Happy birthday to awesome Capricorn stars: Kim Young Kwang (January 11), Lee Bo Young (January 12), and Lee Seung Gi (January 13).  Let's see what the new horoscopes are for your luck in love, money, and career.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Celebrity Capricorn: Lee Seung Gi

Overall Luck: * * * 

You need to pay more attention to interpersonal communication in love and at work.

Love: * * * 

You and your special someone are moving in the right direction.

Work: * *

You are confident and capable, but need to avoid making enemies in the office.

Money: * * *

If you go shopping, avoid buying impulsively.

Health: 74%

Eat more fresh veggies and avoid greasy fast foods. 

Singles: * * *

Enjoy romance with coffee? You may meet someone special at a coffeehouse.

Best Color: Red Roses

Best Number: 3

Relationship Index: * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Gemini

Luck Day: January 16

Have fun going to a movie and dinner date with your special someone.

Bad Luck Day: January 14

Avoid getting into a dispute with a co-worker.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Celebrity Aquarius: Park Shin Hye

Overall Luck: * * * 

You can focus on building up your career now and not waste time.

Love: * * *

You're so busy at work that you may neglect your special someone.

Work: * * * *

You are feeling very alert and can pick up new knowledge or skills quickly.

Money: * *

If you're not sure about what to do with money, play it safe.

Health: 68%

It's time to clean out your refrigerator and start the new year with a new diet.

Singles: * * *

If you are interested in someone, you can make friends with that person's friends first.

Best Color: Jade

Best Number: 1

Relationship Index: * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Capricorn

Luck Day: January 15

You may meet a great match today.

Bad Luck Day: January 12

You and your special someone should nurture more trust in each other.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Celebrity Pisces: Park Min Young

Overall Luck: * * * * 

You are enjoying new happenings but need to be cautious on details.

Love: * * *

Remember to give each other space and individual freedom.

Work: * * * *

You are coming up with many great ideas that can impress your boss.

Money: * * *

You can invest your money but avoid being too aggressive and too conservative.

Health: 90%

Try new and different foods to add spice to your life.

Singles: * * *

Meet up with your old friends and you may meet someone new.

Best Color: Forest Green

Best Number: 5

Relationship Index* * *

Most Compatible Sign: Libra

Lucky Day: January 15

You're in a great mood today and everything seems to work out smoothly.

Bad Luck Day: January 13

Be extra careful today when it comes to dealing with money or finances.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Celebrity Aries: Lee Joon Ki

Overall Luck: * * * 

You're doing better at work than in love this week. Patience will help you.

Love: * *

Remember to tell your special someone "I love you."

Work: * * *

Getting along with people is just as important as doing a good job.

Money: * * * *

Keep up your hard work and you'll be getting a bonus or reward soon.

Health: 86%

Start a new fitness routine and you can be more energized.

Singles: * *

The person you're interested in is not as interested in you.

Best Color: Royal Purple

Best Number: 2

Relationship Index: * *

Most Compatible Sign: Virgo

Lucky Day: January 11

A good day to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Bad Luck Day: January 12

You may miss seeing someone you've been waiting for.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Celebrity Taurus: Lee Ji Eun (IU)

Overall Luck: * * * * 

Your luck in love is moving slowly, but you are doing well with work and money.

Love: * * * 

You may be too critical and impulsive, causing pressure in the relationship.

Work: * * * 

You are busy with a lot of busy work. Take your time and it'll work out.

Money: * * * *

You are increasing your income.

Health: 70%

Take care of your throat and wear enough clothes to stay warm.

Singles: * * *

Your friends can help you find a new date.

Best Color: Champagne Gold

Best Number: 6

Relationship Index: * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Scorpio

Lucky Day: January 12

You may meet someone and quickly connect on a spiritual level.

Bad Luck Day: January 13

A big fight seems unavoidable.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)

Celebrity Gemini: Park Yoo Chun

Overall Luck: * * * * 

Your luck is rising in all areas. Take the initiative to act on your ideas.

Love: * * * * *

You and your love are becoming closer and closer.

Work: * * * *

Present your new ideas at the meeting and you'll be noticed.

Money: * * *

You've been careful with saving your money. Keep up the good work.

Singles: * * * *

You have many good prospects wherever you go. Grab the opportunity.

Health: 90%

Remember to get enough sleep to boost your stamina.

Best Color: Sky Blue

Best Number: 7

Relationship Index: * * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Pisces

Lucky Day: January 12

You are feeling great about your business negotiations.

Bad Luck Day: January 15

Keep a good eye on your wallet.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

Celebrity Cancer: Ji Chang Wook

Overall Luck: * * * * * 

You will succeed even though sometimes the future may look risky.

Love: * * * * *

You and your special someone are enjoying your romance.

Work: * * * 

Focus on your goals and don't detour from your plan.

Money: * * * *

You will be well rewarded for the hard work you're doing now.

Health: 77%

You're feeling stressed from an overloaded schedule.

Singles: * * * *

You can meet a great new match from work or through a contact.

Work: * * * 

Best Color: Pine Green

Best Number: 6

Relationship Index: * * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Taurus

Lucky Day: January 14

Look your best today as you may meet your ideal match.

Bad Luck Day: January 15

A friend who doesn't repay a loan is not a real friend.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Celebrity Leo: Song Ji Hyo

Overall Luck: * * * * 

You have excellent luck this week. Just stay confident with a smile.

Love: * * * *

You can be confident that you're in a great relationship.

Work: * * * 

You may feel stuck in a new project. Get help from your co-workers.

Money: * * * *

Your income is rising, and you can pamper yourself on a special day.

Health: 65%

Clean up the clutter around you to start a new cycle.

Singles: * * * *

Your friends may introduce you to many possible dates.

Best Color: Winter White

Best Number: 1

Relationship Index: * * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Cancer

Lucky Day: January 13

Enjoy a new date by going to a place with a fun atmosphere.

Bad Luck Day: January 14

You may lost quite a lot of money. Be extra careful.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Celebrity Virgo: Jung Il Woo

Overall Luck: * * * 

You may have some setbacks in your love life. Stay patient for a while.

Love: * *

You feel lonely after a recent breakup. Sorry.

Work: * * *

Your work schedule is giving you significant stress.

Money: * *

If you carry cash, make sure you do not reveal it.

Health: 76%

You'll feel more calm once you've made your new year's resolutions.

Singles: * * *

Although you haven't found love yet, you can enjoy being with friends.

Best Color: Moss Green

Best Number: 6

Relationship Index: * * * 

Most Compatible Sign: Sagittarius

Lucky Day: January 15

You have a good chance to reconcile with an old love. 

Bad Luck Day: January 16

Avoid getting into arguments over insignificant matters.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 23)

Celebrity Libra: Yoon Eun Hye

Overall Luck: * * * 

You're enjoying your new work and can impress with good performance.

Love: * * *

It takes work to nurture your steady relationship to make it last forever.

Work: * * * * 

You are excited about a new job and want to devote your full energy.

Money: * * *

Don't be so quick in spending money on entertainment. Check your balance first.

Health: 80%

Make sure you warm up to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Singles: * * *

Change your criteria and you can find a new ideal match.

Best Color: Coral

Best Number: 6

Relationship Index: * * * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Aquarius

Lucky Day: January 15 

You may get a pleasant surprise or meet a new date.

Bad Luck Day: January 16

Try putting yourself in the other person's shoes.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

Celebirty Scorpio: Seo In Guk

Overall Luck: * * * * * 

You can succeed with whatever decision you make right now.

Love: * * * *

The next step for your steady relationship could be a kiss at the altar.

Work: * * * * *

Follow a good schedule to increase your productivity and performance.

Money: * * * * *

Although you're doing well in your investments, keep some cash in savings.

Health: 90%

Start the new year with a new routine and go to bed on time.

Singles: * * * *

Lower your eyes and you'll find your new love has been next to you.

Best Color: Silver

Best Number: 2

Relationship Index: * * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Aries

Lucky Day: January 16

You may run into an old friend or an old love unexpectedly.

Bad Luck Day: January 15

Don't let jealousy cloud your thoughts.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21)

Celebrity Sagittarius: Choi Min Ho

Overall Luck: * * * * 

Your luck in all areas is rising well. Enjoy a new romance.

Love: * * * *

You and your one true love can start talking about your long-term future.

Work: * * * 

You have many ideas but need to concentrate on just one to succeed.

Money: * * * *

You can invest in rewarding investments, but still be cautious of risk.

Health: 66%

Don't skip meals just because you're busy. Keep some healthy snacks with you.

Singles: * * * *

You can confess your feelings to that special someone.

Best Color: Ruby

Best Number: 9

Relationship Index: * * *

Most Compatible Sign: Leo

Lucky Day: January 17

You can find a gift of art for your special love.

Bad Luck Day: January 13

You are feeling distracted and can't focus on work.