I don't know about you, but when fall settles in and the seasons change, I want nothing more than to cuddle up on my couch and watch an emotional melodrama, and luckily this weekend we have the perfect Korean movie that is guaranteed to make you feel all the feels! A Moment to Remember, starring Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin, is the passionate and tragic love story you've been aching for. Let's take a look!


27-year-old Kim Soo Jin (Son Ye Jin) buys a can of soda, but inexplicably leaves it behind and accuses a stranger named Choi Chul Soo (Jung Woo Sung) of stealing her purchase. When Soo Jin and Chul Soo run into each other again, they discover a mutual attraction for one another, which eventually leads to a happy marriage. But when Soo Jin becomes increasingly forgetful, the couple discovers that what was once considered their quirky meet-cute turns out to be an early sign of Alzeimher’s disease.


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