Years ago, they lost their friendship in the name of love. Now, because of all the love around them, they may find it once again. For this week's DramaFever Move Night we bring you the poignant movie Guia in Love, which asks the question, "Is it truly better to love and have lost than never loved at all?" 


Ka Sing (Yeung Ming Wan) and Kai Kwong (Wilson Lam) were the best of friends. They used to hang out at the Chapel of Our Lady Guia lighthouse, share each other’s pain and generally seemed inseparable. Until both Ka Sing and Kai Kwong fell in love with the same girl. When she chose Ka Sing, the three fell apart. 45 years have passed since. After living a happy life with his wife, Ka Sing is now alone after she passes away. He lives with his son Chan Keung (Wilfred Lau), who is also a widower. Chan Keung shares some interests with school teacher Lai Tze Fan (Annie Liu), and she seems into him. He is simply too depressed to notice her. Lai Tze Fan is also friends with Debbie Chow (Stephy Tang), daughter of the now-powerful businessman Kai Kwong. As the CEO of her father’s hotel, she goes undercover to in her organization to see how it is running, and falls for casino dealer Tze Wah (Wong Yau Nam). Meanwhile, Tze Wah is friends with Uncle Kin (Babyjohn Choi), who is worried that his relationship with longtime girlfriend Phillis (Vivian Chan) will fall apart now that she is pursuing her passion to sing. The characters are meet and interact, ultimately leading to a rematch between Ka Sing and Kai Kwong. All these people have somehow been hurt by love but, as they soon learn, even the pain of love is something only the fortunate get to experience.



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Guia in Love - 燈塔下的戀人

Starring Stephy Tang and Wong You-Nam

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