When popular actor Gong Yoo was in military service, he read a book about the true story of deaf children who had been abused in a school and never found justice against the perpetrators. He decided that the story needed to be told so that the guilty could be punished and the victims could finally get peace. After getting out of the military, he made the movie Silenced, costarring Jung Yoo Mi, to tell their story, and this week you can watch it for DramaFever Movie Night. Take a look! 


Shell shocked by his wife’s suicide, Kang In Ho (Gong Yoo) searches for a fresh start as a teacher at a school for deaf children, who are strangely distant and despondent. After preventing a student’s suicide, In Ho discovers that teachers are sexually abusing their students—uncovering the darker truth of how far the entire administration will go to cover up their lurid crimes.




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