they're crazy. And the silence that ensued... was thankful broken by the Team Leader but still made it incredible awkward.

Taleena: Sa Kyung's unhappy departure bodes well for a future reconciliation. I was yelling, "Go for the hug!, Go for the hug!" Ah Soo Sun! Your ridiculous hero worship never disappoints. I miss Lee Seung Gi's smiles. I really want him to smile. He wasn't this frowny in Gu Family Book and that was a tragic love story with fated deaths.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

No not like that...

No... Not like that...

Tiara: The reverse Superman effect is how Soo Sun figures out Dae Gu is Ji Yong. I just lost the bet about the shoes. Darn. Anyhoo, I’m taken back a bit at her figuring out who he is this early. I’m not unhappy to get a kiss this early either, but I’m not sure if this is a good thing. I guess I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is Dae Gu going to convince Soo Sun he isn’t Ji Yong or let her in on his secret? He really needs someone to keep him grounded as well as a flesh pair of eyes on the whole case. For his sake, he should let her know. The winner in the scene hands down is Pan Seok. His reaction is much like walking in on your parents in the middle of sex. Hahaha!!!

Taleena: I said those exact same words "reverse Superman" Tiara! That kiss is what my Sis and I call a "Spirit of the Forest" in homage to Playful Kiss. The slight press of dewy lips, the deer in the headlight eyes, the bodies, stiff as boards, heaven forbid they might actually enjoy it! Pan Seok's reaction was much more enjoyable. He had that slightly disgusted surprised embarrassment that people get when dogs are a little over friendly with greetings, if you catch my drift.

Sage: I think I hate those "Shut Up" kisses some KDramas do, like in Prime Minister and I. They are always so Boys Over Flowers-smash faced. All I have to say is Lee Min Ho's surprise kiss in City Hunter was far more exciting as it was also in Personal Taste. Also, Pan Seok's reaction. Nuff said. Did he possibly start liking her?

Tiara: I hope not Sage. Liking her as a human, co-worker, or friend I'm okay. Anything more, this drama and I will have words.

Did you enjoy this week's episodes?
Were you shocked with the reason Pan Seok and Sa Kyung divorced? What did you think of the "Shut Up" kiss? Were you just as annoyed as I was? Does Pan Seok like Soo Sun? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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