[caption id="attachment_19076" align="alignleft" width="432" caption="MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO"][/caption] -Runaway: Who else is excited for Lee Jung-jin in this? As an affable, successful, if slightly irascible, career-man in 9 End 2 Outs, he could so easily have been a boring character, but due to the double-whammy of charm and charisma, gave his character a depth of emotion and likability that made the drama highly enjoyable. I always wondered after watching it why his career didn't really take off, and now, finally it has. I can't wait to see him as rugged secret agent chasing Rain up and down the European continent, and I'm hoping his edgier role will allow him to expand beyond the nice-guy characters he's played thus far. And while I admit that I would have been more into Runaway had it been the suspense thriller co-starring Jeon Ji Hyun that it was originally purported to be, it will still be nice to see Rain back on my screen (to my constant amazement, he actually is a good actor. Really. Watch Full House or A Love to Kill). -The trailer for the new Hong sisters drama did not exactly fill me with glee. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho looks like a bad Taiwanese drama, which is quite the insult if you've seen bad Taiwanese dramas (hellooo, Miss No Good!). In case you haven't, let me spell it out for you: cheesy, low-budget, and over-the-top. -Mischievous Kiss I have very mixed feelings about the Taiwanese version of this, but I'm hoping that the Korean adaptation will surprise everyone by being better than the Taiwanese. Korea doesn't have that great of a record in adapting Japanese mangas - Boys Over Flowers, for instance, was a glorious mess, unlike its Taiwanese and Japanese counterparts Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango, but maybe Mischievous Kiss will start a new trend. Digital Manga Publishing, by the way, acquired the English rights to Itazura no Kiss, the manga it's based on, in 2009, and has been releasing it volume by volume ever since, with volumes 3 due out this summer. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="374" caption="Fancam Image from MISCHIEVOUS KISS"][/caption] But who else is wildly excited for Mischievous Kiss just because of the casting??? Kim Hyun Joong is, in my opinion, a great choice, not because of any particular acting ability - because the poor boy can't act to save his life - but his goods looks are quite astounding and the role of icy, driven Naoki/Zhi Shu fortunately requires few acting skills and might as well have been written for him. All it requires is excessive good looks, the ability to emote with the eyes (Zhi Shu does a lot of this since his natural reserve prevents him from expressing his emotions, and fortunately Hyun Joong had plenty of practice in Boys Over Flowers), and some measure at least of screen presence, and Hyun Joong has all of these. I know nothing about the female lead but physically she seems to fit the role, and I'm praying that they allow her Kotoko/ Xiang Qin heroine to have more backbone and fewer misogynistic tendencies than in ISWAK. I'm also pleased that Kim Hyun Joong has been cast because the legions of his obsessed fangirls will make sure that we're kept well in touch with the drama's progress - here's a fancam from the filming (blurry but the fact that they've gotten a fancam this early is nothing short of extraordinary).