The romantic hit movie I Belonged to You is arriving just in time for the holiday season. Did we mention Yang Yang (Love O2O) is in it? Find out more!


Three men fall in love, looking for their fairy-tale endings. But wherever love goes, you can't predict where it'll lead you. As these three romances intertwine, all these bruised hearts learn that love may be wanted by many, but it belongs to no one. 

Chen Mo (Deng Chao, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber) was once madly in love with his fellow DJ, the gorgeous Xiao Rong (Du Juan, New York, New York). She broke up with him while on air. The heartbroken Chen Mo now wastes his life away. Yao Ji (Crystal Zhang) is an ambitious new recruit at the station. A total fangirl, Yao Ji is devastated to see her idol throwing his life away. She decides to put her feelings aside and bring Chen Mo back to life. However, the matters of the broken heart are hardly that simple. 

Mao Shiba (Yang Yang, Love O2O) is an aspiring mad scientist wannabe. His crazy experiments frequently explode, catching the eye of kickass officer Li Zhi (Bai Bai He, Surgeons). They bicker, flirt and soon realize they have fallen in love. Mao Shiba shows his love the only way he knows, making insane inventions for Li Zhi, programming his voice into her GPS and proposing to her in a Church with fake walls. Their life is like a dream, and someone wants to give them a rude awakening. 

Zhu Tou (Yue Yun Peng) has been hopelessly in love with his old classmate Yan Zi (Liu Yan) for years. She is officially his girlfriend, but she is clearly out of his league. Zhu Tou stood by Yan Zi, even when she got involved in something scandalous. When Yan Zi goes overseas, Zhu Tou sends her money while living in poverty himself. But when she returns to China, Zhu Tou hears the one news that changes his life forever. 

Also known as “Passing Through Your Entire World” and “Passing From Your World,” I Belonged to You is based on a series of short stories by acclaimed writer Zhang Jia Jia. The film is directed by Zhang Yi Bai. 

When I Belonged to You was released in China during the National Day (October 1) weekend, it quickly rose to first place and ultimately topped the box office in China. It also won Best Film at the 2nd Golden Crane Award, held during the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2017

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I Belonged To You - 从你的全世界路过

Starring Yang Yang and Du Juan

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