df-flame-logoDramaFever has gone live today! Yes, it's true. Check out the front page yourself. No more registration needed for beta test user accounts. No more priority codes. No more logging in. The Launch Party is still scheduled for August 6. We were just ready to go a little earlier!

All of our beta test users, those of you that registered while we were designing DramaFever, you are now the first generation of DF users - the Friends of DramaFever! You'll be getting special promos in the future, early notices and discounts. Thank you for sticking with us till today!

And new users - even tho you don't have to register  to watch the best Asian dramas - registering means you'll be able to interact with your fellow drama fans, plus more user functions are on the way. Not to mention you'll receive the DramaFever newsletter!

Welcome to DramaFever!