For many Chinese students, the college campus is the place where they first form romantic relationships and expand their interests in extracurricular activities. The romantic movie Forever Young, starring Li YifengZhang Huiwen, and Jiang Jin Fu, reminds us that building empathy and self confidence is a forever lesson in life. 


The only chance he has to cheer up his girlfriend is to learn ballet. For this boy-band vocalist, that’s not much of a chance.

Xu Nuo (Li Yifeng) is the lead vocalist of a struggling band. Yan Xi (Zhang Huiwen) is an aspiring ballerina who dreams of studying at a prestigious dance school in Paris. Together, they form a super couple that everyone at their university envies. As they near graduation, Yan Xi is busy preparing for an upcoming performance. She plans to perform the “Dance of the Cygnets” ballet with her friends at the university’s graduation party. Yan Xi finds out that she didn’t get into the school she always dreamed of. In a tantrum, she tells her best friends and fellow ballerinas to go away. Before they can meet again, Yan Xi receives a tragic news. Heartbroken, Yan Xi also ends up breaking her leg, meaning she can’t even perform the dance in her friends’ memory. Xu Nuo is worried. To cheer Yan Xi up, he asks his bandmates to train with him. They plan on surprising Yan Xi by performing the Dance of the Cygnets at the university’s graduation party. As Xu Nuo struggles with both the dance and offers from a competing band, Yan Xi drifts further into depression. Standing by someone you love isn’t easy, especially when you can’t even seem to stand up for yourself. 

Released on July 10, 2015, the film rose quickly to lead at the Chinese box office. It won Best Film at the 2016 Beijing Film Festival for Youth Welfare, for its positive and inspirational message. Aside from lead star and heartthrob Li Yifeng, the film also stars new leading actress Zhang Huiwen (Nirvana in Fire 2), actor Jiang Ji Fu (Scarlet Heart 2, Legend of Nine Tails Fox), and actress Lee Hsin Ai (Princess Weiyoung). Korean actor, 2PM's Nichkhun, also appears in a cameo. With its cast of many young and handsome actors, the film was tagged by the press as having the "highest good-looking value."

Forever Young is directed by He Jiong, whose popular song, "Gardenias in Blossom," is used as the theme song and for the Chinese title of the poignant and romantic movie. Popular singer-actor Li Yifeng admitted that he was nervous in starring in his first movie, even though he had built a strong acting portfolio. He also sang one of the theme songs. Li Yifeng would go on to star in more movies, including Mr. Six, for which he won Best Supporting Actor at the 33rd Hundred Flowers Awards.


Behind-the-scenes clip: 2PM's Nichkhun cameo

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Forever Young - 栀子花开

Starring Li Yifeng and Zhang Hui Wen

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