Welcome, Drama Friends, to You Are All Surrounded episode eight! The focus shifts back to Dae Gu's sub rosa detecting, and we get one BIG step closer to either the most epic squad room smack down, or the best pairing since peanut butter and chocolate. Wait, maybe that is chocolate and chocolate? Join Sage, Taleena, and Tiara before we strap pillows to our heads and try slipping on soap.

A Jacket for the 80's

A love for all time.

Taleena: Ah! The patented K Drama hero wrist grab, always a romantic gesture. I am so glad that Pan Seok not only had the right udon restaurant (what was up with the giant LEGO panels on the wall of that place?), BUT figured out where she was and got there on time! Way to go Pan Seok, double bonus points for running up the stairs even though you where wheezing like an asthmatic in a hay field.

Sage: I was so afraid that they weren't going to meet up and then end up being angry with each other. I am so glad it ended this way and he actually opened his mouth and spoke up instead of doing that typical 'let-them-come-to-their-own-conclusions-and-not-say-anything' thing they do in dramas. Cause that would've been annoying.

Tiara: I was almost about ready to head bang my head against my desk. There is no reason for Sa Kyung being pissed because Pan Seok showed up at what he thought was the first place they met. Thank goodness Pan Seok pulled out his romantic card and melted not only my heart but Sa Kyung’s too. He can’t be a bad guy when he says things like this.

Newsflash! Lee Seung Gi can still smile.

Smile for me!

Taleena: It takes a car chase, a beating and a quick breather on comfy, comfy asphalt but it is nice to see Dae Gu relax for a minute. I am also glad to see Dae Gu hold a running dialog with the fleeing driver, it means I am not the only one who does that. You know, not that I make a habit of chasing down attempted murderers in fleeing black sedans or anything. Plus, Soo Sun gets to tell him to suck it up and not be a baby as she puts stingy ointment on his cuts. That is so much better than the middle school love connection they are making. "So do you like me or do you like-like me?"

Tiara: Dae Gu is learning not to follow the mistakes of Spiderman by making the right choice to chase down the bad guy. I’m glad he is having a difficult time figuring out how to balance his want for revenge and his duty as a cop. I wonder if he knows what will be next when his journey of revenge ends. Does he believe he isn't going to live when all this revenge is said and done?

Sage: Awwww! I can't even this was so sweet and cool. He made the decision to come back and catch the bad guy which ended up being a good deal for him because Pan Seok and Black Boots Killer didn't talk about anything much when they met anyways. That would've been a waste of time.

Let Me Just Look in This Book Marked 'Aliases'

Yup, here he is! Pay no attention to fact this picture is labeled Kim Won...

Sage: I was almost angry that this ahjumma lied like that, but it was because Dae Gu asked her too so I suppose it's not all bad. I almost thought that he was going to find out his secret identity here and was a little nervous. That whole finale thing they did was so worth it. Also, do all Asians look alike to Koreans as well? Because the little kid that she showed him was adorable but he didn't look like Dae Gu.

Taleena: How can that ahjummah lie when Pan Seok is looking so earnest and beseeching at her? I agree Sage, that the picture looked nothing like the adult Dae Gu, or even the actor that played him as a youth. Props to Dae Gu for prepping a convincing orphan story about a bus accident. How much you want to bet that there were people with the same assumed last name that died on that bus. You can never do too much work building a secret identity.

Tiara: Huzzah! Someone is using their superpowers to put two and two together.

Someone's Playing Flappy Bird Again!

Those pipes are so infuriating!

Tiara: I didn't see that coming. How did she meet Dae Gu? What is she getting out of helping him out? Is this the reason why Dae Gu is in the detective unit as a rookie cop? Darn you drama!! Don’t drop this bomb on me without more answers.

Taleena: The big question becomes is Captain Kang trying to root out a corrupt Pan Seok or is she the mole? Do I have to stop suspecting Assemblyman Villain Face? Or is he part of a corrupt conspiracy too? Is Prosecutor Han just a JERK?! The mind whirls with possibility!

Sage: I told you guys that she could be the snitch! I totally called it. Not saying that just because she was in cahoots with Dae Gu that she is the reason his mother got killed but doesn't it seem a little easier to digest now? Also, why does she want to bring Pan Seok down so badly? What did he do to her?

Stop Being So Jealous of My Awesome Track Suit!

Yeah, well Dad liked me best!

Taleena: Case of Week - because we are cops and we need to investigate something besides office gossip and emotionally burdensome pasts. I am thinking that the Dad dies of natural causes and both brothers are just putzes. It happens sometimes. Also, did Squad Leader Lee dip into Cosby Sweater's closet? Look at that thing! It is a kaleidoscope of neon colors, if you look long enough you can see a luchador mask in it. Maybe. It's kind of like those magic eye pictures.

Sage: These brothers are something else. But I really do believe the suit and tie brother killed the father more so than I believe the video game brother did. The Suit 'N Tie guy just had the perfect explanation for why his brother would've done it-- "He probably would've just thought it was a video game". He just doesn't strike me as the type to do something like that. But, what do I know? He could be the mastermind behind it all and only playing Video Game Madness. Wouldn't it be crazy if they both killed him and planned to blame it on the other or turned on each other last minute?

Tiara: Sage, I think you are right about Beavis and Butt-head. One is the mastermind and the other the killer.

So, I Hear You've Got Great Taste in Sweaters

Hey, we're twins today!

Sage: What's up with Tae Il and Ji Kook? What's Tae Il's secret that he's got him acting like this? Is it really that big of a deal to be a secret chaebol in Korea? I'm hoping it's something a little more exciting only because this was so predictable.

Tiara: Kook being grumpy and distant toward Tae II is just sad. The way Kook talks about Tae II is on a different dimension make me lend towards rich. I too hope the secret isn't because Tae II is a chaebol.

Taleena: I don't know, but nothing feels quite right to be the secret. Is Tae Il Internal Affairs maybe? It seems to be something that sets him apart but doesn't really discomfit Ji Kook. I love the bonding with Squad Leader Lee though, embrace your second banana fate Ji Kook! A side kick goes through less emotional garbage than the leads! Plucky Comic Relief is the best thing to be in K Drama, you have a 95% chance at a happy ending.

He Better Take Off That Hat If He Wants Coffee

Invisibility hats make it difficult for the waitress to take your order.

Tiara: I'm beginning to wonder if Pan Seok knows Scar Ear (Black Boots) was involved in the case from 11 years ago. Could they have been partners back 11 years ago? The way he asked about the boy from 11 years ago makes me wonder if there is another connection between these two.

Sage: I was reading the comments on this and a lot of people seem to think that Black Boots is Pan Seok's ex-partner. I don't know If I fully agree on that, but there has got to be a reason why he has yet to turn him in. Like bring in the cavalry or something. He's doing nothing. He hasn't even told anybody about it yet. It's like it's not that big of a deal to him. That's so annoying.

So, what could his loose ends be? Is Pan Seok going to just let him get away with that as well? Is he going to try and kill Dae Gu or is he possibly just trying to help now?

Taleena: Wasn't Pan Seok's old partner a short, balding guy? I have to go back and look at the cigarette collecting scene. I think Black Boots must work for a high up, corrupt baddie and Pan Seok is not connecting him to the murder thug of the case. Here's hoping. Also, Black Boots - poaching Woo Bin's jacket is NOT cool dude.

I'll Make Ramen For You!

Pick me! I make the best ramen.

Taleena: That was the most awkward ramen scene ever! You just knew either one or both Dae Gu or Sa Kyung were going to see them and construe the wrong idea. Also, note the price tag adorning the bottom of the BRAND NEW pot. I am thinking Pan Seok cooks even less that Soo Sun is thinking he does. He must consist on eating out and beer and cold cereal.

Tiara: Ha! Watching Dae Gu being jealous at Soo Sun being over at Pan Seok's place is hilarious. This is what he gets for spying.

Awkward doesn't being to describe this scene, but I loved every bit of it. I love how Soo Sun is just being her adorable naive self and doesn't see outside the box. I think Pan Seok is coming to terms with Soo Sun. He looked at her like a proud papa who just taught his puppy a trick. She is going to maintain her worshiping of him if he keeps on saving her. Please drama, don't make me hate the second lead for misunderstanding the situation.

Sage: I kind of love Soo Sun's cluelessness. It's so adorable and after watching the Real World, quite refreshing. I like the relationship Pan Seok has with her. It's very similar to Dae Gu's relationship with her. Like, they both hated her and then now they find themselves slowly but surely falling for her (doesn't have to be in a romantic way). When the doorbell rang I totally thought it was Dae Gu. I was like "Oh God, your totally gonna blow your cover now!" but when It was Sa Kyung I was even more shocked because I was afraid of how she was going to react when she saw Soo Sun there. And I love how Koreans show these random acts of kindness or show up at each others door just because it's raining. When are we gonna get that here? Like, hey, it's raining I thought of you, let's eat together. It's so cute and adorable.

Sing It Now! Ah, ha, ha, ha, Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive.

Well THAT cat is out of the bag!

Sage: Well it's about motor scootin' time! He knows! I know I should probably have a lot of questions concerning this but the only thing I can think of is, what are they gonna do now? Is Dae Gu going to try and cover this up?

Taleena: Please work together, please work together! Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Go harass Prosecutor Han together it would be a great bonding exercise!

Tiara: FINALLY!!! I don't think Dae Gu can sweet talk his way out of this. In other words "Winter is Coming".

What do you think, K Fans? Who's good? Who's bad? Who IS Black Boots? Will Soo Sun have to sadly eat triangle kimbop in a rainstorm? How long will Dae Gu brood before finally back hugging Soo Sun dramatically? Tell us in the comments!

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