By Sara A. Layne I don’t hear much about crime dramas and for the life of me, I can’t understand why. They are so exciting and have me sitting at the edge of my seat. I like the adrenaline rush I get when watching the police chase after someone and I feel as if I am right there running after them. If you’ve ever seen a crime drama, you know exactly what I am talking about.
Crime Squad was the most recent crime drama I watched and it took me a few episodes to get into it but I’m glad I stuck it out.  The show ran during the beginning of 2011 and is about a group of police officers from the Seoul Gangnam Police Homicide Division that solve various crimes. One of the lead male characters, Park Se Hyuk, was a teacher but a terrible incident in his past caused him to quit his teaching job and become a police officer. He and his police chief, Jung Il Do, clash for reasons I won’t disclose (which means I really want you to watch the show). In addition to the police force there is also a reporter named Jo Min Joo who becomes Park Se Hyuk love interest. A reason why I wanted to see this was because it had an F4 member in it. Kim Jun plays Sin Dong Jin, an adorably cute forensic tech guy that hates the sight of blood. It was such a different character from Boys Over Flowers that I almost didn’t realize it was the same actor. I ended up really enjoying this show because the writers were not afraid to kill off characters. I know that may sound strange but you know how it can be. Sometimes in dramas, and tv shows in general, you’ll see the characters go through something that should kill them but miraculously they survive. Sometimes with minimal damage to themselves. Not true with this show. Let’s just say I was thrown for a loop not once but twice. The show lasted 16 episodes and I wish it was longer because there were a few questions left unanswered, but isn’t that how it usually goes with kdramas?
Life Special Investigation Team is another crime drama that I enjoyed watching this past year. It isn’t the typical police drama; rather it is about an insurance investigative team that finds out the truth behind insurance claims. I found this to be a bit on the lighter side of drama but still there were some elements of darkness. The team is really quirky and includes a perfectionist whose first day on the job proves to be anything but ordinary, a neurotic team leader and a gifted liar. Be prepared for a few chuckles and tears with this show.
Ten, or Special Affairs Team Ten, is an ongoing drama about a special police force that investigates the worst crimes in South Korea. These crimes usually have a ten percent chance of being solved. I have only seen the first episode so far and that is frustrating because it was really good. I cannot seem to find the English subbed version of this anywhere so I guess I’ll have to be patient a bit longer. The music they use in the first episode is great so you know I am a happy camper. They open with Bjork’s Scatterheartwhich sets the tone of the first half of the episode. If one of the character’s look familiar in the poster, it’s because he is the same ahjussi from City Hunter. The fact that the show started airing in November and there is only one episode subbed is just another reminder of how underrated crime dramas are. If you know somewhere I can watch it subbed, please let me know. Also doesn’t everyone look so cool in these posters? Makes me want to star in a crime drama.
Crime Dramas
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