Hello, Travelers, and welcome to The Package Drama Club! Our characters are off to a rocky, but exciting start as they venture off to beautiful Paris, France. In these episodes, we discover that San Ma Ru is supposed to be traveling with his girlfriend, but there is some trouble in his relationship, Our tour guide Yoon So So is dealing with a breakup as well, but is being chased by a mysterious man, and Han Book Ja has an illness, but her husband, Oh Gab Soo, is having a difficult time with this realization. Join Taleena, Cici, and I as we discuss these and other topics in The Package.


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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Taleena: I kind of loved this show. It is both exactly what I expected and yet surprising too. The vacationers with their secrets, the mini mystery of what So-So’s problem is, the light touch of truly comic moments, and the not so subtle undercurrent of real heartbreak is melding very harmoniously.

Cici: I was expecting a travelogue with some predictable romance, but I was surprised by the tragic nature of at least some of the travelers’ pasts. Both So-So and Ma Roo seem to be leaving relationships where their hearts were broken. But the couple who intrigues me the most is Oh Gab Soo and Han Bok Ja. They have clearly been married for some time, and yet he is having a hard time accepting his wife’s actions on this trip. Is she dying?

Taleena: I think that she is. The question is: does he know? I don’t think so. The way I read it is that the wife is dying, but the husband only thinks she is overworked. To me this is the way you get the dichotomy between a spendy vacation of a lifetime people who are obviously not big spenders, and the husband’s gruff and brusque manner. I think he would be more angry with others and more tender with his wife if he knew.

DeShonda: I absolutely love this series so far and I think it’s off to an interesting start. I love all of our travelers and I am intrigued by Oh Gab Soo and Han Bok Ja’s relationship as well. I was wondering if she is dying as well. It appears that she does have some kind of medical condition. I wonder if her husband knows that she is sick.

Cici: That may be. But when he reprimanded her for getting her portrait done, and she said words to the effect that this was the first time in her life she had been greedy, and wasn’t she allowed to be? His look said that he knew exactly what she was talking about, but that he still couldn’t accept or deal with it. If he does know, that would explain why he is so upset over every little thing that goes wrong. He wants this trip to be perfect--not for him, but for her.

Taleena: Speaking of dying, I think there is more than meets the eye with Ma Roo and his ex girlfriend. At least I hope so. I got the impression that she was dead and not dumped watching the episode. Based on the flashbacks it all leads up to some skullduggery, and I feel like this is a memorial trip for him. Those weird poses he was doing in the picture, like he was preparing to photoshop someone in? Maybe I am reading too much in it.

DeShonda: I agree with you Talleena. There is a lot more going on between Ma Roo and his ex girlfriend. I never thought that she was dead, but you make a good point. I thought that she just broke up with him and it has something to do with their jobs. Did you notice that Ma Roo found out something shady that the company was doing and he confided in his girlfriend about it.

Cici: I did get the feeling that something tragic had happened to her, not just a breakup, but I never made the connection to his weird behavior with the posing. Could there be some kind of connection to his carrying the underwear with him as well, lol? By the way, that scene in the Fantasy shop where he meets So So, and they both have to reassure each other that they are just buying stuff “for a friend,” was hilarious.

Taleena: He is not a pervert!! Ha ha. I began to laugh when she told him to claim to be a cross-dresser for the customs agent. I woke up the dog hooting when she assured Ma Roo that France is very tolerant of ‘that kind of thing”. By the time they come face to face in the adult shop, I was crying, and the whip crack from the shop keeper made me snort my hot chocolate. But he is not a pervert!! Then episode two we had his uncomfortable fantasies of So-So with a whip. It is a funny juxtaposition to the undergirded sadness in both of them.

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes! That was an awkward encounter for So So and Ma Roo in the Fantasy Shop.

Cici: Frankly, I wasn’t all that impressed with Ma Roo, until he hid So-So from her stalker ex. Before that, he was just an eavesdropper with a sad past. But the fact that he could get past his own problems and step in to protect a woman who was still basically a stranger moved him up several notches in my opinion of him. I do wonder what Stalker Ex did to break So-So’s dream and heart, though. He is one seriously angry person.

Taleena: Angry or desperate? Again I read this a different way. He makes a big mistake and embezzles some money. She gets the blame for it and he runs out because he is ashamed. I think the lead he got from the gangster-y guy in the black car is the final piece of business between them. She is waiting for the statute of limitations to run out in Korea, he is free of mob markers and wants to know how she is, because he want back together with her.

DeShonda: I agree with you Cici. I loved Ma Roo for stepping up and helping So So out of the blue hide from her stalker. I am wondering what is up with the stalker as well. Her boss told her to pay back the money. Maybe she owes him money perhaps? He is very angry and it’s kind of creepy. It makes me want to know more of his backstory with So So.

Cici: Why is she so afraid of him? He’s demonstrated his ability to threaten others with violence in his pursuit of her, both with her boss and her room-mate. I think there’s more to her fear than just worrying about being discovered before the statute of limitations runs out. And she is desperately trying to earn money-- is that to pay for something she was accused of, or to pay for something he did? Either way, she clearly wants to “avoid” him. It will be interesting to find out more of their back-story. Speaking of which, what do you think of the other two couples? I have a feeling that not all is as it seems with them, either.

Taleena: I think the girl half of the “cheaters” is a detective following either Ma Roo or So-So. Or maybe a gangster? Why is my go to gangster for this lovely little show? I don’t know. Of the young couple, I think they are the most normal of the couples, just trying to figure out their relationship.

DeShonda: I was thinking the same thing about the girl in the May-December romance might be a detective as well. I wonder what their relationship really is though? Are they truly a couple? I need more backstory on them. As for the younger couple, I think they are trying to figure things out as well. I don’t think they are married yet, but maybe they are deciding on whether or not to get married. But the girl in that relationship is clearly hiding the fact that she is seeing another man.

Cici: Well, everyone assumes they are newlyweds, but the previews indicate that they are still thinking about where and when to get married. So maybe the theme of this show is “Don’t be fooled by appearances” You know what they say about what happens when you assume . 


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