Red Eagle strikes again! As we wait for Season 5 (rumored to be coming very soon), DramaFever showed its loyal fans how much we appreciate them with a one of a kind gift package.

A personalized handwritten note from Red Eagle himself, Gonzalo de Montalvo, made its way to the DF office and then straight into the hands of the drama’s top watchers. Written in October 1660, the letter romantically professed his love and appreciation to each loyal fan, asking them to cherish their memories together as there will be many more to come. Only a true gentleman could express himself like that!

Since Gonzalo was kind enough to pick out his very best fans, we weren’t going to send them only his letter. We included a few extra DramaFever goodies and T-shirts to keep everyone happy!

Take a peek behind the scenes of this unique gift and be on the lookout for more!

First we had to die the paper to make it look authentic (none of that store bought kind!):

After waiting a few days for all the paper to properly dry and look the way we wanted, we needed a talented writer who could convey Gonzalo's angst and passion... Enter Mr. Alberto.

After all the handwritten notes were done (and after taking a few Tylenol's for the hand cramps), we were ready to seal the envelopes with scented wax and a custom made DF stamp!

And voilá! We had our letters and envelopes from the 1660's ready for Red Eagle's TOP fans! We had a great time preparing this and have truly enjoyed reading the creative replies from fans.