We’ve made it Sketchers. The last two episodes in the entire series of Sketch. Did it end the way you wanted? Join Kenya, Ajummah and DeShonda as they discuss the finale of the drama and whether or not they think there will be a season 2.

Ajummah: MAN! What an ending! I was not expecting the way Jang Tae Joon died. He decided to go gangster on the way out. I gasped, lol. But I was happy that the cops stood together and refused to let him take the bad guy. Also another shock for me was that the Elder was a group of people, not just one person. No wonder I couldn’t figure it out.

Kenya: The camaraderie with the police force made me so happy. Just because someone above you sends you orders doesn’t mean it’s right or ethical to follow them. Once Jang Tae Joon knew he wasn’t going to get his he had to go out with a bang, literally. The reveal of the Elder wasn’t as surprising as I wanted it to be. It was revealed in such a calm fashion that I was a bit disappointed. More like, the whole show died down on its action at this point.

DeShonda: I enjoyed this ending as well. I was shocked at Jang Tae Joon’s death as well. I did not expect that at all! I was shocked at the who the Elder was too! I knew that the lady had to be involved in some way.

Ajummah: I noticed that too. I wanted that final fight between Dong Soo and Do Jin to be more, I don’t know, exciting? But I liked that Do Jin turned out to do something positive in the end. Although Shi Joon went totally insane on us, so I don’t think he had much of a choice. Why was he trying to kill Dong Soo? Like, what purpose did that serve? Unless he was trying to kill them both? Maybe I missed something because it seemed like once he killed the Chief, he just decided to go ham and kill everyone. Shoot he even wanted to kill his sister.

Kenya: I think because Dong Soo was so close to finally catching Shi Joon, he just went crazy and wanted him dead as well. I can’t be for certain but the characters all felt as though they had nothing to lose. Do Jin and his wife, Dong Soo and his fiance, Shi Joon and his family. It was just a crazy amount of lost loved ones and everyone wanted someone to pay. I felt sympathy for Shi Joon when he admitted to wanting to kill Shi Hyun. Yet, Shi Hyun still wanted to save her brother and that sibling bond was not going to let her view her brother as a monster. It was such a struggle for them. But I’m still a bit confused on why their powers were never explained.

DeShonda: Yeah, I was suprised that there was not more action between Dong Soo and Do Jin. I was expecting a knock down, drag out fight. I agree with you Kenya. I also felt bad for Shi Joon. I just knew that Shi Hyun was going to try and save her brother. That was a very difficult choice for Shi Hyun to arrest her brother. I wish that the power of Shi Joon and Shi Hyun would have been explained more as well.

Ajummah: You know, I didn’t even think about that, but I agree. How did they get their power? When did her brother get it and why didn’t she know about it? I get why he kept it a secret as an adult but why when he was a child? Also if their powers played off of each other, wouldn’t he have known that his parents were in danger? Anyway, that’s an answer we may never get. ALTHOUGH...they did leave a lot of loose ends, didn’t they? That whole story line with the Elder group is still there. Also Shi Joon isn’t dead. He isn’t seeing his sister, even though she keeps going to see him. Do you think there will be a season 2?

Kenya: With all those loose ends, THERE BETTER BE! I was so not satisfied with the ending. I looked at the screen perplexed for a while afterwards trying to understand what happened. I get that Shi Joon saw what would happen in the next 2 years but that doesn’t account to who the Elders actually are, how they do what they do, and the leader of them plotting at the end to kill Shi Hyun. I want to know these things!I will say this, I almost cried when Do Jin was reunited with his wife. It was so sweet to see him vulnerable at the very end.

DeShonda: I hope that there is another season for this series, just because there is so much more story that needs to be told. I was satisfied with the ending and with the series as a whole. I know that some drama watchers don’t really care for Rain’s acting, but I think he did a good job in this one. The rest of the cast, and the writers were amazing! The story kept me interested and I like the character development as well.

Ajummah: My throat did tighten up. This is why I don’t really deal with romance dramas. So sad. But I’m glad that they were together in the end. Also When he found out that Jang Tae Joon knew about that guy stalking his wife, I felt some type of way. Like yeah they were bad before but the fact that they knew what was going down and still didn’t intervene because they wanted Do Jin on their side...that is like the lowest of the low.

Kenya: More romance dramas for me now that this has ended LOL. When they revealed that...I was so heated for him. I knew Shi Joon could be despicable but that was real dirty of him. Either way this show was really good and I enjoyed the ride. The characters were all well developed and I’m happy I was able to connect to some of them. I didn’t particularly like the direction the story went and how they started slowly taking out all the epic fighting but it was a good show. I especially loved the mystery/thriller aspect.

Ajummah: Yeah this is a typical drama ending. I was was a bit miffed about the ending but I mean overall, the drama was great. I hope that there will be another season but then again, maybe not because second seasons can be ridiculous. Great job to Rain and the rest of the cast because they did a superb job acting these past few weeks.


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