It's time for our fourth DramaFever Movie Night with the romantic action comedy Code Name: Jackal! Fans of Song Ji Hyo (Running Man and Emergency Couple) and Kim Jae Joong (Protect the Boss and Triangle) are in for a treat as the pair go all out on a comedic performance you are not likely to forget. Here are the details:


It’s a busy night for the newly appointed motel-turned-hotel, Paradise, when the police are on a stake-out for notorious killer “Jackal”, and up and coming assassin Bong Min Jung (Song Ji Hyo) is simultaneously attempting to eradicate her first mark— singer Choi Hyun (Kim Jae Joong). Caught up in the mix are a psychotic stalker, a secret love affair, an internal police dispute, and an unexpected casualty. What’s a girl got to do to assassinate an insanely famous pop star these days?


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