She thought she had met the man of her destiny. He’s just hiding one small secret. This week's DramaFever Movie Night is the romantic Chinese remake of a Hollywood classic, Only You, starring Tang Wei and Liao Fan


Engaged veterinarian Fang Yuan (Tang Wei from Finding Mr. Right) has been told by fortune tellers that she will marry a man named Song Kunming. One day, she ends up hearing a phone call from her fiance’s old classmate, also named Song Kunming. Thinking he is the one, Fang Yuan grabs her friend Li Xiao Tang (Su Yan) and rushes to Italy to find this man. There, she meets expat antiquities dealer Feng Dali (Liao Fan). He instantly falls in love with Fang Yuan. When he realizes that she is there to find her destined life partner, he pretends to be Song Kunming. Cultured, charming and knowledgable, he slowly begins to win over Fang Yuan. But when his ruse lets up and Fang Yuan learns that he isn’t the Song Kunming she was seeking, Feng Dali now has to try and win her over without the fortunetellers’ prophecy on his side.    



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Only You - 命中注定

Starring Tang Wei and Liao Fan

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