Welcome to the Answer Me 1994's drama club for episodes 7-8. This week's theme was 'secrets' and there was a lesson to be learned from this all: Never let Yoon Jin find out anything about you because she'll just blab it all out when she's drunk. But we also cut one of our candidates due to a major reveal. I loved how unexpected it was! Let's see what everyone thought:

June: I think at this point I can’t even deny it. Chilbongie has completely stolen my heart! He’s just so adorable and charming. Though I’m still on the Trash Oppa/Na Jung ship, I can’t help but hope that the husband in the end is Chilbongie. Needless to say, episode 7 was a fantastic episode for someone like me! Though with Chilbongie’s crush on Na Jung, it just makes things a bit more complicated to say the least. It just makes me think of more questions about Na Jung’s husband and whom she ends up with.

Then episode 8 happens, ah the love triangles and heartbreaks! With Korean dramas there always has to be a love triangle and I’m usually set on one ship for the show but this one is just so hard to pick. I felt so bad for Chilbongie when Na Jung and Trash Oppa were walking together. You could just see how his face falls and just looks kind of heartbroken! Ah my poor heart. Ah Chilbongie’s poor heart! What was even more heartbreaking was when they were listening to the radio station. The radio DJ says to his listeners that if their crush is nearby to turn to see their face and Na Jung turns to look at Trash Oppa while Chilbongie is actually looking at Na Jung!

Wow can I just say this was seriously the episode of finding out and telling secrets! I was surprised when I found out Chun Po and Yoon Jin actually got married. I was 75% convinced she was going to end up with Haetae, but nevertheless I’m happy for them! Though Yoon Jin spilling Na Jung’s secret crush, oh my word! I need the new episodes now! I am desperate to know what happens next and how this changes things.

Lore: I am okay with it. Really. I think it was far better that Yoon Jin made the confession for Na Jung, because it became that much more important to the story. Instead of a direct, face to face yes or no, the group of boardinghouse kids witnessed a second hand confession that will undoubtedly lead to more confusion and the push and pull I have come to appreciate from this show. After all, I did not want to hear a “No, don’t like you” out of Trash Oppa, I wanted the mystery to keep going (jokes on me because realistically they would never have revealed the husband at this point in the story anyway, but hey- reality has never been my thing).

Yoon Jin spewed a whole lot of secrets in her drunken rambling, but she really was just narrating the overarching theme of choices. Binggeure decided to drop out of school, Haetae bought a condom, and Chun Po concealed his age. All of which were choices on their part, and the major thread of episode 8. The little decisions one makes in life are what ultimately shapes your life as a whole – go to the dance with that guy, get coffee with so and so, or take one job over another. Life is decisions and only upon reflection do we realize how important our choices are.

Wow, I feel like I was thinking too much there. Okay – so besides the major life lessons I am fan-girling over a few things. Trash Oppa, check. I have decided I picked teams and will be rooting for him as the hubby until the end (unless of course he stomps on a puppy or something). Mom and Dad are still cracking me up (love Mom’s “But our little baby wants such and such to eat” haha). I am becoming a bigger fan of Yoon Jin each day (Yay for her and Chun Po together) and Chilbongie makes me smile, but I still can’t get behind him being the hubby. Loving this series, and can’t wait for next episode - because I want to see the morning after Yoon Jin’s ramble. Really badly. Seriously. I need a time machine, because I don’t think I will make it a week. Aish!

Shai: My feels! My feels! Drama why are you trying to kill me? Wae!? Just when I was firmly on my Oppa-yah/Na Jung ship, you rip my heart out with Chilbongie. I am crying over here, my emotional investment is real. Okay all emotions aside, I do like how this is all playing out, despite me being sad over it. The question I have is now has Trash Oppa liked Na Jung all this time or is something that has happened very recently? Some of his actions indicate that he's liked her for a while, but then other times we're left guessing at our initial guesses. He has known Na Jung's feelings for a while, way before Yoon Jin's drunken confession. He had to have known she wasn't kidding when she confessed her love for him on her older brother's anniversary even though it was April 1st. Even though I am clearly frustrated, I do like how the writer is making us guess at his actual feelings, it's like a million dollar question well aside from who her hubby is.

Speaking of Yoon Jin, I am so glad we found out more about her this week. She's normally so quiet (unless someone eats her Bugles that were given to her by Seo Taeji) and I was afraid we weren't going to delve deeper into her background. I am happy they did and it was very emotional. I have to say that Dohee is doing a great job at playing Yoon Jin. I hope you are all aware that she's an idol from the group Tiny-G. Just thought I'd throw that out there. *shrugs* Then we get a big reveal, but it has nothing to do with Na Jung except take someone out of the running to be her husband. We discover that she is married to Samchunpo, I want to say I am genuinely shocked, but I am not since I just said last week they could end up together since they hated each other so much(K-drama Rule#208). Now I am very curious as to when they started dating, I hope we get to see that in this drama. Ooh! Now that we know they're together, the 2013 scenes will be different.

I Just cried about Chilbongie, but I have fangirl for a moment and thank the drama gods for giving me an extensive shirtless scene. I loved how Na Jung seemed surprised at his body and just stared at him. I would have done the same as well, how could you not stare at that when it's right in front of you? I nearly paused the video just to stare at him longer. Okay fangirling aside, I did feel his hurt when he heard Yoon Jin blurt out Na Jung's feelings for Trash Oppa. You can feel his heart just breaking into two? Chilbongie, if Na Jung won't take you..Noona will. I have a shoulder to cry on.

What do you guys think? Did the reveal of Yoon Jin's husband just sink your ships or were you expecting it?

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