Sage: Hello all! Because there was only one episode of You Are All Surrounded this week, we all decided that for the second part we would go over what we know so far about the drama-- the clues we've received, the relationships forming, our favorite scenes and how we think everything is going to play out. Join Myself, Tiara and Taleena as we go over our hopes and dreams with you. For the drama, of course.

Sage: Okay, so there is not much I don't like about this drama so far. There are a few things, I admit, that I would like for there to be more of but I am mostly happy with the way it is going so far. My favorite aspects about this drama are the relationships forming. I love the car scenes with Soo Sun and Dae Gu, I love how awkward both Pan Seok and he are with Soo Sun but I also love Pan Seok and Sa Kyung's relationship, I think that they accurately and adorably rekindling an old relationship. As for Soo Sun's and Dae Gu's relationship, I notice with Dae Gu, when he likes somebody, he likes them all the way. Like 11 years ago when he liked that other girl that looked like the celebrity he liked her A LOT. Like, no Hey Arnold-Lila "I like you, Arnold-- I just don't like you like you." but I love you. I can appreciate that.

I like the storyline, though it can get a little annoying sometimes. They usually clear up what's annoying pretty quickly (like the whole Pan Seok not knowing who Dae Gu was thing) but the climax gets shattered pretty quickly. I can see why a lot of the characters act the way that they do and I love all of the individual personalities. I think my absolutely favorite aspect is the Bromance between Tae Il and Ji Kook. How Tae Il's not gay but he insists on picking on Kook, the way he looks at him with loving eyes (my favorite), how he keeps telling him he's his type and asking him how he got to be so cute-- it's just so adorable and when they weren't getting a long it was a total bummer.

I also love the soundtrack, one of my favorite songs right now is What's Wrong With Me by San E.

I am still wondering what Sa Kyung's relationship with Tae Il was, like most I am looking for more funny scenes, and I am impatiently waiting for Soo Sun to move in with the rest of the boys (preferably in Dae Gu's room). I feel like Dae Gu is about to lose his cool, (more so than he did (does) with Pan Seok). When he actually is going toe to toe with Black Boots I don't know if he is going to be thinking about not killing him. I still wish he could work with Pan Seok and they could do this together but he just seems so unwilling so I don't know what's going to happen. I expect a lot of great things from this drama and I hope they don't keep doing the same old thing-- a new case, Dae Gu gets a little further in his investigation on Pan Seok and Black Boots, and then the end of the case. I notice they've been doing that a lot lately. I hope in light of new discoveries they switch things up a little. I am really looking to the next episode and hope it is a great exciting and funny follow up to Episode 9, especially since they're making us wait for an election we don't even get to take part of...

Tiara: We hit just about the half-time mark of the drama. Here are my bad, good, and other ramblings about You Are All Surrounded.

The bad: I’m a HUGE fan of police procedural shows. Signs, Ghost, Crime Squad, Ten and Ten 2 are some of my favorite KDramas. I went into this drama hoping for some meat to the crimes these detectives have to solve day by day. Sadly, the cases are pretty lame. The stalker case was the most interesting of the cases by far. The only reason why that case was half decent was due to the nature of how our rookies handle it. I’ve had to adjust my expectation on not only the case of the episode, but on the procedural of being a detective. Those few episodes of watching Pan Seok not do his job of teaching his rookies was aggravating.

The good: I love the relationship between Dae Gu and Soo Sun. At some point their partnership will grow into warm and fuzzy love, but right now they are partners who watch each others back. Each episode they continue to be adorable and fun to watch. I want the show to hurry up and get them as roomies sooner than later. Dae Gu needs to start sleeping better and we know Soo Sun can get him to sleep.

What we know:

  1. Pan Seok has two cell phones: One Boots has the number
  2. Soo Sun has Boots’ pendant
  3. Boots told Pan Seok “he has a debt to repay”
  4. Boots asked about the kid from 11 years ago
  5. Boots has a scar behind his left ear
  6. Soo Sun noticed said scar 11 years ago (no idea if she remembers)
  7. The man who threaten mom is dead
  8. Chief Kang is Dae Gu’s S (benefactor)
  9. Statute of Limitations is almost up
  10. Assemblyman Yoo know each other
  11. Boots lied to Assemblyman Yoo about killing the boy from 11 years ago
I have to admit the mystery crime exciting. With 11 episodes left, I trust we should be getting more episodes dedicated to this story and forgo the case of the episode. This is the meat of the drama and I want to drive right in.

The Sum Up of Episode 1-9:

You Are All Surrounded started out as a wild ride, but fell flat when it came to the police work. Thank goodness for the characters being appealing and charming to pick up the slack.

Taleena: I will never be unhappy with a show that has Cha Seung Won in it. Look at that face:

If the only crime they solve is the giant story arc from 11 years ago, I am cool with that. I was expecting something along the lines of Crime Squad with an involved case spanning a few episodes every week. Most of the crimes have seemed like pretty weak tea, mop ups from old cases, or cases where six dedicated detectives seems like overkill. To me the exceptional case was the hit and run. Tracking down evidence took a lot of shoe leather and grunt work and could fill their plates.

I was really expecting more comedy. Aside from the graphic novel panel opening sequence, the just this side of Yakety Sax musical stings, and the truly wonderful moments of physical comedy by Go Ah Ra as Soo Sun,

You Are All Surrounded needs more comedy! More slipping on soap a 1,000 times to break a case please! Please, PLEASE smile Seung Gi!

The Theory: Corruption filled both the police and prosecutors offices as rich men paid their way out of crimes. 11 years ago Rookie Pan Seok came too close to exposing the corruption with his relentless pursuit of the truth. Black Boots was called in by Yoo to shut down the case in whatever way was needed. When Dae Gu disappeared, Pan Seok's relentless focus on the case cost him his wife, child and rank a few times. Black Boots was in law enforcement somehow. This is how come Pan Seok knows him and seemingly trusts him, how come the Captain seems to know his movements well enough to tip off Dae Gu. The Captain is playing a long game, not against Dae Gu or Pan Seok, but to find the final hidden seed of corruption that is Assemblyman Yoo. What the Captain does not know is: Is Pan Seok corrupt too? I say NO! A thousand times No! A man that good looking shall not be a bad guy!


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