Tiara: Welcome back!!! Hope everyone was able to survive the week. Let's get down to the business at hand in You Are All Surrounded. The Hulk and Batman let tempers flare over the case of the week. Rumors are floating in the station about one of our rookies. Love is in the air for one couple, and denial in the other. Come join Taleena, Sage, and myself as we discussed the goings on of episode 7.

Mom’s surprised visit

Tiara: Dae Gu was the most reluctant to masquerade as roomies, but Soo Sun’s mom doted on him more than her other “sons”. He may have been uncomfortable, but secretly he relished the attention from a mom. The look on Soo Sun’s face while her mom feeds him all the best pieces of meat is pure envy. Ha!! These two need to be roomies already.

Sage: Soo Sun's mom was a typical ahjumma. I can only wish that I was her the moment she grabbed Tae Il's face.

Taleena: K Drama moms tend to run evil, embarrassing, or saintly - of course Soo Sun is going to be embarrassed! I really thought this was going to be the break Soo Sun needed to get the extra bunk in Dae Gu's room. I must admit poor Cosby Sweater's ill concealed attempts to be the "favorite son" of the mom; only to lose out to surly Dae Gu and Tae Il, the man in no need of makeup to make his skin beautiful, was making me laugh.

Became a cop but hates the work?

Tiara: Sa Kyung wasn’t a cop when married to Pan Seok. Interesting. Did she become the thing she hated the most to be closer to the person she lost from it? By George, I think we are onto something. Good for Pan Seok for standing up and telling his ex he will be more straightforward this time around.

Sage: Pan Seok is becoming stronger! A stronger detective, a stronger lover... (did that sound wrong? Oh well.) I like how he took charge of the situation between him and Sa Kyung. I think working with rookies has rubbed off on him.

Taleena: Personal growth, yay! Time in a cell did Pan Seok some good. I am much more invested in Pan Seok's romance than Dae Gu's. Using words, soulful eyes, direct honesty - all the ways to this girl's heart. I am not at all surprised that Sa Kyung seems willing to give Pan Seok another chance. It seems that the Min Joon case was cathartic for them both even though it turned out tragically. Did Sa Kyung become a detective after her son was killed? IT seems an apt reason to go into missing persons.

Tiara: Did not sound wrong at all Sage ;) Totally agree Taleena about his personal growth. He's getting the chance to confront all of his demons. If only he could control his temper and not Hulk out.

A memory from the past

Tiara: I called it. I knew Soo Sun picked up the pendant.

Sage: I think everybody knew she picked it up. I am just surprised that that kiss was enough to make her forget the reason she was talking to him in the evidence room to begin with. Dae Gu is Ji Young, please, somebody, remind her of this.

Taleena: Sparkly! I am not surprised she picked it up and the fact she is looking at it now means that she is still thinking Batman with glasses looks an awful lot like Bruce Wayne, to mix my super hero metaphors. I'd give up the metaphor but when they referenced Batman in the episode I felt supremely vindicated.

Tiara: Batman/Bruce with glasses just sounds wrong. So is Soo Sun his kryptonite?

Taleena: Just as long as he doesn't give up his powers of awesome for her Tiara.

Issues with sleeping

I see Dae Gu’s sleeping issue becoming a problem later on. He needs to talk to someone to work out those nightmares of his. Taking sleeping pills isn’t the cure to his insomnia, but it could affect his health long term.

Sage: So, when is Soo Sun moving in?

Taleena: I supposed doctor regulated pills are better than drinking yourself to sleep every night. Still, I bet REVENGE! is the best sleeping pill of all. I am sure Inigo Montoya sleeps great these days.

Tiara: Sage, she isn't moving in fast enough for my taste. True, he isn't a drunk. I just don't like him taking the pills as an answer.

Scar Ear (aka Black Boots) at the Police Station

Tiara: How is he walking around the police station? Did he steal the Doctor’s psychic paper to be let in? Worst police station ever! Back to Scar Ear (aka Black Boots), he is following Dae Gu to find out what he is up to. He doesn't know why the boy became a detective. Really, he has no idea why. Worst villain ever!

Sage: I am just really disappointed that he was able to walk around and not be questioned. Maybe they're just so used to Dae Gu baring the whole creepy all black thing that it was normal. Also, this guy has not aged a bit since 11 years ago. What kind of moisturizer is he using?

Taleena: C'mon Tiara, he used Sith mind tricks: *I'm not the villain you're looking for. Move along!* That and the Black Cap of Invisibility means he can move about police stations with impunity ferreting out the secrets to Dae Gu's new identity.

Tiara: Sage, I too want to know his secret to not growing old too. Taleena, if he is a Sith I want an epic light saber battle. I don't think it is the Black Cap of Invisibility but the Black Boots of Invisibility. Those boots must be +20 move silently and hide or it can cast a powerful Darkness spell.

Taleena: So Tiara, is there a whole wardrobe of invisibility?

Tae II gay?

Tiara: A rumor can be a bit of truth with a lot of storytelling. Rumors are just dumb and that guy is dumb too. Why is it assumed the gay guy will fall in love with their friendly straight guy? Apparently, no straight guy thinks gay guys have standards or a guy type. Maybe Kook isn't Tae II’s type.

Sage: I think I accidentally started this rumor. I am sorry Tae Il. I was just curious. I asked a question and people took it the wrong way. We can still be friends, right? But, I don't think he's gay now. Especially with there being a rumor that he is. I just find it hard to believe that type of thing. He's just very friendly and eccentric... That's what we'll call it.

Taleena: Frankly, I think Tae Il was checking out the ladies a little to interestingly to be gay. I am sure that he was in fact walking out of a gay bar with a gay guy but that does not ipso facto make one gay. Honestly drama I don't care - two romances per show are my limit.

Tiara: Sage how could you start a rumor like that to our good looking Tae II? He should be love by women and man alike because well look at him. Plus, he was just so adorable when he finger touched his bromance in his other life I don't care if he is a man or alien. I like my romance as much as the next girl but I have to agree with Taleena's two romance rule.

Permission to stay on the rooftop

Tiara: It was only a matter of time before Soo Sun’s living situation is discovered. Her desperation is plainly shown as she beseeches Pan Seok to let her stay on the rooftop. He acceded to her pleas with a look of sympathy. I get the feeling his thoughts about her is gradually changing.

Sage: Again, when is she moving onto Dae Gu's top bunk?

Taleena: You said it Sage. Maybe she'll move in as soon as she confronts Dae Gu with his secret past or Black Boots sees Dae Gu kissing her and she becomes a near kidnap victim. I am half expecting her to move in with Sa Kyung, the stakeouts could rise to epic misunderstanding/awkward level then!

Tiara: I wanted her to move in episodes ago, but Dae Gu is trying to not accept his feelings towards his partner. It might be one more episode or two before she fully moves in.

The case of the week feels too much like the past

Tiara: This scene was like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Pan Seok is still saying the same promises he said 11 years which lead to another eye witness’ death. I too have frustration towards him for not learning from his mistake is probably how Dae Gu feels. I’ve watched my fair share of CSI and have learned from Grissom to “always follow the evidence”.

Sage: I think Dae Gu needs to put a filter on that mouth of his. Maybe it's different in Korea, but when you yell at your superior in the states you get fired. Also, I agree with Tiara, It's a bit of a disappointment that Pan Seok was saying the same things that he'd said to Dae Gu's mother all those years ago. Him and his empty promises. SMH.

Taleena: I knew they were going to fight; that Dae Gu couldn't keep from shooting his mouth off. I was rather impressed when A) Dae Gu had lots of cases and statistics to back up his argument like the computer brained Batman he is and B) Squad Sargent Awesome grabbed the chair Pan Seok was about to throw right out of his hands.

Tiara: Dae Gu should have been fired at almost choking your boss.

Sage: Agreed. It's like Pan Seok has a short temper but is quick to forgive.

Tiara: Or it is Dae Gu's super power to make people forget things.

Post-it heart

Tiara: Sa Kyung must have been a spy in another life with her slide of hand. The smile on Pan Seok’s face is delectable. School yard crushes being again. Yay!!!

Sage: ♫♪All you gotta do is say yes.♫♪ I wonder how this let meeting of the minds is going to work out. I must say, they are an adorable couple and Sa Kyung's tactics were brilliant. Want to make sure your boyfriends gets that note? Bump into him and hope it lands in his hand.

Taleena: Heart shaped notes? Check. Meet me where we first met? Check. The reconciliation is ON. Now Pan Seok better meet her on time and remember where they met. You WILL won't YOU? You won't let a case get in the way like the driven, obsessed detective you are, will you?

Another call, should we meet?

Tiara: The flip phone is Pan Seok’s second phone. Why does he have two phones? What is his connection with Scar Ear? Boo, Boo Drama for not telling us.

Sage: You know that saying "gone the way of the flip phone"? Apparently Pan Seok didn't get the memo. Also, Pan Seok has two phones in case Black Boots called again.

Taleena: Pan Seok must have maintained that phone for 11 years with the same phone number just so Black Boots can call him. Now let me go back to my chanting. *Pan Seok's good, Pan Seok's good, Pan Seok's good* *I do believe in fairies, I do, I do*

Tiara: Don't forget to clap your hands too, Taleena;)

Tae II’s secret?

Tiara: Oh boy, this must be one big secret for us not to hear it yet. Let the speculating start now. I have to theories. First, it has to do with Sa Kyung. The conversation turns into their crushes which makes me think it has to do with how he met Sa Kyung. The second theory Tae II told Kook about his real identity as a chaebol.

Sage: Haven't you ever heard that saying "Secrets don't make friends"? Well, that applies here. I want to know! Then if it's a secret between the three of us I won't mind quite so much.

Taleena: Yeah so Kook's reaction says it has nothing to do with being gay. He was braced for it. I think that it has everything to do with the chaebol aura that hangs around him like infinity scarfs on a Flower Boy.

Do you like me?

Tiara: I have a bone to pick with this episode. Soo Sun is a bird brain or Dae Gu can make her forget anything by the power of his kiss. How can she forget calling him Ji Yong? How is she not suspicious about him? Nancy Drew she is not.

Sage: They say love is blind. And in this case it also has terrible memory. But I like the way she played her awkwardness off by bringing it up again and making a joke of it. They're like the Sun-Dae couple. I ship that.

Taleena: Let's pretend we don't like each other THAT WAY. *sigh* I like it better when she is blackmailing him, unashamedly enjoying strawberry body scrub, poking him to apologize, and generally being a pain in his tukas. She may not be the brightest bulb but I am enjoying her prying him out of REVENGE! mode.

Tiara: Dae Gu has a bit of a head start when it comes to falling in love. His heart started thumping for a few more episodes than Soo Sun's. It wasn't until a little over 24 hours her partner turned into a possible lover. She is a adorable bird brain who will continue to be the unashamedly enjoying strawberry body scrub with a side of blackmailing when she figures out she likes him. When she puts her mind to it, her whole heart is involved.

Sage: I don't know about you guys, but I like guys who fall first.

Tiara: Agreed!

11 years hasn’t change you

Tiara: Soo Sun maybe 11 years older but she is as horrible at singing and dancing as she was back then. Cupid’s arrow has hit its mark and it had nothing to do with strawberries or kisses. On a side note, the similarities of this scene kept making me think Dream High but rolls switched.

Sage: The way into a guys heart: singing and dancing terribly. It worked on New Girl, why can't it work here?

Taleena: She's ready for Infinity Challenge! Also there has got to be some degree of intimacy in asking someone to hold the flashlight for you while you use an outhouse. An impromptu solo session is just the next logical step in building a relationship!

Tiara: I thought the way to a guys heart was food? She might kill him with her cooking so lets stick with pool dancing and singing.

Sage: Food is for normal guys and obviously Dae Gu likes a little song and dance.


What did you think of this episode? Do you agree with our thoughts on this episode? Do you think Pan Seok is going to figure out Dae Gu’s identity? Will Dae Gu come clean about his feelings for Soo Sun? What are your theories on Tae II’s secret? Let us know in the comment section below.

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