Welcome back an other exciting week of the Are You Human, Too Drama Club. In these episodes Robot Shin gains a boost of confidence and stands up for himself, Meanwhile, Robot Shin's mother is starting to resent him more and more, and the Grandfather might have a hidden agenda. Join Wendilynn, C.C., and I as we discuss these and other topics of this weeks episodes of Are You Human, Too.

DeShonda: These episodes this week really had me in my feelings. I felt so bad for Nam Shin. All he wants to do is be himself. What’s sweet is that Kang So Bong is starting to see him as a person and not so much as a robot anymore. I am glad that he is starting to stand up for himself and think on his own. It’s like he is growing up and I actually like it.

Wendilynn: I love that he is starting to value who he is and to trust himself. I like that both Kang So Bong and Secretary Ji see him as a person. I’m not sure what to make of Grandpa or his “creator”. I”m sorry, but she lost all right to have him call her mother this week. I don’t care how scared she is that her real son looked like he might never wake up. Her behavior was inexcusable.

C.C. Farmer: The mother is running on emotions. We are running on emotions. Every scene we are drawn deeper into the show. We should take Grandpa’s warning to heart. Those who seem like enemies may not be and those who seem like friends could be deadly. Paraphrasing here.

DeShonda: I agree with you Wendilynn, Robot Shin’s mother this week was very heartless. She really made me mad and I did not like the way she was treating Robot Shin. I am trying to figure out what is going on with the Grandpa too. I was shocked when David was on his side too. I am still keeping and eye on him very closely.

Wendilynn: That’s what blew me away, David is clearly on Robot Shin’s side. So does that mean that Grandpa is really on Robot Shin’s side too? Has he always known what’s going on? I realize that’s the most likely explanation and maybe that explains all those little smiles he keeps doing. He’s clearly smiling about some private joke and is this it? I’m sort of blown away by this idea that Grandpa may also be a hidden good guy…. Very hidden. Like….majorly hidden.

C.C.: Grandpa is a hoofed animal resembling a horse that brays loud. I know I shouldn’t be judgemental. I should hold out until we get the back story on Shin’s father. This could all be a revenge situation but I knew Grandpa was in on this secret. I am upset now. I am predicting that our lovable robot is going to be silenced so that we have to build feelings for the real Shin. Nooooooo don’t touch the kill switch!

DeShonda: Oh the dreaded kill switch. I hope that Robot Shin’s mother does not use it. I don’t think that would happen though. I have a feeling that So Bong will stop her before that happens.

Wendilynn: I know mom is terrified, but it bugs me that she is no longer seeing Robot Shin as being on her side. That’s why she keeps bringing up the kill switch. Like Robot Shin will steal Human Shin’s position or something. Especially if he proves to be adept at it. I hope So Bong can keep her from pulling it. I got a thrill, though, watching Robot Shin be our Robot in Shining Armor. Could there be a better rescue scene?

C.C.: Perfect hero! And the gift he gave her is extremely lovable. “I love you” flashes on her new pet’s chest. How sweet! Anyone else reminisce about the 2015 drama Blood and the Luuvy robot in that? (Wendilynn raises hand)

DeShonda: The rescue scene was one of my favorites this week. I was nervous when So Bong was kidnapped but I knew that Robot Shin would come to the rescue again, just like he did in the previous episode when he saved her from the fire. I also adore the cute little robot he gave So Bong. I noticed the “I Love You” that flashed as well. It was so cute of Robot Shin to gift So Bong with that. Yes, C.C. It does remind me of the drama Blood!

Wendilynn: Cute adorable Robots are always a favorite. I’m a little nervous about what the death of our killer will mean for Shin. That assistant is inclined to believe him when he said Shin was not human. And that rescue was clearly not performed by a human.

C.C.: Yes. Thank you Grandpa. Having someone killed really sets an example. No wonder the future father-in-law finds this means acceptable to solving a perceived problem. And Grandpa was worried that Shin’s secretary/team leader would get greedy? Geez um petes. Which takes me to one of our k-drama tropes. Does Secretary Ji have cancer and will eventually die? Or is he really a bad guy looking to not take the company but the robotic information to save himself? Dun dun dun….

DeShonda: I have the same worry as you do Wendilynn. Jong Gil is getting very close to finding out about Robot Shin and if he does it won’t be good. He has to be stopped from finding out somehow. Those are some good questions C.C. I guess we will find those answers later on.

Wendilynn: No, it won’t be good. Perhaps his daughter, Ye Na is the only way we can stop him. I’m having a hard time thinking that she didn’t know exactly how dark his soul was before this, though. But, maybe it wasn’t bad to her as long as he wasn’t going after Shin?

C.C.: Flash back to hospital scene after the fire. Kang So Bong’s dad was aggressive and yelled. Ye Na’s dad was sweet as honey. H.H. Homes and Ted Bundy were real serial killers who seemed “normal”. So the lesson from this is love the freaks around you, such as Bong’s dad, and be afraid of the nice guys. Oh wait. Grandpa already covered this in his talk with Shin.


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