Hello, and welcome back, Travelers, to The Package Drama Club! In these episodes, we learn more about the Mystery Man, things get hot and heavy for Ma Ru and So So, and Gab Soo gets himself in some hot water. Join Taleena, Cici, and me as we discuss these and more topics in this week's episodes of The Package


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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Taleena: Okay I am little and petty, cause all I have to say is Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow (you know you want to sing it in your best 70’s disco voice) should be the title. Holy smokes, I mean they are in France and all, but crikey!

Cici: Yeah, between the condom references and the actual bedroom scenes, I was a bit taken aback. Is this really a KDrama? I get that they’re both adults, but I was still . . . surprised.

DeShonda: I was shocked as well because it’s not often that sex or or condoms in that matter are mentioned in a K Drama. I was not expecting that at all but then again it is France and it is very romantic. I just hope that So So and Ma Roo didn’t jump the gun too fast. I really like them as a couple.

Taleena: I do like them as a couple, but Ma Roo’s pervy imagination went into complete overdrive this week in a way that was not cute or funny. Usually, it lightens the tense scenes that involve the other couples, but (with the exception of mystery man and instagram girl) the other couples are finding some equilibrium and had sweet moments this week.

Cici: I absolutely loved the interactions between Bok Ja and So Ran! Remember how we wished that Bok Ja would impart some of her wisdom to the younger women? That’s just exactly what happened. And it was a fair trade, because So Ran helped her see herself as beautiful, perhaps for the first time in her life. I gotta admit, I needed tissues after that scene.

DeShonda: I was very happy to see Bok Ja and So Ran having some girl time. I thought it was very nice to see them together. The more they bond, I hope the more they see that they may have some things in common. I had to pull out the tissues as well! I just loved to see the smile on Bok Ja’s face.

Cici: I had to laugh at the way Ma Roo misunderstood the relationship between Soo Soo and her two French friends, though. Maybe because I was subconsciously translating the French while they were speaking, but his over-reaction was just even funnier. Poor Ma Roo. Another case where it really does pay to become familiar with the local language and customs before going on vacation.

Taleena: Was I wrong in thinking the subtext of her particular friends were they were a broken up gay couple? I just had to shake my head at Ma Roo’s pigheadedness. Although him shelling out for pretentious art was funny.

DeShonda: I did not expect the two friends to be a couple at all. But as the both of them were talking to So So at the cafe, I was hoping that Ma Roo would stay out of it and just keep his distance. I just knew if he got in the middle he would get beat up. I admit, I chuckled at the art scene.

Cici: There were a few cringe-worthy moments, as well. When Gab Soo made the kimchi stew for Bok Ja, I could practically smell it here. Ma Roo was brilliant in defusing that situation, and he didn’t even have to lie. Of course, no one else knew he was telling the truth. So I was tearing up from both the second-hand embarrassment and the sweetness of Gab Soo’s efforts.

Taleena: That was actually one of my two favorite parts of these episodes. Gab Soo is doing his best for Bok Ja, and in spite of the cross-cultural tensions, I loved the French concierge’s abrupt understanding and reevaluation of Gab Soo. Second, I LOVED the scene where So So’s little brother grew up and went home - especially the insight of So So’s boss into what So So needs emotionally right now. His admonition to Yoon Park to not call him older brother but to just be a good son? Wonderful! Right up there with what happened when he got out of prison and his in-laws knew he was the right one for their daughter. SO good.

DeShonda: The hotel scene with Bok Ja and Gab Soo was one of my favorites as well. I was very happy that Ma Roo came to the rescue with that situation. I agree with you Taleena, the scene with So So’s little brother going home was really good. I was hoping to see the backstory about him and how (and why) he ended up in jail and all. It was very good to watch.

Cici: I love Little Brother, and I’m so pleased that Soo Soo finally realizes the extent of his devotion, and how much her family loves her and wants her back. But the part that I found frustrating and not especially funny was Soo Soo’s jealousy. She found a pair of shoes in Ma Roo’s baggage that matched hers? Why would she assume they were for his girlfriend at home? I’d be willing to bet that he bought two pairs, one a slightly larger size than the other, because he didn’t know for sure what size she wore. And she’s willing to toss the relationship (and the shoes) in the trash without giving him a chance to explain? Boo.

Taleena: I honestly thought he got couples shoes but then was too embarrassed to pull his out yet, as that seemed a little precipitous in their relationship. He is getting over a huge personal betrayal and has lept into a crazy romance. Gah! Why don’t Kdrama leads just use words?

DeShonda: I agree with you ladies. In this case, the leads really needed to use their words. I didn’t think the shoes were for his ex girlfriend at all. I thought that they were a pair for him to match with So So. I wish that So So would have let him explain the shoes, but I am sure we will get his side of the story in next weeks episodes.


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