Hello everyone and welcome back to this weeks Drama Club review of Cross. Kang In Kyu continues to hunt down the malicious and evil Hyeong Bum, who just keeps slipping through his fingers. With Hyeong Bum's health deteriorating, will Kang In Kyu catch him before it's too late? Join Wendilynn, Young Ajummah, and I as we discuss this and other topics in this week's episodes of the exciting medical drama, Cross.

Wendilynn: These two episodes had so much going on. They literally flew past me. I was rooting for new heroes and booing the new villains and the next thing I knew, it was over. I really hope Lee Joo Hyuk is the hero he looks like he’s promising us he’ll be.

Ajummah: I take back what I said in the early chats about him. He really made me proud deciding to start over and doing what he wanted to do. I’m glad he joined the surgery and stood up to his father. Hopefully he will continue to make us proud. I have a feeling all this stuff will cause a backlash. I know his father is doing some seriously shady stuff and I hope he won’t have to make a choice between what is right and protecting his family.

DeShonda: I really enjoyed the episodes this week as well. I agree with you Wendilynn, everything was moving at a much faster pace this week, my head was spinning. I also have to change my tune about Lee Joo Hyuk. I hope he does become a hero when it’s all said and done. I’m not a fan of his father at all, and I was very happy that he stood up to him.

Wendilynn: Lets hope he doesn’t feel trapped defending his dad at some point because one person's wrong taints the whole family. He’s a good guy, but on the other side, the girl he loves also had a shady dad. Our hospital president has a good chance of being our silent VIP buying organs. Both of their kids are good people. Dr Son will be just as devastated.

Ajummah: *sigh* yeah. I wonder how Dr. Go is going to handle things? I think he’s on to someone, whether it’s the hospital president or Lee Joo Hyeok’s father, I’m not sure. But Dr. Go’s smart so I feel like he either has figured it out, or will have figured it out by next episode. I hope they don’t kill him off because of it. Also In Kyu was so close to catching Hyeong Bum! I was hollering at the end of the episode.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Ajummah. Dr. Go definitely is close to figuring out what’s really going on. I was wondering how he is going to handle this situation as well. Let me tell you, I was literally on the edge of my seat when In Kyu was chasing after Hyeong Bum. He was so close to catching him, but missed him every time. But In Kyu is getting close though. Plus, Hyeong Bum’s health is not getting any better either. But, I am looking forward to seeing the confrontation between these two.

Wendilynn: Keep in mind, the actor playing Dr Go is being taken out of the show, so they will either kill him off or use the suspension to get rid of him. I’m voting for him getting too close to knowing and so the CEO bumps him off. I sort of hope Dr Joo steps in as his partner to uncover the dirt, but most likely it will be Dr Go’s daughter. I think Dr Joo would be a better ally just because he has access to hospital administration. As for Hyung Bum, I can’t wait till that psycho burns. If he hadn’t gone evil, he’d have probably made a pretty decent doctor. He knows too much about the human body and it gives him an edge in these situations. In Kyu cares about the patients too much to just let one die.

Ajummah: I know Wendilynn. Last week I was saying, they’ll probably kill him off but I thought that they would kill him off due to his illness but now I’m thinking he’ll be killed off by Hyeong Bum. That might be what will send In Kyu over the edge, if that’s the case. In Kyu is barely holding on to his morality in my opinion. I thought he would go after Hyeong Bum instead of saving the father. I’m glad that he didn’t but I felt like he really had to think about itl

DeShonda: Thank you for the reminder Wendilynn. I keep forgetting that the actor that plays Dr. Go will be off the show soon. I was wondering how the writers were going to handle his character. I thought that he might be killed off by Hyeong Bum as well. I was glad that In Kyu decided to save the father. They had similar backgrounds, but I do agree with you, he definitely had to think about it. He should have gone after Hyeong Bum, but he will get what is coming to him very soon.

Wendilynn: In Kyu is definitely starting to look a little wild around the eyes. I try to keep in mind that this show is about the cross he bears as he deals with the burdens of revenge. And the strain is really showing. It's eating him alive. Kyung Pyo is doing amazing in this role. The subtlety around his eyes and mannerisms is amazing.

Ajummah: So we know that he wants to kill Hyeong Bum but then what? Will he try to kill the VIP too or will he be okay with him going to jail? Also, is he finished with the jail now? I feel like he still owes them something. At the very least the Dr. who lost his son due to Hyeong Bum.

What’s going to happen to Ji-In once her father dies? Will she leave the hospital or will she continue on working with In Kyu?

DeShonda: Those are some of the questions I had as well Ajummah. I don’t think that In Kyu is done with the jail. I think he still has to settle the score there. I would hope that Ji In continues to work with In Kyu after her father passes away. I am starting to like them as they work together more.

Wendilynn: I also agree that we’re not done with the prison. I think the doctor there will come back to play a specific role either as a help or a hindrance. I think he knew more than he was letting on. Hyung Bum was still directing his underlings all this time from jail.

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