Sketchers, we have finally reached the point where the evil characters are in the spotlight. There is bound to be angst and really bad fallout from this point on. Join Ajummah, DeShonda and Kenya as they discuss this week’s episodes of Sketch!

Ajummah: Freaking finally. Shi Hyun knows her brother is the killer and behind most of this mayhem that has been happening these past few weeks. I know her heart must be shattered. The only thing I think she can do now is to bring him in and get some answers.

Kenya: Yes! This is the drama and mystery I’ve been waiting to see for these past couple of episodes. I was hooked while on break at work LOL. I feel really bad for Shi Hyun but I’m so happy no one’s leaving her in the dark anymore and she found out from Dong Soo. It made it a sincere moment between them.

DeShonda: I was happy that she finally found out about her brother. I wondered what her reaction would be after hearing this news. I feel bad for her as well. It’s like the one person who was close to her has basically been lying this entire time.

Ajummah: Agreed. I’m not a romance loving person when it comes to drama, but I like this type of relationship. I like this type of relationship between them. They really seem like partners in this drama. They tease each other a lot and really try to keep each other safe. I know it hurt Shi Hyun to find out about Shi Joon but I think it would have hurt her more if she found out when Dong Soo wasn’t around. The guy that told her about him is a horrible person. I know he does the Elder’s dirty work and I almost felt some compassion for him when they kidnapped his daughter BUT watching him tell Shi Hyun EVERYTHING negative about her family AND telling her that he was the one to kill her father. It was too much for me. I had hoped when they were fighting in the car, she would just end up killing him.

Kenya: Out of the several dramas I’m watching right now, this is the only one with little to no romance. So it’s refreshing when I come in and only experience action and suspense. Their relationship is definitely trusting and playful. They rely on each other for the bad times and also know when to make playful remarks. I was really happy Dong Soo was there for her. That guy is the WORST. I did take pity on his daughter but he kept rubbing me the wrong way. The moment he mentioned killing her dad was the last straw for Shi Hyun. I knew she couldn’t kill him because they need him in their investigation of Shi Joon but I wanted her to definitely knock him out. I’m proud of her.

DeShonda: I felt some kind of way about that guy too Ajummah. I hated that scene between him and Shi Hyun. I was hoping she would kill him as well.

Ajummah: Speaking of being proud of people. I am proud of Soo Young. She ran away last week and when she found out that Do Jin was coming for the kids, she tried to keep them safe. Even when her life was literally hanging, she still didn’t give up the kids location. Also a small shoutout goes to Do Jin for not letting her fall. I don’t know why he saved her, but I’m glad he did.

Kenya: I’m also proud of the both of them too. I believe Do Jin saved her because he’s not a complete bad guy. Her dying would do nothing for their plan, and I think he also feels a tad bit bad about everything that has happened to them because of him anyway. Soo Young was the real MVP this week. Even though she was scared, she overcame her fears and became a savior.

DeShonda: I was shocked, yet happy when Do Jin helped Soo Young. I am not sure why he did that either, but I can only think that he saved her because Shi Hyun’s brother told Do Jin not to hurt her. He knew that if Soo Young would be hurt, Shi Hyun would be devastated. I did not want her to die, the team really needs her. She does deserve a lot of credit by really helping out the kids as best as she could.

Ajummah: Now we have to hear the back story of Shi Joon and why he started on the path of destruction. We know he was in the psych ward for a while after surviving the fire that man set. I’m curious as to what the man’s story was. Is he just insane? Why would he want to kill all those children? Did someone tell him to do it? Also I heard Shi Joon say that he can’t “see” anymore visions. He thinks that Shi Hyun can’t see anything as well but I’m wondering if he was wrong.

Kenya: The back story is intriguing. I really do want to know what made Shi Joon the way he is but I’m also sure someone made that fire guy start the fire in the first place. My theory is that because they already blamed the intersection incident on someone else, now that he’s speaking up, they made him do something worse so he could go to jail and not reveal the incident. It’s such a jumbled mess of corruption. Shi Joon and Shi Hyun’s powers to see the future are still a mystery. Does it really have something to do with Chief Moon? And are Shi Joon’s powers leaving because Shi Hyun’s are becoming stronger? I really want to know.

DeShonda: The back story is indeed interesting. I was wondering the same questions as you Ajummah. I look forward to seeing more of Shi Joon’s backstory. I did notice that Shi Hoon said he is losing his powers. And therefore Shi Hyun is losing hers. I wonder what that means for the both of them. And we still don’t know who the Elder is. Hopefully we will find out as this series comes to a close.

Ajummah: I want to know as well. Just like I want to know who in the world the Elder is. I’ve been suspecting everyone in this drama and have been wrong every week, lol. I’d really like to know if its someone we already are familiar with. Also what will Shi Joon say, now that Shi Hyun knows that he killed Chief Moon and is behind so much stuff. I guess we will have really packed episodes next week since there is so much we need to know.

Kenya: As always, Korean dramas giving us so much to process with the last two episodes LOL. But I want to point out everything we have left to deal with in the next two episodes. Dong Soo has lost track of Do Jin, we’re finally going to figure out who Elder is, Shi Hyun is in distress with all the new information, Shi Joon has lost his abilities and we finally get to know what made Shi Joon who he is today. So much to process.


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