Time for another DramaFever Movie Night! This week's movie is Architecture 101, starring Uhm Tae Woon, Han Ga In, and Suzy. Grab some popcorn and join us as we watch this movie about star-crossed lovers reunited again.

Synopsis: When Lee Seung Min (Uhm Tae Woong) first met Yang Seo Yeon (Han Ga In) in an architecture class, he unwittingly set the foundation for a star-crossed love. Seventeen years later, Seo Yeon approaches Seung Min to build her dream house on Jeju Island. Despite his plans to marry Eun Chae (Go Joon Hee) and move to the U.S., he takes on the project, which brings Seung Min and Seo Yeon closer than ever. But with so much water under the bridge, is love still possible?

Watch the trailer:

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Watch the full movie with us here: Get Adobe Flash player

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