Welcome back to the Thirty But Seventeen Drama Club. This weeks episodes were very exciting as Woo Jin confesses his feelings for Seo Ri, Woo Jin and Seo Ri finally share their first kiss, Chan's training and hard work finally pays off as he and his rowing team win a medal in competition, and Seo Ri plays in the music festival. Join Kate, Cici, and I, DeShonda as we discuss these and other topics in this weeks episodes of Thirty But Seventeen.


Thirty But Seventeen

Starring Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun

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Kate: Kiss alert! We finally got our kisses. They made us wait until the very end of the twelfth episode, but I would have been a bit disappointed with the show if we hadn’t made it there this week. There were so many sweet moments building towards this blossoming romance this week, I’m really glad that it ended with this. No more waiting, we’ve got a romance.

DeShonda: Yes Kate! Finally after so many close calls…..we finally got the kiss we have been waiting for! Everything was perfect and just right. The timing, the place…...it was awesome. I literally squealed like a schoolgirl when it happened. I had a feeling that it was going to happen soon because there was little hints of skinship here and there throughout the episode. Now that it seems like a full fledged romance, and I am very happy about this, my heart kind of breaks for Chan a little bit. I have a feeling that he may not take the news well when he finds out.

Cici: That was such a sweet kiss! But I think Seo Ri echoed all our sentiments when she asked him what he’d been doing all this time, lol. And Chan is still breaking my heart with his earnest request to spend a day alone with Seo Ri if he wins. She still has no idea that he thinks of her as girlfriend material, so her reply, “Sure.” is understandable. Poor Chan.

Kate: Chan’s already throwing himself a bit more into his training, I think to avoid thinking about or admitting that romance between Seo Ri and Woo Jin. I hope his almost-girlfriend’s presence at his race cheering him on might be a cue that he will move his affections to somewhere more age appropriate sooner rather than later. He was definitely experiencing a few rude awakenings this week as he first realized that Seo Ri really is an adult eleven years older than him in ways he hadn’t in the past, and that she and the world see that too. I don’t think wearing a suit in front of her is enough to bridge that gap, but he sure can try. Maybe that will help him get over his heartbreak sooner.

DeShonda: That is what I was thinking as well, but I noticed he would show up where ever Seo Ri happened to be and trying to make himself appear older than what he is in order to get close to her. I will just have to wait to see what the outcome will be of this situation. However, I am proud of Chan and happy he won a medal. He worked very hard for it with his team mates. I am still concerned because he seems to have an injury due to his strenuous working out. Hopefully he will be OK. It was very nice of Jennifer to keep the boys on track with their diet while they were training.

Cici: Between her whiteboard regimen and her delicious ribs delivery, Jennifer is really taking good care of those boys. I laughed out loud when one of the boys asked, “Who /is/ she?” We’d like to know that, too!

Kate: I was going to say that if Chan isn’t okay, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jennifer gets him on track with a good nutrition plan and probably some enforced rest and physical therapy regimen. And she’ll enforce it too. It’s good to have Jennifer on your side, though I wonder what would have happened to the guys if they would have had reached three strikes! I’m also a little concerned about what might happen as Chan considers moving to a professional team. Training and hanging out with and being part of a community with his friends has been a large part of his life and you can tell from the coach that it’s Chan that’s the real talent, not his friends. You can’t just leave behind the people who wear the same pajamas to better work together and develop a team mindset and not be affected. Chan won’t find that type of commitment in a professional team.

DeShonda: I wondered the same thing Kate. I wonder if Chan will go Pro too. For some reason I don’t think he will. I have a feeling that he will stay with his friends and family that he is very close with. If he does go Pro, I will be surprised. Speaking of family, I am still wondering who this mystery person is with the hat sneaking around looking for Seo Ri. Whatever his connection is, he is getting close to finding her. In fact, the doctor that Jennifer works for sometimes is close to spotting Seo Ri as well. I have a feeling that Jennifer is the connection between them and it will be her that brings Seo Ri and the Doctor together.

Kate: The show has definitely seemed to confirm that mysterious hat man is the person who paid Seo Ri’s hospital bills, and ruled out it being Woo Jin and Seo Ri’s doctor friend. Unless the studio purposely cast someone else to play this guy when we can’t see his face to throw us off, I don’t believe it can be the uncle. He looked too youthful, what I could see of him. I don’t know who else that leaves, though. Perhaps it is someone else who was involved in the car crash? Someone who felt responsible for it even? We’re still getting some near misses with all those paths crossing, but I feel we finally moved forward enough this week that I’m happy with what we got. What did you think of that quick flashback with the young doctor and Seo Ri’s aunt? Her statement that he doesn’t have anything to do with her any more was chilling. I wonder what that’s signalling.

Cici: I think it is significant that the man whom we assume has been paying Seo Ri’s bills has been working long hard hours at a construction job to make as much money as he can, and that he quit his job once he found out that she woke up and was released. He has also been living in a tiny room with not much more than a bed and a bulletin board. But the real clincher is that there were several old articles regarding the accident and the people who were killed or injured. I’m betting that he’s either the driver of the car that swerved in front of the bus and caused the accident or the bus driver.

DeShonda: I didn’t think the mysterious man is Seo Ri’s uncle either. I thought maybe someone who was her former classmate who was in the accident or someone who saw it perhaps as well. That flashback has me asking more questions. I agree, that statement was very chilling. I am trying to piece together what that situation is about. Hopefully we get more information in these next few episodes. That flashback was very interesting though.

Kate: I was also very happy to see Tae Rin’s childhood issues resolved. The violin master really helped her to see where she was and what she had accomplished, and realize how silly of her it was to wallow in her childhood jealousy of Seo Ri and participate in promoting a performance that might cause Seo Ri embarrassment. Using Seo Ri’s coma as a story to promote her performance looked like it was the idea of Tae Rin’s manager(?) rather than hers, but she was willing to go along with it for a while. To her credit, she did make a great festival manager in the end, and helped facilitate Seo Ri’s happy return to music by giving her a job performing percussion in one song. Maybe now Tae Rin can serve as a friend to Seo Ri rather than foe. Seo Ri would benefit from a music professional who could give good advice while she’s working to see if she can get her chops back, or if she still wants to make music as a profession in the life she’s creating now.

Cici: I was happy to see Seo Ri say just the right things to Tae Rin to help her get over her jealousy. The fact that she was willing to forego playing on stage at that time until she was proficient enough to be able to /enjoy/ performing the music speaks volumes about Seo Ri’s priorities and sense of self. It seemed like Tae Rin was shocked to realize that she had been working so hard to achieve musical perfection without actually taking the time to enjoy what she was doing. Hopefully now that can change.

DeShonda: I was happy that the rivalry between Tae Rin and Seo Ri was solved as well. I was glad that the music teacher, and Seo Ri had a conversation with Tae Rin and basically made her realize that she really has nothing to be jealous of. Everyone looks up to her and wants to be a good musician like her. As Seo Ri was talking to Tae Rin, I could see the wheels turning as she began to realize, she is very blessed and has everything anyone would ever want. I thought it was cool that Tae Rin used Seo Ri in the music festival after all. Seeing Seo Ri happy is always to great to see, especially when she is on stage doing something that she loves.

Kate: Seo Ri has learned a lot since waking from her coma. She had thought that she’d lost so much, but she still has the ability to find happiness and make friends into family. There were definitely big changes since the last time Seo Ri sat out a rainstorm on that playground. No longer crying in despair, Seo Ri has friends to wait with her, and friends to protect from the rain by bringing them umbrellas, too.

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Thirty But Seventeen

Starring Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun

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