By: Sara A. Layne
With the end of Vampire Prosecutor airing recently (and here’s to hoping there will be a second season) and the success of the Padam Padam, the supernatural genre of k-dramas deserves to have the spotlight shined on it. I have always enjoyed shows with supernatural story lines to it; vampires, werewolves, and witches oh my! Before Padam Padam and before Vampire Prosecutor, I tried watching the drama Soul. To be honest, I thought it wasn’t going to be bad so I waited until late in the evening before I started watching it.  I didn’t make it through the first episode. I started jumping at every shadow in my house and every sound I would hear. It took a few days but I was able to rewatch the first episode and complete the show, in the daylight of course.

Soul, also called Hon or Possessed, is a story about twin girls in high school, Yoon Hana and Yoon Doona. Hana witnesses a classmate kill herself and starts to see the girl’s ghost everywhere. Things get even more bizarre when her twin sister is murdered and decides to the best way to get revenge is to possess her sister. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Grudge or The Ring, you can kind of get the idea of how they create their ghosts, complete with the creepy sound that I’d rather not even think about. A criminal psychologist, Ryu Jin, meets her and begins to use her while she’s in her possessed state, to track down and punish criminals that have escaped the system. He doesn’t have as much control over her as he thinks and the resulting outcome was something most viewers probably saw coming a mile away, or at least from episode 5.
The drama only ran for ten episodes back in 2009 and ended about as dark as it started but I truly enjoyed every bit of it, so long as I watched it with all the lights on. Oh and if the actress that plays Hana looks familiar, it’s because she is currently starring in the musical drama What’s Up.

Not long after that was the start of Vampire Prosecutor. I had been hearing about for weeks before the first episode aired so I was excited and a bit hesitant. I didn’t want the show to go the Twilight way of vampires and thankfully it didn’t. I like how they kept Prosecutor Min cool and aloof regardless of what situation he was in.  Even when he was in the middle of a fight, he seemed to do it with an air of calmness. Here is a quick synopsis of the show for those who still haven’t seen it. Prosecutor Min was bitten by a vampire while chasing after someone during a high speed car chase late at night. The person he was chasing had information on who killed his younger sister. Rather than succumb to the life of a vampire, he only drinks the blood of the dead and continues to be a prosecutor. The show follows him and his team as they solve various crimes. Prosecutor Min also looks for the person who has made him a vampire. We didn’t see him go 100% vamp except when he would drink a vial of blood to find out the last minutes of a victim’s life. The end of the season introduced two more vampires and I hope that if they do have another season, they’ll continue to add to the vampire population. Vampire Prosecutor didn’t scare me like Soul did; it was more like a great action-crime show that just happened to have a vampire as a main character.

Padam Padam is definitely heavy on the romance-angst side of drama but because there is an angel, played by Kim Bum, in the show, I believe it still has some roots in the supernatural genre. The show starts off with Yang Kang Chil’s execution. We then see how this person came to be on death row and I will be honest, by the end of that first episode, I had gone through a half box of tissues. The man is given a second chance by his guardian angel, Lee Gook Soo, and the show continues from there. While we watch Yang Kang Chil make up for the past 16 years of him being in jail, we also see Lee Gook Soo’s transformation into a fully fledged angel.  The show is slated to be 20 episodes so if you are planning to watch it, be sure you have plenty of tissues nearby.
If you know of a drama that should be in the supernatural genre, let me know in the comments section so I could check them out.


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