This week we are bringing you not one, but two, epic Asian historical movies! While The Front Line, starring Go Soo and Shin Ha Kyun, tells the story of interior struggles during the Korean War, Beginning of the Great Revival is a blockbuster that explores the complex lives of the leaders of the Chinese Revolution. Let's take a look! 

1. Beginning of the Great Revival

This epic blockbuster delves into the origins of modern China's most influential first-generation leaders: ambitious warlord Yun Shi Kai (Chow Yun Fat), resistance fighter Tsai Ao (Andy Lau) and communist revolutionary Mao Zedong (Liu Ye). Fundamentally at odds with the Chinese monarchy and with each other, these leaders must navigate the chaotic complexities of the Chinese Revolution's most critical events — leaving marks on an emerging portrait of history that cannot be undone.


2.">The Front Line

Starring Go Soo and Shin Ha Kyun

It's the tail end of the Korean war, and a ceasefire has been declared, but the Eastern front is still ravaged in a race to capture Aerok Hills, a coveted border town. When Lieutenant Kang Eun Pyo (Shin Ha Kyun) is dispatched to investigate the murder of a South Korean commander — presumably by a South Korean bullet — he runs into his old friend Kim Soo Hyun (Ko Soo), who suspects foul play in Aerok Hills. In the midst of confusion and a heated battle, Eun Pyo must settle the score at all costs.


Enjoy these two incredible films as you sit back and get lost in the past!