What do k-drama fans do when they can’t commit to an entire series but they still want to find out what happens to their favorite oppa? They head over to Dramabeans for extensive play-by-play recaps of every conceivable episode out there. Owned by Javabeans, who wanted to create a place “to discuss something popular that went beyond surface discussion of the plot or hot cast”, her website has everything from k-drama analyses to the latest k-pop news.

Javabeans recaps are usually mired in playful sarcasm and include plenty of screenshots. Along with her co-writer Girlfriday, these k-drama experts are the queens of the k-drama blogosphere.

And now they've released an official Dramabeans book! Titled “Why Do Dramas Do that? Part 1". This book explores nagging k-drama questions such as: What’s with the back hugging? Do Koreans really drink so much soju? Wrist grabs: EXPLAIN!

Here’s an excerpt:

Why is everyone in a K-drama obsessed with a first love?

First loves have their own mythic place in K-dramaland (or perhaps because of dramaland), holding power over characters that traverse the unlikeliest of divides: time, memory, generations, even between the living and the dead. Countless dramas base entire romantic plots on the love of a little boy for the first girl who was ever nice to him. Often we can sum up an entire drama this way: boy meets girl in youth, falls in love, gets torn apart by tragedy, spends life fighting all odds to get back to her. The End.

Can’t get anymore concise than that. This will be the first book in a three part e-book series. Available now on Amazon.