Welcome back Sketchers to this week’s drama club for Sketch! This week’s episodes have changed everything. Sketches aren’t always right and now more people know about what’s going on. Join Kenya, DeShonda and Ajummah as they discuss what happened this week and what they think will happen next!

Ajummah: I’m going to be honest. I like episode 7 a lot more than I did episode 8. Episode 8 was emotional but I just didn’t feel like it moved with the same pace that the previous episodes did. I actually had a hard time staying focused on it. Having said that, I STILL LOVE THESE FIGHT SCENES. It hasn’t gotten old for me yet. I think it has something to do with the fact that the writers are giving Shi Hyun lots of fight time. I love a strong female lead.

DeShonda: Great minds think alike Ajummah! I feel the exact same way about the episodes this week as well. There was so much packed into these episodes my head was spinning. But the fight scenes are the best in this series! I absolutely love them. And the Pharmaceutical President I swear he had nine lives. He just would not die for nothing. I was on the edge of my seat the entire scene.

Kenya: I really enjoyed these episodes. I’m ecstatic that the Pharmaceutical President finally perished because so much of the story is finally being unveiled. Shi Hyun now realizes that her sketches aren’t completely accurate and that sets us up for different directions the plot can take. I feel as though episode 8 was meant to be emotional and slow, to set us up on a rollercoaster ride the preview left us with.

Ajummah:Agreed. I’m glad that he got what he deserved. I’m also glad that Shi Hyun didn’t die when her sketch said that she would. But now I’m wondering how will they be able to stop the next batch that she made? Chief Jang Tae-Joon doesn’t seem to care who he has to kill to keep his agenda going so I’m worried about our team. Also the cop who had the plastic surgery is out for blood. He’s going after the Chief and I don’t think he cares who gets caught in the crossfire.

DeShonda: I was so nervous for Shi Hyun, especially when her sketch did match up with what she drew. It did keep my attention and had me wondering why that would happen. I almost forgot about the other sketches she drew as well, so you pose a good question there Ajummah. Oh the cop that had the plastic surgery is ruthless. It was interesting learning about his story and how he once worked with Tae Joon. I kind of felt bad for him for a minute because his wife is sick in the hospital and he is trying to save her life. But I have my eye on him, he is definitely bad news. One thing I noticed throughout these episodes is that Dong Soo had to make some difficult choices. For example, in the fight scene in episode 7 when Do Jin walked out of the burning building, Dong Soo had to make a decision to either run after him or save Shi Hyun from the Pharmaceutical President. That was a close call.

Kenya: With everything going on, it is easy to forget about the next batch of sketches Shi Hyun made. The moment Tae Hoon was in the sketch, I knew the person after him would have some dirt on him. I enjoyed that Shi Hyun’s brother is more involved in the story and I also enjoyed the backstory of the cop with plastic surgery. The moment he complied with being arrested and confronted Do Jin so peacefully I knew he had a darker side to him. I’m happy he wants to share the information he has on Chief Tae Joon but I’m afraid that we have another man with nothing to lose who doesn’t care who’s in his way. And Dong Soo definitely had to make many tough decisions.

Ajummah: Oh yeah! I remember that. I was mad at him for doing that too because the fire was going on and that Pharmaceutical President had about 30 pounds on Shi Hyun but as they say all brawn no brain. Thankfully she was able to fight her way out of it. And I’m glad he returned to save her in the end. Here’s another question I had, why did Do Jin come back to save them? I wasn’t expecting that at all.

DeShonda: Oh yeah! I wasn’t expecting Do Jin to come back in the building at all! I wonder why he would do that as well. This is not the first time he has done something like this. He keeps telling Dong Soo to stay out of his way, but yet he has a difficult time killing him. Maybe it’s because the both of them do have something in common with one another which is the loss of a loved one. And maybe deep down in his dark heart, he does feel bad for him. I think I have mentioned this before, but the both of them need to team up and work together. I think they need each other more than they think.

Kenya: I know Do Jin didn’t want to come back but I’m still hoping that he comes to his senses and teams up with Dong Soo too. They both have this sense of lose and that’s all that’s driving them. I really enjoy their fight scenes but I also know deep down they’re both in pain.

Ajummah: Yes, I want them to work together but I don’t think Dong Soo will allow it since Do Jin killed his fiance. Maybe Do Jin feels bad for killing her so he’s trying not to kill Dong Soo. Also I feel like Do Jin is going to go against the Chief soon. He has a lot of questions about the dirty work he’s doing and I don’t think he’s getting the answers he wants.

DeShonda: I definitely noticed that. Do Jin is getting somewhat frustrated with the Chief. He may very well turn on him, just like the cop who had the plastic surgery did. He wanted to kill him when the Chief was sitting in the church. And Mr. Plastic Surgery is in the latest sketch holding a gun to the Chief’s head.

Kenya: If I was Do Jin I would get frustrated with very vague answers from Tae Joon too. Do Jin is trusting his words and killing people for him but he can’t even tell him the truth behind the future scenes. That is very frustrating.

Ajummah: Did I miss it or did they say why he turned on the Chief? It ended up with him trying to kill the Chief and getting shot. I know it was talked about during episode 8 but like I said, it was a struggle for me to watch it. Hopefully episode 9 will pick back up. I don’t want to go through another slow episode. Also it seems like something is going on with Shi Hyun’s brother. We actually followed him to work and saw some stress between his boss and his boss’ boss? I wonder what that was about.

DeShonda: No you did not miss it. That is the million dollar question. I wonder why he turned on the Chief. I’m hoping we get that backstory because I would like to know more. I noticed that there is something up with Shi Hyun’s brother and his bosses. Hopefully in these next episodes we get some clarification with that story because there is definitely some tension there between them.

Kenya: If there’s any indication that Do Jin found out what Tae Joon is hiding, then I really hope he does turn his back on him. I don’t think I caught enough of the previews because I was up too late watching the episode LOL. But I really enjoyed all of episode 8 with its story development and the introduction to more mystery. I would like to end this on, did anyone see Rain’s pouty face and heart signal to Yeong Shim? I swooned so hard.


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