This week's DramaFever Move Night is a unique film that won a dozen awards, including Best Actor, Best Screenplay, and Audience Choice, and was a huge hit at the Korean box office when it premiered. Castaway on the Moon, starring Jung Jae Young and Jung Ryeo Won, is a thought-provoking film that blends romance, comedy and drama perfectly. Take a look! 


A failed suicide attempt lands Kim Seung Keun (Jung Jae Young) on his own private island so close, yet so far from civilization. Seung Keun begins to adapt to his life there until social hermit Kim Jung Yeon (Jung Ryeo Won) takes notice of him from her high-rise building. As she continues to watch him, Jung Yeon becomes intrigued by Seung Keun.



Doesn't it look fascinating, quirky, and touching all at the same time? No wonder it was a hit in Korea! Watch Castaway on the Moon tomorrow on DramaFever HERE!