df-flame-logoI'm the new guy here at DramaFever, but I couldn't have asked to come on board at a more exciting time! Some really talented people have joined the DF team the past few weeks -- and I'm lucky to be one of them! We're going to be rolling out a new video player, design updates, and (best of all!) DramaFever is going to leave beta testing and go public! Yes, that's right! DramaFever is going to open its doors next month with over 50 Korean dramas for your viewing pleasure. I can hear you now -- "WHEN?! WHEN?!" Take a deep breath... DramaFever goes fully live August 6! That's less than a month away! And New York City fans will be in for a special treat as we kick things off with the DramaFever Launch Party in the heart of Manhattan at Circle Nightclub! We're finalizing a great list of prize sponsors for the party, and trust me -- people are gonna walk out with some sweet goodie bags! Oh yes! Mark August 6 on your calendars! We'll have more details as we get closer to DF-Day! --David.