By: Sara A. Layne We have finally come full circle. This is the last genre that I will be reviewing and I’ve saved the best for last. Romance Comedies or rom-coms were what started me on this wonderful journey called kdramas. I started with Boys Over Flowers, which I believe most of us have started with.  I won’t review it though because honestly, EVERYONE reviews it, right? Instead I will highlight some of my favorite rom-coms that I’ve enjoyed so far. Now my list is by no means the best rom - coms around. These are just the ones that I’ve seen and enjoyed.

I remember starting My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon the day after my husband left on a business trip. I figured by the time I was done with watching the entire show, he’d be back (he was supposed to be gone a few weeks). Imagine my surprise when 2 days later, I was watching the last episode. Yes it was that good. Kim Sun-Ah is my favorite actress to this day and Clazziquai’s “She Is”, which was used in the drama, is my permanent ring tone. I’ve watched this drama multiple times and I wish they made more of this type of drama. Kim Sam Soon is a 30 year old, out of work, pastry chef. She meets Hyun Jin Heon (played by Hyun Bin) and agrees to become the desert chef at his restaurant.  Jin Heon’s mother wants him to go on blind dates and settle down (something he doesn’t want to do for reasons you’ll see in the drama) so he gets Sam Soon to be his pretend girlfriend in exchange for 50 million won (the price of her mother’s house). She agrees even though she doesn’t like him at all and the two slowly start to like each other. Of course in true kdrama fashion, there are outside forces that keep the two from getting together for a while. Sam Soon has an ex boyfriend who is marrying one of her class mates BUT still wants to “get it on” with Sam Soon (what a jerk!). Also Jin Heon has a girlfriend, Yoo Hae Jin that left him but comes back after a few years. Her doctor, played by Daniel Henney (fan girl scream!) comes after her because he has fallen in love with her. All the lovey-dovey (shout out to T-ara, lol) gets sorted out but what a roller coaster of emotions! The reason why I loved this drama so much was because Sam Soon was older than most of the female leads I had seen up to that point, she was considered a bit overweight (supposedly she gained 15 pounds for the role) and she was awkward as all get out(did you see her dancing?).  In a nutshell she reminded me very much of myself. Also the drama was very VERY funny. The fight scene between Sam Soon’s mother and the restaurant manager? Priceless.  I encourage everyone to watch this drama if you haven’t yet.

Protect The Boss still makes me giggle when I think of it. Everything about this drama made me laugh.  No Eun Seol starts working for DN Group as the secretary to Cha Ji Heon. He has to be the MOST immature leading man I have ever seen. He even carries a back pack around like a child, lol. His cousin/nemesis is the exact opposite of Ji Heon.  Cha Moo Won is played by Kim Jae Joon (loud fan girl scream). He’s a successful business man, also at DN Group and almost immediately takes an interest in Eun Seol. There are fights, misunderstandings, wrestling matches (Eun Seol’s roommate is a female wrestler) and trips to amusement parks. I thought this was a feel good drama that surprisingly didn’t make me cry when things got “serious”. This was also the first time I didn’t hate any of the characters. Even “Ice-cream” the girl trying to lure Ji Heon away from Eun Seol but somehow winds up being her other roommate. I really hope Dramafever gets this drama soon so I can watch it again in HD.

Coffee Prince made me want to become a barista. Seriously. It seems like working at Starbucks in kdrama world, is something everyone does.  I can’t remember why I started watching Coffee Prince but I am so glad I did. I have never seen another drama that dared to be this different (not saying there isn’t any out there, but I haven’t seen any yet).  Eun Chan is a woman pretending to be a man in order to work at a coffee shop run by Choi Han Kyul.  He pays Eun Chan to pretend to be his gay lover in order to get out of all the dates his grandmother sets him up on. Things turn interesting when he realizes he is starting to fall in love with her/him. By the time he finds out that Eun Chan is actually a woman, the whole shop (and the rest of the neighborhood) knows. He gets very angry and embarrassed and fires her immediately.  I think this might have been one of the first dramas that had a bunch of flower boys working in one place. Now flower boys are running rampant (Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and believe me I am not complaining. This drama also introduced me to Kim Jae Wook, who I loved in Bad Guy. Another great drama I suggest you watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

What are some of your favorite rom-coms? Did you also start off with Boys Over Flowers? Let me know in the comment section. Romance Comedies Protect The Boss Lovely Kim Sam Soon Coffee Prince

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