This week's DramaFever Movie Night is an action-packed mystery that will thrill film noir lovers. Private Eye, starring Ryoo Duk Hwan and Hwang Jung Min, was a huge hit when it premiered, taking the #1 spot at the South Korean box office. Take a look! 


Kwang Su (Ryu Deok Hwan) hones his medical skills on scavenged animal cadavers, but really hits the jackpot when he discovers a human corpse in the woods—later learning it is actually the son of a powerful politician. Convinced no one will believe his story, Kwang Su hires Hong Jin Ho (Hwang Jung Min), a skilled, but reluctant detective, to find the real murderer.


Contains violent images. Viewer discretion is advised.



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Private Eye

Starring Ryoo Duk Hwan and Hwang Jung Min

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