[caption id="attachment_22551" align="alignleft" width="336" caption="Choi Siwon"][/caption] Kiss and the City, a new cable drama turning up next month on SBS, will use an unusual approach to tell the stories of four successful friends with wildly disparate jobs (including a plastic surgeon, a CEO, a DJ and a car dealer). The peppy drama will use the mockumentary approach familiar to US viewers of The Office, Parks and Recreation and other comedies that pepper the narrative with character interviews. Supporting the reality-show vibe of the drama, the four main characters are named after the actresses who play them. The frisky foursome will be played by Yoon Ji Min, Shim Eun Jin, Shin Joo Ah and Park So Hyeon. Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae have been cast as male leads in the awesomely named Taiwanese drama Glamorous Challenge. Based on the manga Skip Beat, the drama is a reunion for the guys and lead actress Lin Yichen--they also appeared together in the music video for her song Firefly. The tale of fame, love, revenge and huge egos begins filming soon. Troubled singer/actress Tomomi Kahala was hospitalized over the weekend after being found "vaguely conscious" and with a purseful of sleeping pills. Tomomi's Lindsay Lohan-esque travails have provided colorful, sad tabloid fodder for years. A few more images from Basic House's Fall/Winter line featuring Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Eun Hye have have surfaced--check out the trad looks for school and office here and here. Speaking of Kim Hyun Joong, he says he's thankful that his friend Yoochun's drama debut, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, isn't airing opposite Kim's Playful Kiss. The producers of Chuno, Iljimae and Jumong are bringing the 2009 fantasy film hit Jeon Woo Chi to the small screen for a drama adaptation. The film brought a contemporary element to the ancient story, bringing the hero granted magical powers from a gumiho's bead into the modern day to fight a plague of ghouls. Finally, a survey asked Japanese women of a certain age which famous youngsters they'd most like to date. Find out the latest answers to the perennial question right here.