Get your Lee Min Ho fix with this weekend's DramaFever movie night movie, the action comedy Bounty Hunters. With an all-star cast made up of Korea and China's top celebrities, like Tiffany Tang (The Princess Weiyoung) and Wallace Chung (General and I), this fun flick has the perfect combination of action, romance, and humor! 


Lee Min Ho (Gangnam Blues), Wallace Chung (General and I), and Tiffany Tang (The Princess Weiyoung) star in an international tale of chasing fugitives, exploding cars, and the eternal quest for wealth and romance. 

When two bumbling Interpol rejects accept a bodyguard job and are caught in an international conspiracy, they must team up with a trio of bounty hunters to clear their name and find the man responsible for the destruction.

Leading the group is Yi San (Lee Min Ho), a martial arts expert with hallyu good looks and a moody high-schooler personality. Accompanying him is his partner Yo (Wallace Chung), a master sleuth who has a knack for finding humor in the worst type of situations. The two were released from Interpol a year ago and have been working as bodyguards for hire since. A vaguely worded job leads them to a hotel room in Incheon, South Korea, where a terrorist attack suddenly makes them seem like the culprits. With their informant dead and bounty hunters on their tail, the two have nowhere to run.

The three bounty hunters chasing the Interpol duo are led by Cat (Tiffany Tang), a bossy heiress. She has been on anti-terrorist missions since childhood, but that doesn't stop her from accessorizing and showing off some serious style. Her two accomplices are tech genius and hacker Swan (Karena Ng) and muscled fighter/group stylist/errand boy Babe (international action star Louis Fan). After some chasing and clearing of misunderstandings, the two groups finally decide to work together and track down the big man targeting the luxury hotel chain.

The team learns that the mastermind behind it all is Tommy (Jones Xu), who is out to destroy every single hotel in the chain his father started. To catch him, the hunters will have to survive not only his destruction, but their own comedically uncoordinated incompetence. Can they solve the crime of the century and still find time to collect a good bounty?



 Lee Min Ho as Yi San

Wallace Chung (Chung Hon Leung) as A-Yo

Tiffany Tang as Wonder Woman Cat

Louis Fan as Bao Bao

Karena Ng as Swan

Jeremy Jones Xu (Xu Zheng Xi) as Tommy

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Bounty Hunters

Starring Lee Min Ho (Heirs) and Tiffany Tang

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