Drama Debussie here and I have to say, things have certainly sped up in Temptation, don’t you think?

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As much as I find this “war” between our main characters destructive to each other and themselves, I appreciate this war has given everyone a purpose. Something that I feel we’ve been lacking for the majority of this show.

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We’ve seen Hong Joo play the victim for the most part even though we’re fully aware of the fact that she isn’t. At least not anymore. I was willing to give her a little justification for her anger seeing as Seok Hoon made some bad choices and she was right this week when she said he had checked out of the marriage before it was actually over. Although any pain or frustration she has felt afterwards has been completely self-inflicted. The negative thoughts are simply the story that Hong Joo likes to tell herself and the rest of the world so that she can continue to hang onto that feeling of betrayal.

It’s the story that’s keeping her right where she is, in another crumbling marriage and perpetual state of emptiness.

I guess that’s why I haven’t been her biggest fan. She’s stuck while everyone wants so desperately to move on. Of course, to her credit, Ji Sun hasn’t exactly mastered the art of moving on either. If anything, Ji Sun is worse!

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Not only can she not move on, but she can’t decide if she wants to destroy Min Woo or not. On the scale of 1-10 of how badly Min Woo has treated Ji Sun, I’d say it’s at a 20 so I can understand why she would want to. Of course this is a drama so it can’t be as straight forward as that. Instead of making a decision to destroy Min Woo, she sleeps with him and tells him EVERY TIME she’s approached by someone with a proposal to take him down. Even if he’s the father of your children or if you’re still in love with him, that doesn’t cancel out the fact that he screwed you over big time.

There’s also nothing you can do make him return to you. Not even sex and it’s very likely that not even that baby will be effective. No matter what Min Woo’s mother says!

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I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. A BABY IS NOT A LIFEBOAT FOR A RELATIONSHIP!

The argument could also be made that an illness is not a lifeboat for a relationship as well, but in the case of Se Young and Seok Hoon, they may be an exception.

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Se Young promised that she would trust Seok Hoon and that she would not be “married” to her job for the sake of their relationship. That hasn’t exactly happened. She’s so invested in the company (understandably so) that her ability to separate herself so that she can invest in her relationship is almost impossible. Her identity is the company and maybe now that she’s being forced to step away she’ll be able to look within herself and try to eliminate the insecurities she has.Displaying MWSnap667 2014-09-03, 20_38_18.jpg

I still stand by the thought that everyone should take a year or two to be single. I usually find time jumps a cliche and simply a way to slightly ramp up the plot. In this case, I’m all for it. *jumps on table* Say it with me, time jump, time jump, time jump….

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