Hello again, K-fans! A new week brings more joy and heartache to our favorites in Angel Eyes. It also takes the viewers on an emotional roller coaster that just took another dive and is heading for the loop-de-loop. Engagements, secret plans (both sweet and dastardly), and some investigating filled our story this week. Someone has some secrets to tell. I just wish they were the right secrets.

Lets start with the happy couple, shall we? They are in a good mood for episode 11. They've received approval from Dad. Sister has generously teased Dong Joo for his lack of romantic gooeyness. It seems their only care now is how much ribbing their co-workers are going to give them when they find out. Melodramas have a nasty habit of giving their tragic leads just a moment to smile before plunging them into the abyss. In this one we've been given an entire episode to bask in their sunshine. I think I'm getting a tan....oh wait, that's just the glare from my computer screen.

Forensic science has come a long way in 12 years. So have hair styles, clothing, the actors... What hasn't changed is how much the Chief of Police is going to destroy you if you keep this up.

Listen lady, you've had this set up for a long time. You already ruined Woo Chul's life. Killed an innocent woman. There is only one thing that matters to you and that is the social climbing you expect out of your son. He is your only priority and you will do anything to make sure its not put at risk. Maybe its just me, but until this episode, I had no idea that your husband was a prosecutor, or that you even had one. Maybe that explains the connection with the Police Chief. Unless you have something on him that keeps him doing your bidding?

I'm not sure who is the bigger kid in this picture....Seung Ri or the 7-year-olds. I have to admit, this is my favorite storyline. Melodramas are often lacking in comedic relief and this story line more than does the trick. I also identify with this because as a single mom, I totally get where Woon Chan is coming from. I see so much of my relationship with my 9 year old in this father/son pair. Hye Joo and Teddy pull a wonderful class field trip which allows Jin Mo to show off how great his dad is to his classmates. Woon Chan is given a wonderful reality check and he proves that he is listening. Anyone catch the dig at Seung Ri around the 29th minute of episode 11? So funny.

As proposals go, this was a pretty awesome one. Wishing tree, candle circle and 12 years of missed birthday gifts. One could say that its thanks to little sister that Soo Wan received such a neat proposal scene, but given how thoughtful Dong Joo is, I'm thinking this was all his idea in the first place.

We've seen the two detectives get messed with, now its time for Dong Joo to get his head messed with. I'm not sure what Evil Mom was expecting from this. We've seen countless times in many other dramas that characters will deny themselves any happiness because they get bent on some misguided notion of revenge for the dead. As if being happy is a crime just because a family member has died. That might have happened if it was anyone other than the loving Dong Joo. Then again, by pointing the finger at Dad, it takes the heat off herself. Maybe she's thinking that if he's already seeing Dad as the murderer, then he won't be so interested in who the hit and run driver was. What do you think?

Oh boy....Ji Woon has heard a small piece of our very nasty puzzle. What will this mean to him? Will he see it as a way to get Soo Wan back? Will he start looking for real answers? What will he do with this information?

Join us for part 2 where the Drama Club talks in more detail about what we learned this week. Did you have any new pet theories crop up?

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